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Bermuda Cruise - Super Fun Jewelry Ideas!

Bermuda Cruise - Stampin' Relay Race

On the last day of the Stampin' Up! cruise, we had an "at sea day" travelling from Bermuda to NYC across the Atlantic Ocean... the boat was "a rockin' " at times... but not nearly as bad as in 2002 when we did the same cruise with Stampin' Up!.  Anyway.. Stampin' Up! organized a "Relay Race" next to the pool on the Lido deck... we weren't sure what it would be, but my friend Deann and I decided to go check it out... FIRST.. we were watching the kids in the pool.. this video (I know.. can you believe I finally uploaded a video? thanks to DAWN!) shows how much the water in the pool was moving... it's NOT a wave pool.. the ship was rockin' and rollin', and the pool was movin'...  now.. keep in mind the ship was moving this much, and then you'll have more appreciation for my "Relay Race" photos below...

They closed the pool shortly after that so the kids wouldn't get tossed against the side of the pool and get hurt!  Now that you've seen what the ship was doing, you'll appreciate how much we were rockin' when we were trying to stamp this card.  Stampin' Up! paired us with another demonstrator and TIED 2 of our hands together...  we had to copy/stamp a card using our 2 tied hands.. and get this ... NO SNAIL.. only Sticky Strip.. that was MEAN!  So here we are in our efforts to stamp a card.. pretty funny!






We each won a Pretties Kit for our stamping efforts.. thanks Stampin' Up!




Barb Mullikin

I wish I would have stayed around to see this but it was way too hot in there for me!! I did hook up with Deann later and she told us all about it. What a hoot!!! You deserved that Pretties Kit. :-)

Dawn griffith

YAHOO!! You totally ROCK gf! You did your 1st video Now your on your way .. I am sooo proud of you .. EASY right ? Your photos of you playing the game with your fellow player looks like so much fun ! So wonderful
Dawn Griffith

Denise G

Hey, where is the finish product? I want to see what you made!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Denise G


Okay now that I've taken my sea sickness pills from watching that video....Looks like you had a blast trying to stamp a card being tied together. I too want to see the finished product. Great pictures and video.


So I am curious....what was the card supposed to look like and what did YOUR finished card look like? (giggle)

So glad to see you had such a wonderful time!

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