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Some Crazy New Word Set??

No.. not really.. (not a crazy new word set).. but I was tired of always hunting down all my favorite Stampin' Up! stamps with words, greetings and phrases in all my different Stampin' Up! sets, so I decided to box up my favorite greeting stamps and just keep them at my desk!  Now they are always handy!  and I don't feel guilty not putting them away... they just stay on my desk all the time!



My best to each of you for a Blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends!  We have SO much to be thankful for!  I'm especially thankful for each of you as you've been sharing my journey through my blog this year.. it's been soooooooo fun for me! I'm so touched that I have followers all over the world.. it's been great getting to know you all! :)

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angela ross

fantastic idea!! that solves some of my problems... you did it again patty :)

connie davis

What a great idea, Patti! I, too, get tired of digging through my stash to find the word or phrase I need. I'll have to keep this in mind. Have you ever considered posting what your stamp space looks like? I'm always so amazed with all of your cool ideas...I would love to see you stamping haven!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Tandra Boyer

I do that too! And add my name stamp and address stamp to the box too!
You ROCK Patty!
Happy Thanksgiving!


I do that too---I have two large acrylic trays---one for birthday sentiments and one for thankyous and misc. Makes it easy to find just the right one!


The thought of mixing and matching my stamps normally makes my heartbeat speed up and my palms get sweaty, but it's such a good idea and I love that you just put all the sentiments in one box. GENIUS and who doesn't love a clean crafy space?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the tips & all you share with us.


I do this also. I have also put my name stamp in there along with a few other favorites of mine. It just makes life easier!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


What a great idea. Thanks for showing it.
I hope you have had a lovely Thanksgiving day with your family?

Brandi Wiggins

Patty Bennet, you...are...a GENIUS.


Now aren't you just the smartest gal in the world....I love this idea, I'm going to have to try that..

Jane Trafton-Winch

What a great idea. Don't usually like to divide up my sets, but I guess if I mark the set on the side of the wood it would satisfy my fear of division!! Must try this idea to save time in hunting. Thanks!!

Creative Triplet Mom

That same thought came to mind this morning when I was searching for my sympathy stamp. I so need one box with just sayings. I think I may combine my sets as well.

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