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Not a likely combo... but.. it works

So, why 4x4 cards you ask?

My previous post featured 4x4 size cards... I was asked "why did you make them 4x4?"... here is why:

I cut my 12x12 textured cardstock from the Tie the Knot Simply Scrappin' kit like this:


They are all 4x8 pieces with a 4x4 left over for punching out extra circles or scallop circles.

Then I cut my patterened paper from the SS kit into 4" strips, and cut each one into 2x4 or 4x4 pieces like this:


This yields 24 TEXTURED 4x4 cards (4x8 folded in 1/2) PLUS I still have the 3 sheets of Kraft cardstock which will yield 12 more cards! 

The patterned paper in the pack yields WAY more than enough for the 24 cards.

I put the 4x4 cards in the regular size Stampin' Up! Medium envelopes and mail them that way.

Hope this helps you see the value in this kit.. if you are using it for cards, you can get 36 4x4 cards out of a pack!  Cool, huh?

OK, there's your tip for the day!

~ Patty


Tandra Boyer

WOWZA! Thanks for that tutorial on making all those 4x4s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jolie Newman

You are the STAMP QUEEN!!!! You are amazing!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Now I'm going to have to order more goodies!!!!

Nancy Ann

Wow....thanks for these posts on the SS kits. I'm pretty new and have never even looked at them because I don't scrapbook - I just do cards! Well, I'm looking at these kits differently now! Please do some more examples and keep the tips coming. You're on my list to check each day now.
-Nancy Ann

Jody (jfm813)

I didn't ask, but I did wonder. Thanx for this explanation. Now I think I can use more of my 12x12 without wasting so much!

Tanya Morose

Thanks for sharing. I was going to try to figure out how you did it when I saw your original post, but now I don't need to. What a great idea; an excellent way to promote the SS kits. Thanks!


I {heart} you, Patty!! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! We could actually make some money for once if we did a Stamp-a-stack using this method. Thanks for sharing!!

Wanda Williams

Excellent ideas and great card samples!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!!


WOW!!!!! who would have thought this, but you. You're SO generous in sharing....you don't need an award, as it's here daily!

Liann M.

awesome....great tip.....ubber great blog....


Just found your site after watching the convention DVD. Your's was simply the best. As a new consultant in a new town, I think you will be a lifesaver for me. Keep it up, I love it!


Thank you so much for these instructions....you are a genius!!!! It really helps to get tips on how to maximize our supplies. I've never even considered getting one of those kits until I saw your post!

Barbara Taylor

Thanks for sharing. I wonder when viewing cards about the measurements and how to minimize wast.(I know don't throw away anything).

Angie Carter

Brilliant! You are so awsome! thanks for sharing!


Great idea and just in time for my Stampin' Brunch Bunch on the 28th as I am looking to make a card gift package! Thanks for blessing my day. :)

Michele Rubenstein

Thank you very much; this is very helpful!


Thank you so much for answering personally, and for your fabulous tutorial on making these cards. I didn't even think to do that. Thank you again.




Mary Roberson

Wow! Never though about 4 x 4's. I can see why, though. It sure would help to be able to stretch our product further. Thanks for this great tip!

Laura Chidester

Hi Patty,

I just watched your video for the Feeling Sentimental 4 x 4 cards. I really liked what you created. I was wondering though, do you make your own envelopes or are those cards for times when and envelope isn't really necessary?

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