Bermuda Cruise - Make & Takes
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Bermuda Cruise - Husband Swap

Remember the card my husband made to swap on the Stampin' Up! cruise? (view HERE)  Well, with Ann Clemmer at the helm, the Husband Swap went very smoothly and they all swapped their creations in an orderly manner!

That's my husband in the stripes.. check out that one-handed swapping action!


2_dsc00378 2_dsc00381

Thanks ANN for hosting this swap! She made sure everyone lined up properly for an orderly swap!

2_dsc00382 2_dsc00385

Pick a card - any card... oh.. they are all the same.. well, pick one anyway! :)


The Husband Swap group and their cards!


FABULOUS JOB men!!!  We are proud of you!

The cards:


My husband's favorite one:


Survival Guide book by John Poehnelt.  Boxes from Oriental Trading Company.  VERY clever John!





I just love everything about this. I'm not sure if my husband would do this or not. He does help when I start to look frazzled during holiday card rush. I just want to hang out with these guys, they make me smile.

Did they end up hanging out with each other during the cruise?

Dawn griffith

AWESOME pics girlie
Dawn Griffith


How fun is that? I bet they got a kick out of it ~ and that survival guide is hilarious!


OMG, that survival guide is hysterical! I think it is GREAT that someone thought to get the guys together to do this.


what a fun swap, like your husband's card!
he must be a special man, great to see the selection and creativity the men came up with!

Beth M

Great swap! Love the survival guide! Who knew there were so many crafty men.

Selene Kempton

I love the DR survival kit!!! I'm gonna have to work on my hubby. He had no interest last year. :)

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