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Brayered Roses Technique and VIDEO!

Watercolor Roses - Technique and Video Tutorial

Your response to my "watercolor roses" post last week was overwhelming, and as promised, here are the instructions and a VIDEO TUTORIAL for you! :)

This technique originated with Crystal French from Denver, and was demo'd at the Stampin' Up! Seattle Regional Seminar by Connie Ingram.  Then Sandi MacIver shared the directions on a yahoo group... so I hope I've got this reasonably close to what Crystal had in mind... since I never saw the demo ... it's like playing the 'telephone game' and hoping you got it reasonably correct after the info passed through a few people :)

This is the 6x6 page my students will make in class this week in my Technique Book class:

Watercolor rose 6x6 

Here are 2 other cards I made using this technique:

Watercolor rose cards

Instructions - see Video for more details:

  • stamp rose image (from Fifth Avenue Floral Set) on Shimmery White cardstock using White Craft Ink
  • heat emboss with Clear Embossing Powder and the heat tool
  • generously spritz entire embossed image with water in a spray bottle - spray until there are puddles of water, not just wet paper
  • use an Aquapainter to dip into drops of classic reinker and just "touch" the tip of the Aquapainter/ink to each section of the rose - ink flows inside each section (because of the embossing) but will also blend nicely when you touch more than one color to a section
  • use 2 or 3 coordinating reinker colors in any combo you wish (classic ink)
  • I used: Pretty in Pink, Pink Pirouette, Regal Rose, Cameo Coral and Summer Sun on the above samples
  • clean Aquapainter tip in between applying each color
  • let dry, cut out image and mount to card or project. They took approx. 20 to 30 minutes to dry - will vary by climate/weather.
  • I used flowers from my garden for color inspiration - also check photos on google or any rose garden for color inspiration

Video Tutorial:

Now go have fun making your own beautiful roses!!!

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Torie Gotaas

Oh wow, Patty! You made this look so easy! Thank you for sharing this on your blog. I can't wait to try this myself.

Nancy Ferb

Your watercolored roses are EXQUISITE!! I visit your blog regularly and always enjoy your creativity!
Nancy Ferb
Demo in IL


I can't thank you enough for doing this video!! I'm going to try one right now!!

Cheryl Wilcox

You rock, Patty, for letting us see this earlier than planned! I can't wait to try it as the results are absolutely stunning!

Joni H

WOW! Great flowers and awesome tutorial. TFS!

Bev Ennis

Patty, thanks so much for sharing this... I saw your samples the other day and could not wait to learn how to do this technique! Now I can't wait to play!! : ) You are so generous to share all of these ideas with all of us out here in cyberland!


Patty, thank u so much for the great video & written tutorials for the roses. It is stunning & u made it seem so easy. I can't wait to try it!

Julie Semones

Absolutely beautiful Patty! Thank you so much for putting this video together!

Lisa Brown

Thanks so much, Patty! This is a beautiful technique!

Wendy K

Wow - this is SO gorgeous! This set is amazingly versatile. Great job on the video - you make it look easy. I will be trying this one out very soon.


Thank you for sharing *your* technique. The colors are truly amzing.

Lori Burkitt

Wow!! Very striking! Thanks for taking the time to do a video tutorial on this project.

Barb Mullikin

Ditto what everyone else says, this is the best video!! I have been wanting to try this and now I know what I will be doing tomorrow!! Thanks so much :-)


Janis Miller

This is a great tutorial Patty. I love the paper you ended up mounting the rose onto.


This is just beautiful! I'm new to stamping and card making and do not have embossing powder or heat tool. Do you think there would be a way to do this with only ink? Have a blessed day!!! Audrey


Patty, thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! You make it look so easy (and wonderful.) Melissa

Corinne (aka Roxy) Somerville

Patty.....all I can say is WOWZA !!!!!!!!!! I made my flowers on the weekend and I can hardly wait to share the finished project with you !! If all goes well it will be completed today or tomorrow at the latest !!!

Thanks ARE the best !!!!


Wow! Are those roses gorgeous!

Eileen McClean

Patty thanks for doing this, It looks so good,thanks again for sharing, now i can go play

Barbara V

Thanks so much for the tutorial Patty...a picture is always worth 1000 words.


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to show my ladies.


Just beautiful. You make me try things I would never ever try.


Patty, Your flowers are so BEAUTIFUL.I love the way you colored these. Thanks for sharing all your GORGEOUS Flowers.

Diane Noble

Patty, your examples and tutorial are just phenomenal. Thank you so much for sharing this. Can't wait to try. Definitely will be a hit in my clubs!! Fantastic. You're the best!

Michelle VanWiggeren

Patty, These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing how you made them!

Shelley G in Iowa

This is just a fabulous technique and using the my #1 favorite new set in the catty! Thanks so much for sharing it, Patty. I can not wait to try it!


Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing how it was done.

Kim L.

Awesome - beautiful flowers! Thanks for doing the video-

jenn nahrstadt

patty--wonderful tutorial, and it has quite the WOW effect! i'm wondering if using shimmery white card stock is essential. if so, why?

also, did the paper flatten back out as it dried, or did you have to press it?

thanks so much...fantastic!

Ellie M.

This is a such a great technique! It is rather simple, but has a HUGE WOW factor! I will be sure to show this to my customers! Thank you soooo much for sharing how to do this technique.

Natalie S

One word....magical! That technique is perhaps the kickstart that my stampin' mojo has needed for a looooooooong time. Lately, I've felt like I do the same techniques over and over and over. This is truly unique and different. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Love your blog and visit daily! :)


Patty, Thank you ever so much for the tutorial. I just want to go right now and make a rose!! I am supposed to be packing to be ready to go to our SU convention. Hmmm might fit in one rose!! Yours are truly gorgeous!

Judy G

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I just finished "playing" with the technique and love it! You are TOO kind to make a video for us! Did I say "Thanks"?

Robyn :)

Those are so pretty!! Now I totally want that stamp!! Maybe next month :)

Laurie Elhelaly

What a wonderful instructional video. So very, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Bev Victory

These are beautiful - I can't wait to try this technique. Thanks for sharing with us.

Account Deleted

Patty, these look like they just came out of your garden. Thanks so much for sharing.


So now I need shimmery paper! :) This is gorgeous!!

Alicia Coulombe

You've just sold me on this stamp set. These are so romantically soft. Thanks for sharing! Just beautiful!

Diane McCornack

Well I thought I had already posted but didn't see my name! And didn't want to miss out on your blog candy. So here I am! By the way your video was great and I'll be trying this technique over the weekend!
Thanks for the chance.

Lee Conrey

I'd love to have one of these. Girgeous Card and Fabulous tutorial.
Lee Conrey

Cindee Wilkinson

Okay, so I'm hooked on these roses too! Thanks for your video! I've watched it several times. You're the best!


Beautiful! Love the colors and the tecnique. Thanks for sharing.

Judi Szyndrowski

Patty, I love your videos. They are always fun to watch and easy to understand. I cannot wait to get back home to my re-inkers!! I visit your site often and must thank you for all the inspiration. Keep up the fabulous work.


Beautiful! You are very talented.

Krista  Rill


Oh my gosh another beauty!! I am so excited and ready to try this!! I love it!!!


Krista Rill

Laura M

Patty - thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Your project is beautiful and the tutorial is really easy to understand! Thanks again!

Kathy Hazen

Your cards are so beautiful! I appreciate so much your sharing them with us.

Tamara Ruth

Just awesome!!!! I am in love with this stamp set. Thank you for doing this tutorial I'm inspired.

Wanda McGlamery

Oh my gosh Patty, those colors are stunning! Glad you included the video tutorial too. Thanks - praying to win some blog candy!

Candy Diaz

OMG, this is so beautiful. I was going to try it and I am so glad I watched your video first. Now I know exactly what to do, no wasting paper. Thanks so much for sharing this technique with us.
Candy Diaz

Heidi Michel

I am totally in love with this technique. Your roses are awesome and I appreciate you taking the time to share how to do these with us. You are a beautiful person!!

Laura Jaroscak

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Staci Miserlian

This was a wonderful tutorial! LOVE how those roses turn out! Thanks for entering me in the Blog Candy running and congrats on the 2,000,000 views!

Mary Campbell

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. I so want to try this.

Kelly Mayou

I have to tell you that your video made this so easy even my 5 year old son was able to make a watercolored rose. I'll have his creation up on my blog sometime soon. Thanks so much for sharing this.


Karen Martinez

Your instructions are fantastic! As soon as I signed off the computer after watching this video I made two of my own! It was so EASY!! Great job!


This is absolutely beautiful! I don't have this stamp set, but this would be so gorgeous to do with most of the other flowers in the SU catalog. I can't wait to try this for myself! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Patty!

Yolanda Ojeda

Oh Patty, this is a GREAT technique! thanks for showing us with instructions AND the video! Oh, and your "Oooh" and "Ahhhh" really cracked me up! ; )

BettyAnn Arrasmith

This is possibly an all-time favorite. Perfect for the roses, but will try with other subjects as well. I would love to win the supplies to make one of these! Thank you for the opportunity.

Kristen Ursin-Smith

Patty - what a beautiful card and a neat technique, I can't wait to try it!! Your video's are great to watch too, very informative. Congratulations on your 2 million blog hits :o)


Judy Podkranic

WOW Patty! I was so impressed with your video! You did such a great job explaining how to make this card. Now I need get busy and order all the componets from SU, so I can try it myself.

Judy Elting

Patty, Thank you for another great tutorial! I've watched and watched. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same thing soon! Love your roses, both paper and from your garden!

Jenifer Phillips

Congratulations on 2 million hits on your blog! The rose techniques are awesome and your cards are beautiful!

Roberta Heiner

I LOVED this technique and plan to use it right away. It looks so easy so I can only hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours.

Jeanne Treptow

Hi Patty! I tried this technique using the flowers from the Doodle This set. It wasn't quite as dramatic as yours, and I don't have the knack for colors that you do, but it was still fun to try! Even though they're still drying even now, I think I really need to get the white paper wetter. I just used white CS. Do you think there's that much of a difference between reg. CS and the shimmery SU kind - getting the ink to really run and fill?
Talk to you soon!


Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

monica rathbun


Your video tutorial is terrific. You make something so artistically lovely be so easy to do. I immediately had to try it out and even I could turn out some beautiful roses. Thank you so much. This is now my most favorite stamping technique yet. Love it!!!!!
hugs, monica
Huntington Beach, CA

Sue Burton

Patti!! they are beautiful roses- it is obvious your love of roses and gardening have inspired you
thank you for sharing


Patty, the watercolor rose has to be one of my favorites. I will definitely be trying this technique; however, I'll need to do it when my daughter is not home. She'll try to copy and make a mess.

Dawn Hoelzel

This just put me over the edge and I am going to order this set. I have been trying to resist, but now I 'need' it. Thanks so much for sharing.


Patty, Stunning, and amazingly simple. Thank you, Fern

Cathy Richardson

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!!
Love your videos!

Karen B

This is the most beautiful watercoloured flower I have seen in along time. The colours are so vibrant and the technique so easy. I would love to borrow this for my next club meeting. They're going to flip!!
Thanks for sharing.

Tanja Fussell

Thanks so much for sharing!!! These are amazing. I can't wait to give it a try!

Janice Lucas

Patti - you are a continual inspiration! Great technique.

Rosie Mann

Patty, your colors are so vivid. I enjoyed watching how it was done. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.


Oh my goodness, these are just stunning. I love the colors you chose. Thanks so much for sharing!


Renette Hurley

Hi Patty,

I've visited this particular posting several times, it's so beautiful. The colors you chose blended as nicely as they do in nature.

Thanks for sharing you're wonderful talent by posting the video tutorial.

Sharon Miller

Wow, what gorgeous roses! I'm a rose lover too, so I'll be trying this technique soon. Love your video tutorials-keep them coming!

Pat Brannin

WOW! Can't wait to get those reinkers opened! Thanks for sharing this!

Tara Berkey

That is one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile!! :o) I will definitely have to try that. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas...I love your blog!! :o)

Kym S


These are absolutely gorgeous!! You are always such a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

Shirley H.

Thank you for sharing your talent, what beautiful cards and your garden is amazing!!

Lisa Stout

It amazes me all of the wonderful creations you come up with. Thank you for sharing.
Lisa S.

Melissa F.

Patty, those roses are almost as gorgeous and the ones you grow in your garden. Love the video of how to do the technique.

Belinda Johnson

This is a fun technique. I can't wait until my next workshop to show the girls. My dilemma is color choice. So far my favorite is summer sun and more mustard. Thanks for sharing all your information with us.

Sue Begger

Oh Patty-
Those are so beautiful and you make it look so easy peasy. I will be trying this for some upcoming classes I have.

Karen L

Patty!! I am loving the video tutorials!! The two rose techniques are easy..but impressive. I'm off to try the watercolor one out!

Janice Webb

Patty, Thanks for the great tutorial...I hope to soon try this technique because it produces such beautiful results and looks so fun!

Wendy Peatross

This is the neatest technique. I can't wait to try it.

Jean Stayton

Beautiful card, thanks for the technique
tutorial. Love the colors

Ilene Young

Hi Patty,

I love your Watercolor Rose video. I now understand how to do the roses. I learn a lot easier when I can see the process. Thanks so much for doing this. Your rose cards are just beautiful.

jeanne nielsen

I love this technique! I did it this past w/e when I got together with my upline/sideline demo group! One thing that we did notice is that the embossing seemed to "stick" better when we used Versamark and the embossing powder. For some reason, our craft ink "lifted" when we went to watercolor it. I love your finished card with the Taste of Textiles paper! I don't have any of that yet and it definitely adds so much to the cards with the white satin ribbon and the shimmery cardstock! TFS!
p.s. If you'd like to check out my sample, I'm including the link to my blog page:


This is a beautiful card and the technique is really cool. I will be ordering this set to try it out!!

Cheryl Wilcox

I love both of these techniques! Hard to say which one I like more - brayered or watercolored. I can't wait to have time this weekend to try both techniques!

Cheryl Wilcox
Riverside, CA


Your cards are so beautiful! This technique gives the roses a very real look - you can almost feel the velvety texture of the petals. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Tina Petko

The flowers look awesome and having the tutorial to go with makes it easy for us that need to see it done. Thanks again, can't wait to try it.

Janny Ligtenberg

What a great technique! I can hardly wait to order some of the shimmery white card stock so I can try it.


Thanks for making the tutorial Patty! The card is absolutely stunning!

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