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Happy Blog O Versary to me - Red Hot Weekend Special!

Build A Brad Bracelets! WAY too fun!

UPDATE: a kit in the mail is available for this project - see THIS POST.

Wow.. WAY too fun!  I usually, almost always, ok, ALWAYS get really excited about any new project I'm working on ...  I'd been noticing the Build A Brad bracelets on other stampers blogs and was anxious to try them out, but most of them used jump rings between each Build a Brad and I thought that sounded like a lot of work (and not so easy with my pathetic eyesight).  So, as I was explaining this idea to my partner in crime friend, Sharon, she suggested looking for some chain that we could just attach the Build A Brad directly to!!  VOILA.. Sharon you are BRILLIANT! :)


So.. here is the saga (and a few tips for assembly) of my Build a Brad bracelets.. enjoy! :)

Below:  a finished "Cutie Pie" Build A Brad bracelet, with the chain ready for bracelet #2.  I've got my Build A Brads ready to go (center of photo)....


After you have made your brads, put the legs through one of the links of chain, and spread the legs apart:


Then using needle nose jewelry plyers, tuck each leg under the ring of the chain and "crimp" it down to secure it in place.


Then the back should look like this (really difficult to take a close up photo of something SO shiney!):

Close up of the right side. I alternated Rhinestone brads with Build A Brads on the Cutie Pie bracelet. Have you guessed what I used for the 2nd bracelet??


Answer: I used the Lucky Star Accents & Elements tin for the 1/2" circles in the Build A Brads on bracelet #2 !!


Here is a close up of the chain packaging.. purchased at Michaels:


OK... so then... I couldn't leave the 2nd bracelet alone... I HAD to add some fun bangles that I got at Michaels yesterday... I love it ! 



Whew... does that get an award for longest blog post?  LOL

Have A GREAT weekend everyone.. Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there... and Happy Blog-O-Versary to me on Sunday.. it's my one year anniversary of having a blog!!  yahooo!  Check back tomorrow if you are interested in my weekend anniversary SPECIAL!



Anne Granger

Wow, loved the tip for the build a brads bracelets. I used Jump rings and it was a pain to attached them to the brads, and rhinestones. I will have to check out those braclets, can you send me the name of them from Michaels??
Congrads on the one year!!
Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!!


That turned out so cute...who would have guessed that SU! would start creating bracelets and more?

Tandra Boyer

OH MY GOSH Patty!!! Seriously??!! Do your ideas EVER stop??? This is the most fantabulicious idea!!!! I hope you are sending in to SU! WOW contest?????????

Now cut the bracelet chain shorter and get some ear wires and make a pair of EARRINGS to match!!!!
You are the BOMB-alicious girl!!!!!!


Very cute! Love the idea of the chain and no jump rings. I'll try this!


Wow! This is great! I can't wait to make them for my convention buddies. Thanks for sharing!

Tandra Boyer

PATTY!!! I have an idea-and since you are in th emiddle of making bracelets, and I dont have any chain to make one-
I want you to take a label frame from th eSilver Styled HPodge kit, stamp something, put it in the frame, then attach it to the center of your bracelet!!!! Did that make sense??? I am so excited !!! LOL

Kathy W

I would be totally excited too, great project. tfs

Katie Bolinger

This is so cool and I can totally do this. But I do have a question. Sometimes the top of my build a brad with shift - just going in and out of an envelop. do you have trouble with this on these bracelets and how do you fix it?


Oh Patty, these are out of this world cool! :D Love the extra bling and dangles! I'll have to try these out! I'm thinking... 1) would be cool to use some of the alphabet rubons for a name or the word "Mom" and 2) you gotta find some chain earrings to match now! :D

Thanks for sharing! -Elizabeth

Julia Miller

This is so creative! TFS! I'm headed to Michaels!!!

Patty's DH Eric

Patty... it sure would've been funny to take the picture of the bracelet on my hairy arm, and see if anybody would've noticed! LOL! Sorry.. I just had to add this comment... =)


You never cease to amaze me Patty! I keep thinking of the quote, "if it doesn't move, stamp it!" I think of this every time I see one of your new are an inspiration to all of us stampers! Great share. Thanks for keeping up the excitement of this world of stamping!

heather phillips

awesome awesome awesome!!!!! I have been wanting to make some type of SU! bracelet for some time so I have a package of jump rings waiting for me. I was envisioning shrink plastic charms and just couldn't get up the umph to do it. But this I could do, and quickly! and maybe still add some stamped shrink plastic charms as accents... Guess I've got a project for this weekend!! :)


Wow! That is such a fun idea! Might be a really great way to get girls to stamp events! I love all your ideas and I rarely comment, but thanks so mcuh for everything you share! You rock!

Lisa Wyatt

Hi Patty,

Your bracelets are amazing, I was wondering where you get the Build a Brads but then I read the comments and realised they are by SU. I don't believe we have them in the UK as yet, hopefully something to look forward to.
Way to Go!!!!

Melanie Hopes

Very pretty. You are so good at this. Your creations always are very well executed. I love it and thanks for sharing.


Theresa Forseth

So clever!!! I love it!!!!

Kim L.

OK, you have GOT to stop with these ideas. I'm just barely getting around to using my BIA from the ideas that you posted a few months ago! And yes, my BAB kit has just been sitting there for a couple of months too! ;-)


These are awesome - thanks for the idea!!

Mary Jane D.

Great idea Patty. The bracelets are so cute. Thanks for sharing.


You've got to be kidding me! I can't believe the creative, amazing, AWESOME ideas that come out of your head! You are an angel for sharing your sweet inspirations with the rest of us, and I just want you to know how much I love checking out your blog and coming away inspired every time. You're a creative genius!


I love the bracelets you made! Very creative! :o)


Dianne Shiozaki

I have been wanting to get going on doing my bracelets, but now I have to try yours too! I have a few ideas, but I do appreciate you sharing this lovely idea! Thanks Patty!


You have amazed me again (althoguh I don't know why I am amazed, you ROCK!!) I saw someone at the stamp & share on the cruise making one of these but like you said it was a little too complicated. You have gone and made it so much easier!!! Now to try to find some chain in this tiny town that I live in!!! Thanks Patty, you are DA BOMB BABY!!!!!

PS-Eric, I am sure we would have noticed.....LOL :-)

Angie Tieman

Patty, these are fantastic!! Great idea! Can't wait to try it! TFS!

Julie Ramos

As always, another awesome idea from Patty. I, like you, wanted to attempt this but I really hate jump rings. Thanks for coming up with an alternative and just in time for Mother's Day! As Barb stated: "You are da bomb baby!!"

Melinda Chen

Patty, these bracelets are way too cute!! I would totally wear them! I especially love the little "extras" that you added on to the one bracelet! Sooo adorable! TFS!

Dawn Griffith

Oh my goodness you are sooo stylish:-) Love it ..
Dawn Griffith


OMG! Guess who's going to Michaels today? Wow are these gorgeous! Love you - love your ideas! Happy Mother's Day!

maryjo marshall

Guess who is making a trip to Michael's today to get this chain to make some bracelets!!!! YEP, ME!! Thank you for all the pictures and inspiration you give! Happy Mother's Day and Happy blogaversary to you!!! Keep up the good work!


OMG! Patty!!! These are just SOOOO cute...Just my style, think I will definitely have to try this out!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work, figuring this out for us! Lisa


Your bracelets look way to fun! Thanks for sharing the idea for the chains. I am hoping to squeeze a trip to Michaels today between baseball game and running DD to her activities so I can give one a try! Love, love, love them! Tonya


OMG, now I have to go back to Michaels!! This will make a great gift for Convention friends, downline, etc. Thanks for always sharing your awesome ideas with all of us.


This is amazing! I never, ever, ever would have thought to use Build-a-Brads to make bracelets. Guess now I'm going to have to order them and try it out. These are adorable. Thanks for showing how to do this. I'm getting ready right now to make the 2-pocket card for a friend who's b-day is tomorrow (Mother's day). Thanks for sharing!

Kristi Kelly

Love it! Great idea for a stamp camp for all those jewlery lovers.
[email protected]


Oh my word! These are absolutely adorable!!!


Hot Dog! I LOVE this idea. I always stop in to Michael's every Sunday after church... perfect timing! I can not wait to try this. You rock, and you never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. Love your blog. Happy Blog-a-versary

Stephanie Atterbury

Wow Patty! Once again you've got such wonderful talent & kindness for sharing it w/us! Thanks! Love it!


Ok, now I have to try this! I'm sooooo glad I found your blog!!! AWSOME and thanks for sharing.

Gayle Page-Robak

This is wonderful! What a lovely bracelet and it was kind of you to share it. I love to make jewelry and this tutorial sure makes it easy...Thanks so much!

Jenn  D

This is brilliant. I've made the rolled paper beads for jewelry, but this is so much easier on fingers. I'm going to have to make a few of these. Thanks Patty!


These are wonderful! You're going to cost me a fortune building up a jewelry supply arsenal now! You got "Tutorial of the Week" over at Card of the -- check it out --


These are awesome!!!! TFS!!

Deb Albright

These are soooo adorable. I'm going to have to try them. Thank you so much for sharing how to make this sooo easy.


I was so excited when I saw the envelope in my mailbox. I am off tomorrow, can't wait to build me a bracelet!!


Hi Patty ...
I am finally trying to make one of these. I've had the supplies forever. I am having trouble with the rhinestone brads. Are you suing the medium or largest size? They don't lay flat, and the prongs don't wrap around as smoothly as the build-a-brads.

Also, do you use any add'l glue to hold the clear pebble on to the build-a-brad? Mine slide off, especially while I'm trying to get these darn prongs wrapped around! haha.

simmy :-)


How frickin cool is this!?!?!!! I'm off to Michaels for lunch. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


Thanks for the inspiration :-)


Oh my goodness I love it Can't wait to make one myself.

sunshinecards and jewerly

WOW who would of thought. they are adorable I can't wait to make one since I do make jewerly Thanks.

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Hi i am also a collector of vintage rosary anything.. it is fine to wear them... they are beautiful..xooxxo Laura Love what you ladies do.

antique wedding ring

These are pure perfection! Would love to have several!!! Have a gorgeous weekend doll!

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Great idea Patty. The bracelets are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Nina B

That's a great talent you have there - I loved the finished design. Really like your writing style, too - good fun to read. Thank you! X

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