Hello from NYC!
Bermuda Cruise - our cabin, gifts from SU! and the NEW IN COLORS!

Bermuda - Day 1 - King's Wharf Dockyard

Data from our Cruise:

  • approx. miles flown: 5200
  • approx. miles cruised round trip NYC to Bermuda: 1400
  • ferry rides taken: 2
  • taxi rides taken: 1
  • bus rides taken: lots
  • photos taken: over 1,400
  • a week on a cruise ship with family and friends: PRICELESS!

I hope you enjoy some photos from our cruise to Bermuda last week... I will be sharing a few each day.

We docked at King's Wharf Naval Dockyard in Bermuda and stayed docked there the entire week. On the first day, we just walked around this area and looked in shops and took TONS of pix.   

View from our Balcony as we docked:



Left: Commissioners house (museum now)

Right: new dock they are building for larger ships.


hmmmmmmmmm how did Jason's name get on the dock?  We HAVE been here before.. but I don't think he did this. :)


Photos from the Dockyard Glassworks:

he was making glass fishies



I thought this was hysterical.. they painted his legs on the wall in front of where he sits, so it looks like he's underwater!  LOL

Sm_dsc00307 Sm_dsc00308 Sm_dsc00309 Sm_dsc00312

I just love all the great photo opps everywhere I turned! 

Sm_dsc00326 Sm_dsc00340 Sm_dsc00354

That's all for now... I'll be posting every chance I get in the coming week. 




Great pic's of the trip! I can't wait to see more and hear more about the Stampin Up! cruise.....Please share more!!!



Amazing photos Patty! thank you for sharing them with us! the water is unlike anything I've ever seen....and the painting of those legs on the wall, what a hoot!
Welcome back....we missed you!

Dawn griffith

Welcome home girlie ... We all missed you But Of Course I missed you the most :-) OH my goodness I so love the painting of the guys legs on this work area .. what a Hoot .. what a vison to see that IRL Hontestly it looks sooo awesome :-) what a brillant idea .. Just love that .. what beautiful photos .. can't wait to see more .. So happy you are back My favorite Stampin Rock Star !
Dawn Griffith

Julie  Phillips

Great photos Patty, thanks for sharing!

Diane McCorrnack

Thank you so much for sharing!! The pictures are wonderful, I've been on one cruise and my room was not so beautiful, this was an no expense spared trip!! Good for you!!


Thanks so much for all the wonderful photos. I love that you took so many and are so nice to share them with us. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. That glass shop look great! I love watching how they make all that stuff!

Jill K

You have some great pictures! I remember your shots from last year's too and they were fabulous! I think I even printed some of yours from the Panama sunset...


Love your photos. I'm a cruiseaholic and just love Bermuda. You have a cool site. I'll keep checking back. Thanks for sharing.


We were in Bermuda this past May (05/08) and loved it. But where are your pics of Snorkel Park? We accidentally found that lovely little beach just cruising around the dockyard and were enchanged. It ws just beautiful.

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