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A Look Back - my Blog Header creations

As I changed my blog header to the pumpkin scene last week, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the blog headers I've made and displayed on my blog over the past 18 months.

Most of you know I love photography as much as I love to stamp (and spend time on the computer) {grin} so I've really enjoyed making these blog headers from my photos.


3 roses copy 

Banner 3 george burns  

Banner red rock 1 copy 

Bermuda 2 

Bouquet aug 08 copy 

Flocked tree 2 

Lily banner white    

Sunset I 5 copy     

Perfume banner 2

Ornament bowl 

Poinsettia 3 copy  

Cherry blossom 

St george banner

Camelia banner

I've made over 60 of them (can you believe it?!).. .. so I won't bore you with the rest.. but thought you might enjoy a few!

Signature spider ghost 

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Once again Patty - you are amazing. They're all beautiful! Can you shoot some of your talent off my way?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Robyn :)

Those are really nice. I specially like the landscape ones :) But the flower ones are pretty, too....


I am so amazed at people who can do this kind of stuff! Beautiful photos too!

Beth McCullough

They are so beautiful Patty. How did you learn to do the blog headers?

Cindy Kemna

All beautiful Patty! Your blog is one of my very favorites.


Patty all your headers are gorgeous. I think you need to give us a class on doing headers. I have tons of photos of my plants/yard but can't figure the way to do it.

Sue Farrant

Patty, Love how you do this. I would echo the request that you could maybe give us a tutorial for inserting photos as your header.
I also would love to use some of my own photos.
Thanks for always keeping it fun to visit!


thanks patty! ive been around looking for an easier way to do this.. thanks for the post!

Jean Fitch

Bore us Patty! Pretty Please Bore us with more of your wonderful Banners!!

On a more serious note have you ever thought of licensing or selling rights to use similar (okay identical picture with someone elses credits) banners to fellow bloggers or demos?

Thanks for sharing your photos and the rest of your wonderful talents. My Upline (and neighbor) Cheryl and I bask in your online and regional(oops bad pun)glow of artistic talent on a regular basis. Hopefully SU has you signed up for another Pacific Northwest Regional Conference this year!

Now if I can only stop surfing long enough to get my own blog started!! Oh well I purely love passing links along to my Distribution List (DL) of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Stamps" (fellow demo's don't you know!).

Peaceful wishes for a joyous Christmas!
- Jean

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