Class Projects: 3 pocket note holder
Class Kit in the Mail offer: 3 Pocket Note Card Holder

Instructions for class projects

Several of you have asked for more information/instructions for the class project in the post below (Trish, my email to you bounced back).. I am thinking about offering a Class Kit in the Mail for this project plus the one I'll post tomorrow morning.   So I'll either post that offer or post the instructions or both.. just bear with me another day... still deciding.  Not sure if anyone will want to order kits or not?




I would love to have the instructions for them! :-)

Tandra Boyer

I'll pay you for your instructions Patty! You are SO worth it!!!


I'll vote for the kit so I can buy one :) Whatever you decide is okay with me.

Kristi Kelly

I'd like the instructions! I always like to play with my own colors and paper that I have left over. Love the idea! What ever you decide to do is fine with me.

Janet Davidson

I would love the instructions for the 3 card holder. What an adorable gift that would be.


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