Graduation Time!
Graduation Day!

Graduation Day !!!! Yeah Jason & Jenny!!

Today is the big day for our son, Jason... he graduates from Contra Costa Christian HS !!!!!  It's hard to believe this day in actually upon us... wow... I vividly remember his first day of preschool at our church!! :)  sigh................

so.. I gave you a sneak peek of this card earlier in the week, but here is the whole thing.. I used the 3-D Cake Die from Stampin' Up! to make a really fun, special card for Jason, AND another one for his cousin born on the SAME DAY!!!  They both graduated this year! How fun is that!? They were born on their great-grandpa's birthday and I know he would have been so proud to be here to see them now! 

Jb inside 

Yes, I used a retired graduation set.. I've been saving it just for this day!  The letters are from the Varsity Alphabet set... I love this set! 

Jb cake 


Jb front 

and here is a similar card I made for his cousin Jenny:

Jenny inside 

Jenny cake 

front of Jenny's card:

Front jenny 

Both of their school colors were similar so I used Bravo Burgundy and Crushed Curry for both of them!

Congrats, Jason and Jenny.. we are sooooooooo proud of you both!!!

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Betty SAccocia

Wow! You should be proud...and they should be proud of you! LOVE those cards! Also, didn't think I really needed that Varsity set. Wrong again! Enjoy the day!


what a proud day for all of you. I know there's been *allot* of work involved in making these cards & other items for graduation, but, to take the time & edit!! totally amazing! thank you for all that you do---you desevre a medal.

Angie Hamill

YOU ARE AMAZING.. these are great. Congrats to you son.


Congratulations on your graduate Patty!

Corinne (aka Roxy) Somerville

CONGRATULATIONS JASON & JENNY !!!! Congrats to you & your hubby for raising such an incredible son !!! I'm so excited for you all and your card is well......AWESOME !!!!

Sue Drees

What great grad cards you came up with! Very that alphabet set.
Enjoy your day with your son. Such a proud time.


These turned out great!!!! I love them with the varsity stamp set!! Congrats to both of them for a job well done and to you Patty and your husband for a great job!!!!


Love the POP UP card!!! Awesome job, Patty :)

Julie Ramos

Congrats to both of them! Whate an awesome day and love those cards.

Tessa Boulter

Congrats Jason! And what awesome cards Patty! Thanks for sharing with us your special day, and your creations for that day! if only I liked the way my pop up cake looks! I've been having problems with the center piece collapsing/bending...ugh! Time to do some research and try it again!

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