Celebrating Jen's birthday
Pockets and Pieces Class samples

FABULOUSLY fun book from Sharon

I know... again.. SHARON is at it AGAIN!!  She made this AMAZING book for Jen for her birthday, and I photographed it at dinner the other night... OH MY GOSH>> it's way too fun and ultra cool!

The good news... this will be an upcoming class (for those of you who are local) and it will be a kit in the mail for those who cannot attend class!  I'm going to WAIT for the NEW STAMPIN' UP! CATALOG in August and decide which Simply Scrappin' kit will work best with this project.. so stay tuned and watch for my upcoming offers on this HOT project!!




oh man.. i'm soooooooooo sick of typepad... it keeps giving me boxes with red x's instead of images.. I have about 5 more pix of this book to share... ugh!!!  Why me??


well crud. . after 30 more minutes of trying I got ONE more pnoto to upload. 

Does anyone else with Typepad have ISSUES with trying to post or the quality of their posted photos???





Stephanie Herbert

Awesome project! I was having problems with little red x's yesterday. Very frustrating!

Corinne (aka Roxy)

I hear ya about typepad....two days ago I was doing my post (which happened to be a longer than usual one and as soon as I hit "save" it said "our apologies but we've lost your information !!!" Ughhhhh....and I agree I'm still very disappointed with the photo quality on my blog too !!!!

Love this album !!!! ADORABLE !!!


The photos look lovely! Blogger had that issue a couple of days ago...no photo images...sigh...but they fixed it within a few hours...wishing you a big glass of ice tea!! Relax, breathe, relax...it's my new mantra (:-D

Jenn D

Oh Wow! This is fabulous! I think I'm going to have to make something like this myself. You certainly have a wonderfully creative friend.

When I had my stuff on Typepad I had several photo issues, besides the completely disappearing posts. That's when I called it quits.

Heather Jandrue

I was just thinking that about typepad as I was trying to upload a picture last night. It was terrible!

I love the project :) Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Cris A

GET OUT!!! That is the coolest book I've ever seen! I might have to order that kit from you since I'm not local!

Abby Valencia

These are those CD boxes right? This is a great project to show the Simply Scrappin Kits!

Marlene Theissen

I tried to access the video from Craft TV weekly but with no success. I will be waiting for the kit and will order it as I am not local. Thanks for sharing.


I love this project but have not been able to find the hardware (to cloe the book) - any idea who is carrying this item? I've been looking for months in various craft stores.............I even sent an e-mail to TV Weekly but they were sold out of the item and have not had it back in inventory. Your help would be appreciated.

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