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JB's birthday card

Right before we left on the Stampin' Up! cruise, our son celebrated his 17th birthday.  I didn't have time to share the card I made for him before we left, so I wanted to do that now.   I used our 3x3 Mini Envelopes (pg 167 in the catalog) and tucked in each flap, decorated them with paper from the Western Sky DSP pack, then bound them with my Bind It All machine.  Inside each pouch, we put a bill: a $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50.  Jason exclaimed he would have liked 6 pouches... and we said, "well then there would have been a $2 in there!" LOL  Get it?  hee hee







Check out these FAB photos from the ship's photographer on the cruise... wow.. I love these!!  You are one handsome dude, JB! :)







Terry Molineux

Patty ....nice pics cute SON!! I love the black and white one.


Great book Patty..and Happy Belated Birthday to your son! What a wonderful gift!


This is great! My son graduates from college next month so I plan on making this 'card' for him. Thank you so much for all the work you put into creating your web site.

Amy B

This is amazing! I can't believe you made that from the 3x3 mini envelopes.

Nice pics of your son.

Tandra Boyer

Patty what a fantastic money card/book!!
You are DA BOMB girlfriend!!!
Very handsome son, he looks very comfortable in front of the camera, and the camera likes him!!!

(I think your post today equals 3!! LOL)


Very clever card, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Yep, you've got one handsome dude there, and he's got red hair! What's not to like!?! I'd like to ditto the remark above about your blog. I've been doing a lot of blurfing and yours is the best! Ermajean

Jennifer C.

Such an ADORABLE card idea - I may have to use that for my sister's graduation in May! =) Happy Belated Birthday Jason!

Dawn griffith

HOLY Moly what a cutie pie .. sooo handsome ..I just love men in Black suits such a STUD!! :-) .. Love your 3x3 holder thingy Just darling .. I can only imagine why he wanted 6 files .. HUMMM maybe for $100.00 what a sweet momma you are girlie .. Do you want ot adopt me ?
Love ya
Dawn Griffith


I love the "card" cute that you made them from 3x3 envelopes!!!! And the pictures...WOW! me a preview of how quickly my Alex will be turning into a young adult...sheesh...speaking of boy's bday is Friday...yikes...Cupcake Day at school!!!


Oh, such a clever idea to hold the money, I am sur any receiver will be thrilled (regardless the money amount)
Welcome back from the trip, I surely miss your creative work everyday!


Oh - I just love the money card book! I see a class coming on with this one.
Thanks for sharing.
Handsome - yes indeed!

Ashley are SO TALENTED! This is such a great idea and I believe you are definitely selling me on the Bind it All! I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Angie Tieman

Wow! This is an awesome project!! So clever to put the money in there, I"ll definitley have to try it! TFS!

Marie Donnelly

Nice idea for a card! Your son is sooo handsome! Gotta love those redheads! ;o)


Wow this book is absoutely AMAZING!!!! What a wonderful keepsake for him ! The photos of JP are truly handsome...what a great opportunity to get professional pictures of him !


Ughhhhh.....could you edit my last email as I realized I said JP instead of JB.....sorry about that !

Kim L.

Awesome idea for a birthday card!
(Nope, still haven't used my Bind It All)
Very nice pictures of your son!

Karen Witter

Love the card you did for your son. How clever! That would make a great gift for my grandson since he just loves to get money and shop for his own choices. I just ordered 3 x 3 envelopes from SU but mine don't look like yours with the money tucked in. Any secrets to this? Also, do you have a link to the bind it all machine? I could google it,... that looks like it would be pretty handy. You do such great projects! TFS

Sue Duffy

I absolutely love this idea, Patty! And the handsome dude? I see his mother in him. TFS

Alexandra Hobson

This is fabulous Patty - I just saw Kathleen's take on this, and just love this - I am definitely trying my hand at one of these....thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Alexandra Hobson

And, your son is one handsome young man!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Debi Pippin

I think he looks like David the American Idol dude. Except the hair color he could pass for him in the B/W photo.
Kiss him for me! He Looks like a star!
Debi Pippin


Wow....your son is very handsome. The girls must go nuts over him.

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