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Happy Anniversary you two! Have a great day!

Vicki Callier

Patti, that is too funny! But at least he went to the market.

Happy Anniversary.


That's too funny! My hubby is a health nut so he'd come back with brown rice, celery and water or some black tea....blech!

Happy Anniversary Patti - I think hubby was trying to tell you you're sweet! :)

kathy b.

are we married to the same man? lol. love your blog. happy anniversary.

Cindee Wilkinson

Thats why I don't let my husband go to the store. He buys junk and doesn't care how much anything costs. I also don't let him to laundry. He thinks everything should be washed in HOT water. Shrunk my robe 4 inches one year.

Happy Anniversary! Have a great day together!


This is so true!!! Mine buys junk like this too. So did my Dad...when I was a kid I loved the times he went to the grocery store (like all 2 times - LOL!)


Happy Anniversary. That's a lot of goodies he bought...haha


Ellie Augustin

SHOOT I like his way of shopping! ROFL.. that would be me if I go! ROFL... Happy Anniversary to you both darling!! (((HUGS))

Ad K.

My hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth- he favors chips and crunchy junk food. Did you know that Popscicles are a healthy food group?
Have a Happy Anniversary!


I think your husband is a really "sweet" shopper:-))*hihi*
Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.
Hugs from Germany


Your hubby and mine should be BFF's!! Happy Anniversary!

Cathy Green

Happy Anniversary! We've been married 30 years. And 30 years ago, my dh took the list and went to the store for me. I had one list to get at the cheap store and one list for the meat, because the cheap store...well, it's not a place you want to buy the meat from. Also, being newly married we were on a strict budget. So he come's home, walks in the door, and in a stern voice says, 'Don't you ever let me go to the store by myself again.' I thought, oh no, what have I done?!? (newlyweds are so clueless!) He then said, 'I spent all our budget at the first store and didn't even get the meat!' I looked in the bag and there were twinkies, ding-dongs, candy, chips, cookies. All kinds of 'goodies'... and none of them were on the grocery list! We have laughed and laughed about that since! Somehow we made do that month. We didn't starve, but I don't think we ate very healthy either! Now he goes to the store by himself and I can 'trust' him. LOL

Sue B.

Yum, I like the way he shops! I get snowballs. Happy Anniversary. I'm going on 31 in August.


I have been married 21 years. We just recently retired. My husband does all the grocery shopping and he comes one with one bag just like yours. Of course he does get all the other things on the list. I am so glad he likes to grocery shop. He likes to use the coupons. Enjoy your anniversary.

nancy littrell

Happy Anniversary Patty and DH :-) Twenty Three years is really over the hump! We celebrate our 44th Anniversary in Oct. and it seems like 23 years. Chips and crackers are our junk foods. Snowballs were my fav. as a kid :-) Have a great day!

Lynn  Larson

Happy Anniversary Patty. My hubby and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary on the 7th of this month as well! Enjoy your "treats" with your hubby:))

Heidi Myers

Oh my gosh I absolutely love this!! It's just the opposite in my house. My husband's the "straight-laced" "good" one. Happy anniversary!!

I have a blog award for you over on my blog if you're into that sort of thing.



You just never know what the guys will buy. So many goodies ... yummm.

Happy Anniversary.

Cheryl M

Congratulations! He bought the necessities of life right LOL.

Roz hubby sometimes does the same! Happy anniversary! Ours will be 24 years on the 30th!


That is so funny. Was he going to buy dessert to celebrate? Or did he just go and think 'hmmm, that looks good'? Anhyhow, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!! We will be 19 years in September.

jenn nahrstadt

ha! this happens when i clean out my husband's car trash...only the wrappers are empty! i tell him he's an addict crying out for help...

Brenda Faylee Turner

Being newly divorced, I now know where to go to find my next potential husband - the snack isle at the grocery store! :) I think I will just buy my own snacks instead though:( At least that's my thinking for now... . But, Happy Anniversary to you!

Amy Helt

Glad to know it's not only My Husband who does that! LOL, loved the post! Happy Anniversary!

Diane Beckman

Hi Patty,

My hubby isn't so much for the sweets like the ding dongs, but likes to buy chips, crackers, cookies.
Congratulations for several years of marriage. We recently celebrated 26 years together. Congratulations on your sons recent graduation. I have two down and two left to go.

Blessings, Diane Beckman

GO ERIC!!! I just love what he came home with! TOO FUN!
Congratulations you two!
See you soon!

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