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Hello from NYC!

Beautiful Card From Lee

Well, hopefully as you read this, we'll be having a blast on Bermuda... I'm typing up a few posts to publish while we are gone so that you have something fun to read while I'm away having FUN!

This is a GORGEOUS card from Lee Conrey!  She used Blush Blossom and (I think) Ruby Red.  After stamping the flower stamp she bleached the flowers and WOW.. doesn't it look gorgeous!!??  Lee, if I got the details wrong, please post a comment and let us know how you did it.

Thank you for the gorgeous card!


Card stamped by Lee Conrey.

All images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008



I have never seen a bleaching technique, could you fill me in?

Sara in WI

What a fun technique! It looks awesome with this stamp!


Cool card and the bleach technique is perfect for this...


Dawn griffith

I am thng offyo and a the fn y MUST be having ( splash splash ) :-
Dawn Griffith


Patty, I know that your away ~ but this will be saved for when your back :)
If you stop over at my blog you'll notice that I've awarded you! You deserve it!

Deb Hagberg

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy visiting your site. (Except for right now when I'm green with envy as you are "beachin' in Bermuda"!) Lucky girl, hope it's fantastic. Deb in COLD Pennsylvania

Dawn griffith

Are you home yet ? Your not coming back are you girlie? wink wink ...OK one more splash cause I am thinking of you :-)
Dawn Griffith

jolie newman

just wanted you to've been missed...;0)


I'm enjoying all your cruise posts.. I'll have to call Lee and tell her you posted her card!

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