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I was die cutting 18 little envelopes for my upcoming workshop on Saturday (hi Stacey!), and I noticed that I was not getting a real great score mark all the way around on the little Scallop Envelope Bigz die from Stampin' Up!.  Luckily, last night there was some discussion on a yahoo list and 2 demonstrators helped me to figure out how to use the PREMIUM CREASE PAD to get better score marks on this die. (Thanks, Nancy and Kerry!).

This applies to ALL OF THE DIES WITH SCORE lines, such as the envelope die, the pillow box, the 5-point star, petal card and 3-d circle ornaments.

I thought a step by step photo tutorial might be helpful to those of you who have not used the Premium Crease Pad.. so ... here it goes..

Side Note: for the Scallop Envelope Bigz Die, I thought I'd let you know that I'm using Maine Blueberry DSP from Stampin' Up!, cut to 5"x5-1/2".

STEP 1: place BOTH of the opaque plastic shim pieces from the Premium Crease pad package on top of the clear Standard Cutting Pad.

Step 1

(thanks to my awesome son for the photos!)

STEP 2: Place the Scallop Envelope Bigz die - foam side up - on top of the white plastic shim pieces (being careful to get it exactly centered over the plastic pieces).

Step 2

STEP 3: place your cardstock or DSP on the die.. I like to place the part you want as the "outside' of the envleope FACE DOWN (notice in the finished sample, these squares will end up in the inside of the env.)

Step 3

STEP 4: Place the Premium Crease Pad on top of the paper or cardstock.

Step 4

This becomes your "sandwich". (If you are hungry, I'd suggest Kinders or Quizno's though) :)

STEP 5: Roll your "sandwich" through the Big Shot.

Step 5

STEP 6: As you take the "sandwich" out of the Big Shot, and take the Crease Pad off, you'll see the die has cut the envelope shape perfectly and made the 4 crease/score lines!

Step 6

STEP 7: When you flip it over you'll see how nicely those score marks show up!

Step 7

Step 8

Step 8: Fold up the envelope and add it to a card or gift and enjoy!

Step 9

Step 10

Whew.. hope that was helpful.. I sure needed it! :)

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Thanks Patty - I am a visual person so I really appreciate all the pictures!

Michelle Webster

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Now that I see how the crease pad works it makes much more sense. That is going on my next order!

Angie Tieman

Oh! Thank you for this! I made only one envelope so far, but was also disappointed in the score lines. This is so good to know!


So THAT's what those shims are for! And I didn't know if I should be cutting on that crease pad or not...I was just using a clear pad. Thanks Patty!

nancy littrell

Thanks so much Patty for a very clear and helpful tutorial. I do not have a Big Shot yet, but this will go into my saved file. Great pics too :-) TFS


Much Mahalos, Patty!! I haven't even received my order yet, but I know I didn't buy that crease pad, and now I know I really need it. Please thank your son for the great photos!! You have such a beautiful family!!


Hi Patty, I'm an SU Demo and an avid fan of yours from Toronto. I just want to congratulate you to be featured on SU's Audio Training (Making Classes & Clubs A Part of Your Business). The training was inspiring and I learned a lot from both of you and Andrea (my upline). BTW, this is an awesome tutorial. Thank you for sharing with us.

Barbara Vogt

Thank you so much Patty! I have tried to find information on how to use this pad (recommended for certain dies) to no avail. So glad to finally see how it is to be used. My Big Shot finally arrived today...just in time for the weekend Open House. Big smiles!!

Elizabeth Glass

This was very helpful to read! Thank you so much! Elizabeth

Corinne (aka Roxy)

That's great, Patty !! Thanks so much ! Now I realize that I do need the crease pad :) One question....after you've placed the crease pad on top of the DP you don't put the clear arcylic cutting pad on top of that before you put it through the Big Shot?


I looked and looked in the new catalog and can't find the Big Shot and supplies (dies) for sale!! Where is it? What am I missing?


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I couldn't find this anywhere and wasn't satisfied with the scoring lines I was coming up with. Wonderful tutorial!

Angie Hardison

Thanks so much Patty! I ordered one of these pads not really knowing what to do with it, and there are NO instructions with it!! You're the best!!


This was wonderful of you to do, Patty! Like so many others, I've been trying to hunt down how to use the crease pad and couldn't find any information. One question--do you turn over the crease pad so there is wear on both sides, or do you leave the one side intact?

Gwen Mangelson

hi! love your posts where is one about the pennants? someone sent me here to see it, but I can't locate it.


Janette Morrison

Thanks for that...very helpful.
What size card would that envie take ?


Patty, this is so helpful and to have such clear step-by-step pictures removes the need for experimentation. Thank you so much for helping us all out...you're a gem, girl!


Thanks for adding the instruction sheet. I must need one more shim as mine wouldn't cut completely. I'll try running it through 90 degrees from what I did, as they suggest. I get a pretty good crease and a definite cut by using the cutting pad instead. Time to experiment some more!


Patty, when I cut my envelope it almost cuts the side and top tabs off. Will the crease pad completely cut them off or will it help? I haven't purchased it yet but want to make sure I purchase for the right reason. Thank you for a great website.

Rhonda Morgan

you are the BEST!


thanks for the toot...your nails are lovely ;)

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe

Thanks a bunch for that tutorial Patty! Every tip helps and I appreciate that you shared with us!


Hey Patty, where do you get the plastic shims? I am having a hard time understanding all this stuff but I also haven't played with it very much! Is the crease pad suppose to have marks on top? Please advise. Thank you sooo much! kt

catherine cote

Patty, thank you so much for sharing that with us. I used those envelopes for my Open House too and I don't know how many trials it took me to get them semi-right. This way, you are assured a perfect crease everytime time.

Wendy Forrest

Thank you so much for posting the pictures and instructions. I am a demonstrator in Texas and just ordered and received the premium crease pads to use with the 3-D ornaments. I am new to the die cutting world so I was lost regarding how to use the crease pad but your pictures and instructions made perfect sense.

I have just recently come across your blog and am so glad to have found it! You have incredible ideas and inspire me!! Thanks for sharing it all!! Have a fabulous day!!


I'm glad I found this tutorial. I just wish I had looked for help before trying to figure it out myself. I put the shims in the wrong place in the "sandwich" and now have two plastic scallop envelopes! I think they should still work now that I know the proper function. Thanks for your great help!


Lauren Salzberg

Thanks for the info, Patty. I bought this pad, but haven't used it yet. Now I think I'll give it a try. Your tutorials are so helpful. Thanks again!


Thanks for this great tutorial - I was trying to work with this very die last night.

Mel M. M. M.

Great info to know! You always have the latest & greatest. Thanks so much for your hard work in sharing it! Hope it's ok that I linked you up. :O)

Linda Willman

Excellent Tutorial! Your photos really help to make it crystal clear.
Thanks so Much!

Note: Others may want to know that you don't need the shims if you're cutting through cardstock and not thinner designer paper.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! My upline passed it along to me as I was absolutely clueless when it came to figuring out the Big Shot. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed with the instructions that come with this machine- if it wasn't for SU demos I'd have no idea what I was doing. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!


Thanks for this tutorial. I was trying to make the pillow box and I tried the crease pad every-which way I could think of and still couldn't get it to work! I never would have thought to put the pad on the top of the die! (You'd think SU would include instructions with this, wouldn't you?) Thanks again!


Thanks for this tutorial. Now I understand how use this.

Michi, Orange County, CA

This is great, Patty! Your scallop edged envelope really came out well!! THANKS for sharing!!!

Liz S.

This was posted to SCS today! Thanks again for this wonderful tutorial!!

Carla Eggert

I don't seem to have two opaque "shims" with my extended premium crease pad (I only have one), so I experimented and found that a piece of cardstock is a great substitute! My creases are beautiful and I didn't end up with any unwanted cuts (I had tried the thin cardboard / chipboard-type piece that came with my Bigz XL Matchbox die and that was too much - my side envelope flaps were nearly cut off). I also just tried the cardboard / chipboard-type piece without the opaque shim, and it was still too thick (it nearly cut off the side flaps again). Good luck!

Nancy Ward


Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward

Wilda Cogar

Great tutorial. I love it when you show anything w/ the Big Shot,my customers do too!
That boys a keeper for sure :)

Gail Kirby

Thank you! I nearly threw those shim pieces out as thought they were just packaging and I was scared of cutting into my crease pad. I wonder why SU don't include instructions on how to use them?

S. Arleen Jellinek

Thank you so much, Patty, for the instructions on using the crease pad. I am surprised that there are no instructions with the pad. Your instructions were very clear (much appreciated), but when I did as you suggested my milk cartons did not cut completely; however, the creases were great! Would you please let me know what I am doing wrong because I am not getting a complete cut on the cartons. Thank you again.


Hi Patty, thanks so much for this information. Your instructions and photos were a great help for a first time user in Australia. Just like another reader should I alternate the sides used on the crease pad to give even wear of the scoring impressions.

Kind regards,

Christine {Pure Joy Events}

Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial, Patty. I just received my Big Shot in the mail today and had no clue on how to use the premium crease pads.


How do I get a good clean cut from the Northern Flurry Snowflakes?

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