One more sneak peek
Sale-A-Bration Stamp A Stack class samples

How I set up my Stamp Classes

Many demonstrators have asked how I set up my classes and accomodate so many stampers.  I used to rent a community center for my classes, but the cost got to be too high, so I have been holding classes at home for several years.  Here in California, we don't have basements, so we use the garage.. we park the cars outside on class days, and my husband sets up 5 tables for me.  My classes are either on Monday and Tuesday nights, or 2x on a Saturday (each class is repeated 2x).

EDITED TO ADD 2-27-08:  Several of you have asked about pricing on my classes.. this Stamp A Stack was $15.  You can click on the STAMP CLASS SCHEDULE in the left column of this blog to see my current class schedule, descriptions, pricing, times, etc., to give you a better idea of those details. Thanks for all your interest!

Here are 2 of the tables set up yesterday for last night's Stamp A Stack Class - Stampin' Up! 11x17 Grid sheets at each stamping space:


Close up of one project table set up and ready to go:


I usually have one project per table, with the cardstock all cut for that project:


All the stamps, punches, etc., are in the middle of the table.  Tools like Snail, bone folder, punches, etc., are in a small caddy in the center of each table (Caddy from Staples):


I have an additional table set up with a display board, 3-D samples, catalogs, order forms, wish list, etc.:


And here are some of the ladies having fun last night:


And we had a brand new stamper last night too!  Joy (left) brought Bonnie... welcome, Bonnie!


I am repeating my Stamp  A Stack tonight and again on Wed. morning!  Everyone enjoys going home with 10 cards!  I'll post the finished cards tomorrow. 

If you have any questions, let me know.




Wow, love your display table, all the cards look SO GOOD!
Patty, you always make lovely cards that I want to CASE! Thanks!

amy in Houston

That was a great post! Thanks so much! I would like to hold more classes. What do you charch for a 10 card stamp a stack? Do you have 5 designs and have them make 2 of each? I'd appreciate any help from a successful demo like yourself. Thanks!


Thanks for showing your garage/ classroom ;-) Wish I could be at one SU class once...
I especially love your display board !

Julie Ramos


Thanks for the peek into your stamp class. Love your table setup. Where did you find those black caddies that you have the punches in?

Sue Duffy

So professional and organized, Patty! I should have known. Love your display board/table. At a regular stamp camp/class, approximately how many stampers do you have making the same/one project at one time? TIA


I so wish I still lived in CA!! Looks like a whole bunch of fun! Good for you...

Sharon Canter

Thank you for sharing your stamp-a-stack class set up...very organized! much do you charge for the 10 cards; where did you get your black caddies that the tools are kept in? Can't wait to see your card samples!


Hi, Patty,

Thank you for sharing with us your stamp-a-stack class set up. I would love to join you one day :)

Kim L.

Wow - so organized! Love the display board too!

Cheryl Miller

What a wonderful set up Patty! I would also like to know what you charge for the stamp-a-stack class. How much time do you allow for each session?


Wow, Girlie !!! This is fantastic ! It looks like everyone has a great time (no surprise there)!

Have a great day my friend


Looks great - Love your set up. Which I had a garage!
I have a few questions - How much do you charge for 10 cards, Were they 10 different cards are a combo of say 3 different kinds? Also where did you get the acrylic piece that holds your sample card and where did you get the tool caddy (black) - I like them!?
Thanks so much for sharing - I love seeing how others get ready and hearing how they plan for these events.
Yours looks like it was a success. You have 3 or 4 times you offer this class? How many customers in all do you have attend?


Sorry - One more question - Do you offer snacks and or drinks? How long does your stamp a stack run for - not all of them combined just one - 1 hour, 2 hours?
Sorry that was 2 questions.

Dawn griffith

WOWZIE what a Great time ! Looks like there could have been one more chair for me at that table :-) Love your photos .. Hey can you share the 50/50 board with me :-) looks interesting..
Thank for sharing your Fab Pics GF!
Dawn Griffith


This is just what I did for the Senior Center when I had classes there.

Your projects are always beautiful. I lurk, I don't comment much but enjoy your postings!Q) Why no basements in CA??
I live in Western MA and we have both basements and attics... just curious.

Have been told we live on a big fault line but never had very many quakes here.I mean a few, maybe a dozen I recall and I am
(40) shhh!
I am 29!!


thanks for sharing your set up Patty!!! I have one little question....what is that little stand that holds your card? super cute!!!
Have a great day!

Susan Reichenbacher

We're going to be building our retirement home in West Virginia, it's four season and moderate. We are thinking about "all in one floor/level" , three bedrooms, then adding on an open "double master" or extra large room, with storagge for the craft room. What size room to you think I'll need? Any suggestions?

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