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Lovin' my roses!

I couldn't resist more photos in my garden... this time of year you will find me out there every day with my camera and gardening tools! 


Above and Below: I love my George Burns rosebush!


Below.. I love how the sunlight was hitting this rose:



This is one of the 3 areas I have planted my roses in.. my garden is small, but it's blooming abundantly this year!


That's all for today folks... stamp class tonight and tomorrow night.. photos coming soon!




Your roses are beautiful!!! You are lucky!

Wendy Peatross

I love the roses pictures. We are still excited about green grass here in Idaho.



Patty your roses are breath-takingingly beautiful. Enjoy!


Just when I thought my roses looked pretty, I see those and now mine REALLY look like crap! hahahaha Those are gorgeous!!!!! I'm so envious!


I love the pictures of your roses, they're soooo beautiful! I have a black thumb, the only thing I can grow is cactus and that's because they thrive on neglect. Wait a minute, I grow indoor grass from seed for the cats, so I guess I'm not totally hopeless! Keep the pics coming .... ej


Your flowers are gorgeous!!!


They sure are blooming abundantly. Gorgeous. Do they get sun all day where they are?

Chris Dickinson

Patty, I love looking at your blog! I live in Wisconsin so we do not have the beauty of the flowers yet! Not only the flowers, but I enjoy looking at your fabulous designs. I can't seem to think like you do - I love your projects! Thank you for the time you put into helping inspire us! I appreciate it! Have a good day!


Patty, I just love your blog. Not just for the awesome stamping and crafting ~ but I love all the pic's of the flowers. It's nice to see!

bonnie weiss

Your roses are stunning, Patty. I can almost "cyber-smell them"! I lost 5 of mine due to the harsh winter we had, so now I have to find replacements.


Your roses are just gorgeous. They are enough to brighten anyones day. Thank you for sharing them.

Patty W

OH MY, those are GORGEOUS !!

sharon dale

Wow Patti...your roses are surely amazing. So bright and vibrant. In Australia, it's so dry that not much grows except for our natives. My roses are a little shabby and only flower briefly before they get sunburnt or windblown! Your photography skills are fantastic....

diane mcvey

I'm drooling over your roses!!! I used to live in the South, and I had dozens of beautiful rose bushes...not so here in NE. Your blooms are just gorgeous, and I'm LOVING the pictures! Thanks for sharing with us, I totally love flowers! :D

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