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Kind Thoughts Brocade Stencil and Jumbo Grommet Tutorial

I was having fun with the Kind Thoughts Brocade Stencil again.. this time with one of the new In Colors, "Soft Suede".  Yummy color, isn't it?  (stenciled and stamped on a Sahara Sand Top Note Die).

DSC07509 copy 

As you can see, I added one of the Jumbo Grommets with a Build A Brad in the center...I HAVE A CONFESSION... I was kind of afraid of these Grommets so I didn't use them until last week!! GEESH!!  How stupid silly is that??????????

DSC07512 copy 

But these Jumbo Grommets are sooooooooooooooooooo easy to use!!!

DSC07537 copy 

They come in 4 colors to a pack (white, vanilla, black and silver).

See those little "teeth"?  That's how we're going to set it...

DSC07539 copy 

Place the grommet onto your card and place them both on top of the Black Foam mat that comes in the Mat Pack:

DSC07540 copy 

Then.. how easy is this.. just PUSH WITH YOUR FINGERS!!

DSC07542 copy 

Flip it over and push down those little legs with your Bone Folder!

DSC07543 copy  

DSC07547 copy 

OK>> so HOW EASY IS THAT? What was I so afraid of?? 

You can add a Build A Brad, or a decorative brad,or a rhinestone brad, or a button in the center if you wish.. lots of possibilities!! 

Want to win a free package of them??  Leave me a comment and tell me what you like to put in the center of the Jumbo Grommets and I'll pick a random winner on Saturday at noon (CA time) and send you a pack!  Leave your full name and email address IN YOUR POST to be eligible (so I can contact you).

Signature hybiscus


Cindee Wilkinson

I was afraid to use mine too! I just started using them. I like to bring the ribbon thru them.

Love your card too!

Elaine Moore

Build A Brad is great to use with the big Grommets - flowers too. Thx for the opportunity to win a pack

Elaine Moore


Love your card. It is simply gorgeous! Thanks for showing how to use those big grommets.


I would like a button in the center. If it was a bit larger than the hole, it would add some extra dimension by being more raised and would look great!
Denise Bryant

Kathy Mc

Never ordered these because I thought they looked too big so would love to win some. Can picture beautiful ribbon tied through the center or the neat corduroy buttons by Stampin' Up. Thanks for sharing all you do, Patty!

Kathy McCloskey


Gee,'re afraid of those grommets??!!! I can't imagine that---a gal with such a get-it & try-it kinda' stamper?!
Thanks for the tips; another helpful tutorial.


Very cool! I wasn't sure how I'd use them when I saw them in the catty but I like the Build a Brad in the center. I also can see tieing ribbon through them or some type of flower in the center as well.

Kathy Hatzke

Marion Wilkinson

I actually havent used mine yet, but after the easy directions I am going to start. I was thinking maybe some crystal effects with some glitter in the center. Thanks for the opportunity to win a package.

kim davenport

If I was the proud owner of those jumbo grommets, I would like to put a pretty button in the center. Fun, fun!

Thanks so much. Love your blog.

Kim Davenport


I think they would be cute with bright colored paper in the middle and done like an arrangement of flowers.
Kay Hueston


I'm scared of those grommets too! LOL I'm not sure how big the hole is, but I would try buttons, a paper-pieced image, or even a small flower with a pearl or rhinestone brad in the center of the flower. That would really make it 3D!

holly stamper at g mail dot com


wow that was easier than I thought it would be thanks for the tips. I agree ribbon would look great knotted through one. Thanks for the chance to win some. Love your blog

Tricia Davis

I haven't ordered mine yet, but I had only seen other people put wider ribbon thru them. Your idea is the very best yet!
Thanks for sharing the idea.

Tricia Davis

Audrey B.

The ones that I have seen and really like have some wide ribbon through them. But I'd try most anything.
Audrey Burke
Phil4v4 at g mail dot com


I'd be dropping circle ice rhinestone brads in the center!! :) The grommets look supah EZ!


I love the look that the grommets give your artwork. I don't have any yet, but I think that I like the large ribbon running through the grommet, as well as the build a brad that you used.

Thanks for your inspiration,

Beth Redding

I haven't braved a purchase of these myself, but I recently tried mixing reinker with crystal effects and I think I would fill the hole with that wonderful glossy mixture :)

Nicole Tugrul

Thanks for the tutorial, I haven't tried them yet. I love the look of ribbon pulled through and tied in a knot. I've seen some really great projects from stampers that have done it. Thanks for having such an inspirational blog..I love it!!
Nicole Tugrul

Jane Mykleby

I like using them with ribbon or buttons in the middle but I kind of like that build a brad idea..hmmmm...I also like using them as "frames" with a sentiment word or image in the middle. Hope I win them. Thanks. Jane Mykleby


I have them ... but I am afraid to use them! thanks for the kick!

Mary Craig

I didn't realize they were so easy to use. I would like to add a build-a-brad in the center. What a great accessory!

Karen O'Neill

Thanks for another great tutorial. I think I will have to purchase them. I love the circle rhinestone brads so I would have to put of them in the middle to really add some bling.

Karen Passerino

They are easy and do look intimidating to use. I would love to use ribbon or one of those flower buttons in the center. Thanks for the chance to win.

Karen Passerino :0)

Gail S.

I like the build a brad idea or I have seen a ribbon tied into a knot in the middle and the ends cut short. Very pretty card! I love the stencil!!! gslagle(at)nctc(dot)net

Terry Iverson

I had not tried them yet but you made it look so easy! I would love to put ribbon through them or a designer brad. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Karen Moody

Great card! I love the build-a-brad in the center. I'll have to purchase some of the grommets and try them myself. They are quite impressive. I think I'll try ribbon through the center or a small flower. Thanks for the photo tutorial.

Kadie Labadie

Patty: I would think a piece of the 5/8" GG ribbon tied in a knot would look pretty - the other thing I think that might be fun is filling the center with Crystal Effects and having a shiny center would create a different look. Thannks for this opportunity to win a package of these. Kadie

Sandi Dailey

Such a beautiful card -- I need to get that stencil for sure now that I have seen your samples. I have the large one so I can decorate my bedroom walls (really afraid to start tho). What do I use in my grommets? Well my favorite is to use ribbon through the hole and tie different kinds of knots/bows. I have not tried the build-a-brad yet, but will for sure now.

Kathy Kartak

Oh my goodness! How simple is that?! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Kartak

Nancy  C.

They look pretty neat - I would probably like to see a ribbon through them! Thanks.

Jan Castle

Oh too; in fact, I have yet to use them - your bravery will be my incentive to give it a try! I think a beautiful gem stone would be pretty in the center. Thanks for sharing.
Jan Castle castle77(at)comcast(dot)net

Staci Miserlian

Gorgeous project! I like to bring a ribbon in and tie a knot in there on the grommets. I've also put them at the center of a Pretties flower, but they are pretty difficult to push through the fabric, just warnin' ya!
Staci -

Linda B

I haven't used these big grommets yet....but you do make them look like fun!!
I might use a flower gem in the center but a brad would be very cool looking too.
Thank you for the chance to win.
Linda Bowman

Joyce Spear

OMG! I was expecting a lot more to the tutorial, so I had to laugh when I learned how easy it is to set a jumbo grommet! And here I thought it'd be out of my skill range, LOL!
So now that I know how to set them, I WANT them (of course!)! I really like the idea of tinted Crystal Effects in the center with some Dazzling Diamonds. Or some beads. The Build-a-Brad idea is cool -- but I'd have to get out of my comfort zone and experiment with those, too. (Really, what's next? And who knew stamping could be such an adventure?)
Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at aol dot com


I was wondering how to use them as well. I thought maybe I would need to use my croc-o-dile, but didn't see how it would fit! It is so much easier to do. I am going to try them and put a button in the center, then both the grommet and the button will stand out. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


I haven't tried them yet either, I would tie ribbon through the center but also a piece of coordinating dsp in the center would look good too. So many possibilities. Thanks for the chance to win some.
Paula Rough


I think a knot of ribbon looks faboo in the grommets:)

Desirée Spenst

Barbara Bird

Haven't used them before, but I like the ribbon tied in the middle. Love your blog, you have such great ideas and techniques!


Barb Bird

Brenda Faylee Turner

OMG! We just used these in a class & I absolutely fell in love with them! You are so right! They are very easy & quick to use. We used the Build-A-Brad, which I love, but I can't wait to try the new In Color polka-dot wide ribbon & tie a beautiful bow! Thanks so much for the chance to win a pack:)


This is a great post...I don't have any of those brads and until now didn't give it much thought as to how to use them, but you have sparked my - give me, give me, give me - gene...LOL I can think of several things to do with the center portion, a tiny round mirror, a tiny picture of the person you are sending the card too, a simple single word, a antique bead of button. Oh I gotta get some of these now!
Deborah David
deborah345 underscore 2 at yahoo dot com


I love them too! I have been putting ribbon through them! Fun!

Janelle Lavelle

I just started using them too! I like ribbon myself, it gives them both extra pizazze!
Janelle Lavelle

Irene Poe

I didn't know they were so easy to use!! I must buy some now. I would think a lucky shiney new penny using a dimensional in the center would help to make a cute card.

Heidi Lien

I havn't tried them yet, but I'm thinking a twine knot on a guy/outdoor card. Thanks for the great website.

Tammy Smith

Thanks for the great explanation! It does look easy. Now I can order someand I think I would use a variety of things in the middle...buttons, Build-a-Brad, or even some microbeads on sticky strip centers or chunky glitter. It all depends on the mood I'm going for. What great wheels for cars and trucks, a tire swing, an inner tube.. I can think of lots of uses! Thanks again, Tammy

Cheryl Wilcox

I haven't used the pack I bought yet, but I've seen them with a ribbon knot tied in the center, and those have looked really nice! That'll probably be my first use - if I could just remember to use them!

Cheryl Wilcox


Haha, I had been intimidated to use these also, so thanks for this! I like to put my ribbon through it.


Heidi / California

I would stamp a tiny flower or something similar like the tiniest circle in the new circle circus set and them frame the image with the grommet!

kathy b.

love the card. i'd put a rinestone in them. or maybe ribbon.kathy b.

Tammy Howell

I haven't tried them yet. I think I would like to use our jumbo brads in them or ribbon. Thanks for the tutorial on setting them. I was wondering if flattening the bsck with our wooden blocks would work. I wrote on my blog about that when I use brads. The prongs on the back are flattened and they are so nice looking on the front. is the post bout it.
Thanks for the chance to win the jumbo grommets.
Tammy Howell

Susan Lanthrip

I too was afraid of them! I never guessed they were that easy. Thanks for sharing. I love the build a brad it the middle.

Susan Lanthrip

Debbie Funnell

Ever since I have seen them, I have wanted to get them but was also not sure how to use them. This idea has been stuck in my head: put them on the side of a ship and put the little people from all in the family behind the gromet window or making a Noah's arc with animals looking out. Or even better yet, make the pop up cake die into a boat and use them on there as described above. Oh the possibilities.....


Haven't used them but love them! Love your card too!

Mandy Kirk

I really like it with the build a brad, looks so classy!
Mandy Kirk

Carol Grove

Now I am wondering why I was afraid to try the couple I was given. I will surely want some grommets now! It looks so easy. Will go great with brads.


These are so fun! I threaded a ribbon knot through the center of the one I used on a card for an SU contest.

Rosemary Olson

Thank you again Patty for a really helpful post. I too have avoided those grommets because, unlike everyone else, I *don't* like my cropadile and never seem to get it to work right. I thought I had to use it with these as well. Guess you have enabled me to add one more thing to my July 1 order... but what are fellow demos there for! Have a great day!

Lisa Brown

Hi Patty! I like to punch a piece of designer series paper for the center of my grommets...

Linda Plett

Coolness! Have wanted to try these, but I think I was a little afraid, too! I think I might try a flower from the pretties kit. Thanks so much for sharing all your great projects! lgplettatgmaildotcom

Gloria Dojlido

Oh your card is so beautiful. Thanks for the step by step on these grommets. I have been eyeing them but like you I have been wondering how difficult they would be to use. I have seen them with a knotted ribbon in the center. That is probably what I would try first.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Cindy Jenkins

THANKS for the instruction....I too have been freaked out by them! I've seen ribbon tied in the middle lots, but they would look good with about anything in the middle!


Great tutorial, Patty! I would use a little index print photo of the face of one of my precious grandchildren in the center. It would even be cute made into a sort of "photo bouquet" with a flower punched behind each one.


What a great job of showing how to use them!!! Thanks, I am definitely interested in getting these. We "created" ours at our last stamp class by using punches and a stamp.
Krista B

Angie Britt

I haven't tried these, yet. I've seen them around, though, and I'd say that I like ribbon and the build-a-brad. Now that you show how easy they are-that will be a different story. TFS

Angie Britt

Tara Berkey

I like to use them to frame a small stamped image or put a ribbon knot in the middle...if that makes sense!! :o) Thanks for sharing as always....I love to visit your blog and see what's new.

Mary Puskar

Gee Patty, now you are ENABLING all of us to use the giant grommets we too were afraid of. I think a Build a Brad to match the DP you were using on your card would be nice or a gem of some kind.



I would put something with sparkle. Beautiful card!
Anita Autore

Carol Shier

WOW...that was easy. I'll now think abut getting some. I'd try buttons or ribbon, but I do like your idea of the build a brad. Very neat!
Thanks for the opportunity to win some.
Carol Shier


I haven't ordered these yet, just seemed so big. Love what you did with the build a brad a courdory button might be pretty too. jmniffer

Cheryl M

Patty you are so bad! Now this is another item I will be adding to my list for the 1st. I have never tried them yet but I love your idea of the build-a-brads in the center. I love working with the BAB.

Jeannette Haynes

Yikes! I was scared of these too! Thanks to your tut, it looks so easy! I'd like to see some wide ribbon with a knot in the center. If I don't win, I'll have to get some. Your card is great!


I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to do with them when I first saw them but I LOVE your Build-a-Brad in the center. That gets me thinking that it may be interesting with a penny or a dime on it...


And now I'll follow the directions. :) Jen:


Hi Patty,

So cute and yes...looks so easy. I think a brad would look cute inside, but even a stamped image would probably work.

:) Aimee

Sue McNeill

Thanks for trying the grommets. I like grommets, I just thought these looked too big for a card. Now I know better. Love the site. I'm new and learning A LOT exploring your site every day.
Sue McNeill


Thanks for the demo! I would love to try with ribbon or a button (not to original) but I think it would look beautiful!
Thank you for your great tips!

Cheryl Silver

Jayne Fuller

Thanks so much for showing how to use the grommets. I have not ordered them because I wasn't sure how to use them but they will definitely be on my next order, plus they are part of the bulk order products ... hmmm. Yup, need to get them! I really like how you incorporated the Build a Brad into the grommet. Can't wait to try them! Thanks again :o)


Denise Pitzen

Love your blog & tutorials and would love to win the grommets. I was thinking a wide ribbon, but liked the sound of the glitter & crystal effects idea.

Denise Pitzen


I wasn't aware of how easy they looked to use, I never ordered any because I thought they would be too hard to fool with. Live and learn every day! I would probably add a large rhinestone to the center or built up a large pearl inside the center. How about some antique jewelry pieces, or big yellow bee. Lots of ideas now, see what you do to me!

Darlene L

I think I would try some Crystal Effects topped with dazzeling diamonds in the white ones on a winter card. I don't have any to try this idea so winning some would be great.
Darlene L
djstamper2003 at yahoo dot com

Patti C.

I like the brad inside the grommet. I've also seen ribbon tied in the opening. I've ordered the grommets & waiting for them. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Cheryl Sims

I have never used a jumbo grommet before and most likely never would have without this wonderful tutorial. I like the idea of a build a brad in the center but am enjoying reading the other ideas. Thank you.
Cheryl Sims

Jenn L

I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you create. I have these jumbo grommets and have tried to use them with the crop-a-dile. It was very frustrating. :0 Thank you so much for sharing a better way to apply them.
Jenn L

Danita Roberts

I thought that these were interesting when I first saw them they would look cute with a little flower in the middle as well. Thanks for sharing!


Joy Perryman

I think one of the corduroy buttons would be cute in them or the silver cast designer brads.
Joy Perryman
833 Ketch Ct.
Rodeo, CA 94572

Heidi Myers

You can fill them with seed beads or UTEE and embed some little trinket in there. Wow, think I'm going to go do just that right now. :o)

Heidi Myers


Beautiful card! I love putting the half pearls from the pretties kit in the center. Thanks for sharing.
Clara Sanchez
csanchez @

Julie Hughes

don't have these, but would love to put covered chipboard and crystal effects

Julie Hughes

Melanie H.

I love this card!! Beautiful color brown, can't wait to add it to my collection! I like putting contrasting DSP or cardstock in the middle and filling it with crystal effects, or putting ribbon around the brad. These are great, I hope they are in the new catalog!

Beth Beaty

Thanks for a chance to win - I'd love to try the grommets with a build-a-brad iin the middle. I love your blog!


Cherie Gibson

Wow! Your card is gorgeous! I love the look of the jumbo grommets! There are so many things you could do with them. I saw some designer buttons that would look great and also might try rhinestones!


Very kewl--so many possibilities!
How about placing a grommet on top of a large flower--so the grommet would be the center?
These would look super in all sorts of bright summery colors.

Susan H.

Love your card!! Not to be a copy cat, but I would also use a build-a-brad in the middle.

Thanks for the chance to win.
Susan H.

Robin S Boyer

I just used the grommet for the first time last week. I had pulled up the two ends of the ribbon thru and tied a knot. But i's sure the clear or colored fire brads would be great too.

kristina seymour

I love the idea of using ribbon in the center. I may have to buy build a brads so I can use with these.

Kristina seymour

Mary R

I was terrified of mine too! I asked my upline (Joann W. in Huntsville,AL) to show me. She did - still scared! Finally, I tied a knot of ribbon and used a glue dot to stick it in the center of my grommet! Ta Dah! Ribbon will cure anything!


I have lots of jumbo brads, and never used them. I had absolutely no idea what to do with them, much less, putting something inside of them. I loved looking at all the responses you got, I hope to try them soon.

Diane Sharp

Thanks for the tutorial, looks like fun. I would probably use a bunch of my buttons that I have been stashing. They look like lots of things would work. Bling is always good.

Terri E.

What a great idea to use a buid a brad in the center. I haven't purchased any of those yet, but I would love to get my hands on a set LOL!

It's a good life!
Terri Trotter Earley

Lori Franklin

I have been afraid of them as well! Now, I want them!


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