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Christmas Card Class - I Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit & a Video!

Today is my "I Wish Christmas Card Class" - we are using the the I Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit from Stampin' Up! to get a jump start on making our Christmas cards !! 

My first attempt at a Video Tutorial is at the bottom of this post.. .

I wish 1 

I wish 2 

I wish 3   

I wish 4 

My son has been experimenting with Windows MovieMaker, and he shot a tutorial video for me and then did the editing .. go easy on us. it's our first one... it shows how to make the Pennant Die cards above .. hope you find it helpful!


If any of you have kids who play RuneScape, they'll enjoy the music video my son made and posted on YouTube HERE.  I was impressed that he knew how to do all this.. and now he's teaching me how!

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Well, I think you both did an excellent job!!! Keep up the GREAT work, you know I stalk you regularly!!



Stunning cards and your video is just fabulous. I really love your tag for your name. You are so creative.

Julie -

You did a great job on the video! That is a great idea to make the cards using the pennant shapes!


Loved you video, hope to see some more in the future.

Cindee Wilkinson

Loved your video! I love making these cards. Kudos for your Son too!

Beth Benham

you both did a great job. I look forward to more! There is nothing better than a visual to learn.


Beth O'Hagan

You guys did an awesome job! Whoo hooo! Thanks for sharing.


You did an awesome job on that video! Love it! Hope to see many many more!

Melissa Buecher

Way to go Patty! There is something about video tutorials that just makes everything so much easier to understand. I guess I am a visual learner!

Robin Merriman

I confess, I never have looked at any of the videos on blogs until now. You and Jason did an excellent job, Patty! I don't know how you find the time you do to inspire us all, but keep it coming, gf! We love you!

Mary Lloyd

Wow that was a great video,I love video tutorials, job well done, hope we see more...I watched your son's video also, had me dancing in my chair:) You were both AWESOME!


You both did a wonderful job with the video!!I love it! You are so clever and always have the greatest ideas. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


Love the video Patty!

Laura Thacker

Even more reason to check your blog every day!!!
And bringing the son into the business - smart!!


I love it!! I love the video and now I have to have the pennant die! Thanks for making it all look so easy, Patty!

Staci (Misermom)

Awesome tutorial! Tell Jason it was most professional looking! Loved your card idea and you do a super job of demonstrating. So neat to have a peek into your style. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Campbell

Great job! Thanks for sharing. A great first video.

Lisa K.

You're so awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! I'm so excited you're doing videos!!


Great Video Patty (and Jason). I liked how you have the item numbers for all the products used.


That was great. Very nice first video


thanks a lot for the video, this card is even easier to make than the criss cross card!
thanks to your son too


Great job on the card and video Patty! Also loved your son's Runescape video, can't wait for my boys to get home from fishing to show it to them...they'll love it! (although I think they'll be quite jealous of your son's "bank"!!)


Wow great cards!
I love your blog!!!

Kadie Labadie

Patty: What an AMAZING first video. Your Son ROCKS! And your cards are beautiful....Makes me wish I lived closer to you so I could attend your classes. Can't wait to see more video's from you. Kadie


Congratulations - Your first video came out great. You both did a great job on it.
Thanks for the tutorial on the card - I have tried these and just love how easy they come together!

Anita Autore

Great video! Thanks for sharing.


Great first job! A really clever idea! both of you did a great job! More!


Thank you so much for your wonderful video's. I just got the big shot and I am just getting into using it. You do a super job of demonstrating and making it so easy to make beautiful cards. Can't wait for your next video lesson.


Great job!! I love the videos as learning tools...can't wait to see more of them!

Louise Charlton

Patty, what a great video! Thanks so much for doing this! The cards are beautiful!

Melanie Hopes

great job on the video. I am going to make those for a mini swap that I need to make today.


Diane Noble

Great video tutorial, especially for the first one! Loved it. I've been wanting to play with doing a few myself...but alas, I don't have a ready video technician!! So happy you do. Great job. those cards.


They are all cute, but I love the gingerbread one the most!

June Ferguson

Great job guys!! This video was so inspiring that now I have put the Pennant Die on my wishlist! I had so far been successfully resisting it, but not after seeing these adorable cards for Christmas!
Thank You!
June in KS


Great job on the video. Look forward to seeing more in the future. Love the card too!

Kathy Brown

You did fabulous and loved it. I haven't gotten the Big Shot Machine yet but it's on my wish list!!


Patty thanks for sharing. You both did a great job. Continue the fabulous work.


Oh, how fun!!! You rocked the video, girl! You can always try to "write" directions, but it's so different to "see" it!!! Great job! Thanks!

Bridgett Owens

Your son did an awesome job with this video. I really like how easy making criss cross cards are with this die. Great video tutorial and I hope you will do more!

diane mcvey

NOW I get it!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Not having the die in hand, I wasn't quite sure how the triangles worked. Now I know! That is AWESOME! I MUST get that pennant die now! :D


Great video...good job to you both!

Jenn D

Fabulous job Patty!


Thanks Patty for the daily inspiration. You are very creative and it's so great that Jason supports you and can help with the videos. What a quick and cute card idea. It is so much easier than using the pattern to make that type of card! Congrats on Advisory Board also. You will be great.

Dianna Cooper

Very nice video! I'm lovin' the updated look of your! And your son's video was *so* clever!

Marlene Theissen

Hi Patty,
Oh! what fun to watch your video's and hear your cheerful voice. Besides your teaching video your flower one is so beautiful. Thank Jason for the music. Looking forward to the next project. Marlene


Great video Patty! I'm impressed that it was just your first time doing it! I'll have to try and make that card tonight! :)


Nicole Becker

Okay, that is just plain cool. I love your Christmas card design. And what a great video. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks so much for all you do!! :)

Sue duffy

Just got around to watching this tutorial, Patty. since I just ordered the Big Shot Penant Die today - it's great, as usual. I'm going to try the Christmas trees too - I'm sure they'll be a big hit at my December camps! TFS

Robin East

I am really trying hard to see your tutorials but all I have is a square but no way to view. Your cards are beautiful and I want to learn how you do them. Please let me know what to do. Thanks so much

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