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Fun Find: Star Wheel and Star Punch

Oh TOO cute! Colored Ribbon Slides!

I'm having TOO MUCH FUN !!! 

Last night I turned THIS:                     into THIS:

Blog_slides Blog_colored_slides

These are the new Ribbon Slides that come in the Styled Silver Hodgepodge kit in the Occasions mini catalog:


Sooooo.. how do you do it??  That's the fun part.. cuz it's SO STINKIN' EASY!! :) 

Mix some Crystal Effects with about 2 drops of reinker.. ANY COLOR!! and then "paint" it into the depressed area of the Ribbon Slide... I used a little plastic "stir stick" (like from a "drink".. don't know where I could have obtained that! LOL - probably a souvenir from the last SU! cruise!), or you can use a toothpick.. something small and disposable is great.


Warning.. when are these NOT so cute??  Answer: when one flips off your table UPSIDEDOWN on your new capri pants... WET RED CRYSTAL EFFECTS.. YIKES!!  Solution:  Grab your Staz On CLEANER and dab the bright red stain on your pants, then wash them immediately.. voila.. no more stain! :)  YEAH Staz On Cleaner!

So then check this out.. they look soooooooooooo cute on a project!! (Ruby Red Reinker was used on the project below)


That's a sneak peek of the Journal project we are doing at Charlene's workshop on Sunday afternoon... if you are attending Charlene's workshop, and you see this, leave me a COMMENT below, and I'll have a special gift to put on your workshop order on Sunday!  (Must have $50 min. order to qualify).

I'm off to have a great stampin' day... hope you are too!



Rochelle W

Super idea Patty. At first I thought you might have used stickles but the re-inker is a fab idea. Thanks for sharing!

Aimee do you come up with this great stuff? I love it...we can customize the ribbon slides, and other peices of the Hardware to match our projects. YOU ROCK!

Dawn griffith

OH my goodness your soo BRILLANT GF! what a Fab idea .. Gee whiz thats why your going on the cruise and I'm not boo hoo!! wink wink :-) Just love the staz on cleaner works fabulous but WHO KNEW to use it for OOPIES on clothing? YOU DID thats who :-) Your so SMART ! I would have sat down and cried Wouldn't even think about grabbing the Staz on cleaner ..
Thanks for sharing your super idea .. Now I have to try that :-)
Dawn Griffith


Patty, you continue to amaze me! You have the coolest ideas! Gorgeous ribbon charms! And not only do you give us great stamping hints, but now we also know how to get colored CE out of our clothing!
You rock!
Hugs and smiles

Monika Davis

I colored my slides by using a marker and then put the crystal effects over the top of the marker to fill in the space. That works too. Monika


Fabulous idea. SO cute! Love the sparkle and shine...glad I got some before they ran out!!!


Awesome Patty !! Thanks for sharing !


Such a cool idea. Are we going to get to see the complete project that you have posted.

Love all your ideas.

Thanks for sharing


Oh My Word... I do believe I just blacked out. What a super duper tip! Thanks!

Pam Downs

Love your colored ribbon slides! How do you come up with all this stuff? You are a stamping goddess!

Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely amazing!!! How do you think of all this cool stuff? I am in awe!!!


that is flippin' CUTE!!! You are a stampin' genius!!

Amy B

those are AMAZING... Oh how I wish I could have just an ounce of your creative talent....

Amy B

Diane Beckman


You are always full of wonderful surprises. That is so stinkin' cute. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for the cleaning tip. You making me think I need to quit my part time job so I have time to stamp. HA! HA!

Blessings, Diane


Patty, you're unbelievable! These are gorgeous! Never would have thought to do this! I will have to give it a shot when I'm feeling brave! Wow! I'm amazed!


That's a great idea, TFS. I was considering buying that kit and now I'm convinced I really need it ;)

Linda McClain

I just learned about your blog from a fellow demonatrator - I'm your new biggest fan. Love the idea of customizing the ribbon charms.


What a great idea!!! Talk about getting your money worth out of these. Did you have to heat set at all or did you just let them airdry?

Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful idea, Patty! What color reinker did you use with the CE? It's so great to have blogs like yours to read that are SU only!! :-)


Sara in WI

Verrrrrry cool!


I always learn so much from you, Patty. Not only do you have great stamping tips and techniques, but now you are helping keep our clothes stain free! Thanks for the wonderful idea. (I'm glad I got a couple packages of the bulk slides before they sold out!!)


oh my goodness, love it!! I knew I should have orderd that hardware today :)) thanks for sharing with us!

Cheryl Miller

What a wonderful tip! I will need to try this one. Thanks

Heather Fullerton

Great idea.
Retired Heather

Lisa C.

can you tell us how many of each piece are in the silver hodgepodge hardware? Love the way you colored it.


Great idea Patty! they look great on your project too!
Glad to hear your capris came clean.

Sue Duffy

Another fantastic, fun idea, Patty! TFS Approximately how long did they take to dry? I see you did yours ahead of your workshop as opposed to having the attendees do them at the workshop. TIA

Nancy Riley

You are so clever, Patty! You think of everything!

Corinne (aka Roxy)

Oh My Gosh !!!! Can you believe I don't have this hodgepodge yet !!! But...guess what's going on my NEXT order !!! Great idea and thanks so much for sharing it!!!!

Have a great day....and you were so sweet to have done something so wonderful for Dawn...she deserves it !! Thank you for being so kind to her with the scissors !! You're the best !!!


Wow-I love this idea! Thanks again for sharing your gift with us. You are an endless source of inspiration!

Pam Lee

You are brilliant!! Thank-you for sharing all your amazing ideas!!

Catherine Cote

Wow! What a fantastic idea! And it looks great as well! on my way to do that :-)


Laura Albertson

heard you talking about this on sudsol and had no clue what you meant-lol! This is so freakin' AWESOME! I'm using these in my club this month- I know the girls are going to flip over this! TFS!!!

Shannon Miller

I didn't go to your workshop. But really wish I could have. Love this idea.
Stampin Up Demonstrator
Welland, Ontario

Mary Jo Price-Williams



Let's try this again.

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