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Bind it All machine

Binditall I've had some questions, both on the blog comments and personal emails asking for more details about the Bind It All machine I used for the Coaster Calendar project and the Tag Book

In the Coaster Calendar class this week, each person bound their own calendar when they were done decorating it.  I taught each person how to do it and they all loved the Bind it All machine!  The machine is from Zutter and you can view it here.  It's small and light weight and pretty straight forward to use.  OK, well, after searching the internet for "tips" and "how to's" for 2 hours, it was easy to use !  LOL

Supplies can be found on many sites.  I purchased (a ton of) coils from this site:  You can do a google search for Bind it All or search on ebay for the machine and binding supplies if you are interested in ordering.

Now that I have purchased a life-time supply of coils, we'll be binding EVERYTHING that doesn't move in future classes!

Here are some projects or tutorials for the Bind It All that you might find helpful (and will save you a 2 hour search on google):

BEATE's address book and another from Beate

Great project ideas from Shelly

Connie's CUTE recipe book

Some good "how to" photos

More good tutorial photos/info

Added 2-7-08: Cute book by Jill  (thanks for the heads up, Mary!)

ADDED on 3-24-08: My 12 Pocket Card Organizer may be viewed HERE

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you have other questions.



Queen mary

Patty, here is another great idea with the Bind It all -- I love Jill's work! :) Mary


Up to what length can you bind something?

Kim L.

Thanks for the links, Patty! I got a Bind It All for Christmas and haven't gotten a chance to play with it. Will have to check out the links and ideas later!

Jolie Newman

ok...I NEED one of these...What would you suggest as to what size coils to buy...what did you use for the calender? I'm thinking of making little photo books...what do you think?
Where did you buy your machine?


Great. Something else I "must have". Thanks for the info


Patty, take a look at my blog! I've awarded you!

Chris P.


Got to your blog via Barbara Welch. Great information and wonderful cards! Thanks so much! ~chris

Jill K

Yippee! I can't wait to get home and try some new things. Thanks for the info. I'm in Florida right now but when I get home I'm unwrapping my machine!

Cheryl Sims

Could you let us know the size of coils that I should be getting as I am a beginner at this? I know a bunch of us would appreciate it. Thank you.

Jackie W.

Patty, I am planning on purchasing the Bind it All soon and am wondering which size coils do you recommend to begin with? I liked your 3"x3" mini envelope book...which coils did you use for that one? I'll probably want to get a couple of different sizes. Any help would be appreciated! Have a very Happy New Year! ~Jackie

Lorena Holmes

Hi Patty, I know these posts are a few years old, however I just wanted to thank you for the heads up on the machine and such. I just ordered my bind it all and I'm sooooo excited to finally cross over to the bind it all world, I can't wait!!! thanks again for the great info. Lorena :)

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