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I wouldn't do this for just ANYONE you understand... buy my dear friend Tina was having trouble finding these new Coconut M&M's in her neck of the woods... so.... I knew where to find them up here and I just HAD to get them for her! :)  I'll be shipping them out on Monday morning :)

M n Ms

If you haven't tried them and you love coconut like Tina and I do.... oh my... you GOTTA try these!

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Tina Lewis

Patty! You are the BEST! You should have heard the gasp! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Martha Beck

Those are SO GOOD!!!!! What a friend you are!


I haven't tried them but coconut M&M's sound yummy!


I just tried these the other day! They taste good...but I was sad to read they had no "real" coconut in them! :(


Ooooh, yum!! Didn't even know these existed! =D

Mary Redford

awww patty you such a wonderful friend!!!


I tried these also just the other day and yes they are great. I also was disappointed that they had no actual coconut in them but they did taste like coconut and chocolate.

Kadie Labadie

Oh my gosh Patty! I thought I was the only one on the planet that had these in her market - They are fabulous! Coconut and Chocolate.....It's like Stamp and Ink! Perfect together! You are one special friend.


not available in this neck of the woods; sound yummy!

Laurie Gibson

I found these a couple of weeks ago at a gas station party store in Mid-Michigan. They are TO DIE FOR !!!!! It takes like an almond joy bar without the almond. I went on the M&M website and suggested they keep this flavor! But, as of right now, they are a limited edition :(

Ida P. Krause

I tried them to here in Wally World. They were pretty yummy but the calories were through the roof (210 per bag) Yikes!


The USA has all the cool treats!
I did not know Cocoanut M&M existed. When I go to the USA I always look for coconut kisses (Hershey) but do not have luck finding them either.
Sure wish all of these products would come to Canada...after all we are neighbours.

Cindee Wilkinson

I never knew they made cocoanut M&M's. Lean something new every day.

Keersten Jensen

Wow. I am going to go find some! You are an awesome friend!!


They have been sited and purchased in Arizona!!!! Our local Walgreens has them. The clerk said people had been buying them by the box full. Even tho they say limited edition, she was told they would be a regular item in the stores in 2 months. Like the others I was surprised at no real coconut, but they do taste like a mounds bar to me. Just saw them this morning when we went in to pick up a RX. Had seen your blog just before we left. The clerk overhead me telling my hubby about your blog and the candy, that she said she had tried them too. So with all this enabling, how could I not try them. LOL.


jules p

they are great. i got a BIG bad at my grocery store. i was so excited!

Sandy in VA

haven't seen these in VA :( sounds good --I'll keep an eye out for them -- thanks for the info -- Sandy in VA

Shona Watson

I have tried them, and I concur! ha ha! What a nice friend you are!

Leslie Jones

What a cute notebook! I can't believe that the dressed up BAB looked so nice!! Not childish AT ALL!!
Super cute. Thanks for sharing!

mary jo

Haven't seen them but will be anxiously awaiting their arrival after reading such good reviews! Thanks for all you share! Mary Jo


Thanks for the recommendation! I saw the cocnut M & Ms and snatched them up because of you. YUM!


These are SO yummy! I recently had the opportunity to try them on a visit to Minneapolis (we are in Canada) and SO wish I could get more!!!!

Maybe an idea for Blog Candy Patty???

Kathy Brown

WAAAAA.........I want them. I have not sited them in the Nashville, TN area as of yet!!! I will keep the vigil up on trying to locate them. Thanks for sharing all you do on your blog. YOU ROCK!!

Kathy Brown

Cindy Major

This is intriguing!!! I have never seen such M&Ms before... I'll definitely keep an eye out for them to try 'em out!



Oh wow...I didn't know they had such a thing! I LOVE coconut!!! Yummy!

Donna Comet

Can't find them, crave them, and wow are they good. Please help me find them
I live in Watertown NY and my Daughter lives in Spring Hill Florida and I want to have her try them, know she will like them,
no "LOVE THEM" like I do!!

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