Christmas Card Swaps - Founder's Circle - part 1
Christmas Card Swaps - Founder's Circle - part 2


Kat Menk

What a great idea. I am totally stealing this idea. My first shipment of dies are coming next week and I am so excited. unfortunately the big shot is not coming with them. Such is life. I am still excited that SU is selling them. I love your blog. It is on my list of blogs that I always read daily.


Of course...I expect nothing less than BRILLIANT ideas from you! I am constantly measuring that scallop circle!


OH, great idea! I need to organize my dies yet, and this, along with your storage idea is what I'm going to do! TFS!

Trisha Smith

Wow! I am saving up for my BIG SHOT, and will remember this great tip~!!
Love the blog!

Elyse Foley

Love it! But what about the rest of the dies? I am being lazy...

Debi Hadley

Thanks for the tip!! Sounds like a good one. Maybe I can get organized while I wait (still) for the Big Shot to get here (I need to be careful typing that. I can't believe how many times I type it incorrectly, and then it looks REALLY bad, but funny.)

Brandi Wiggins

I'm going to start calling you Yogi Bear because you're smarter than your average picnic basket! LOL! GREAT idea! I'll do this with my dies and maybe one day my Big Shot will get here and I can actually USE them! LOL! I love your blog.


Alicia Chaparro

Awesome as always Patty!
I was already doing this and now I can feel justified!
Hugs and Blessings

Nan Goerlitz

Fabulous tip, as always! I am one of the lucky ones who already has her Big Shot. I will do this immediately & pass the word onto my customers :-)


You are so smart! Great idea!
Hugs and smiles

Mel M. M. M.

TOO clever! Thanks! :O)


Cool idea! TFS!

Melanie Hopes

What a great tip. I am hoping to get my big shot center set up today. I am so excited about all the possibilities of this product and I love all of your ideas.


Cindy Major

Yes, it does help! Clever, clever... :D


Marsha Lotze

That is a great idea! I just got my Big Shot last week and am using it today for a card swap with my upline, Sheilah Neff, for tomorrow. Hope it works out.

Always, Marsha

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