Stampin' Up! Convention 2009 - fave swaps pt 1
Stampin' Up! Convention 2009 - fave swaps pt 3


Brooke S

Ah thanks Patty... Glad you liked the card.. It's always so fun to see you and watch you receive all the rewards for your hard work..

p.s. Angie's pirate card is one of my all time favorite swaps as well.

Kirsten Kennedy

Patty love to keep up to date on your blog! I have nominated you for a creative blog award today.


Thanks for sharing your swaps... I esp. like the hamburger one!

Maureen Stivala

wow...thanks for sharing your swaps...{sniff sniff}...just one more part I missed of convention...oh well, just goes to make some HUGE inspiration to get my butt there next year, God willing! LOL

Jenni Ingerick

Lots of great ideas!

Cheryl M

Wonderful swaps Patty! I love the way Richard added some glitter to the saying on the front.

Angela McKay

I'm so flattered that you liked the card Patty...I'm looking forward to seeing you again at Founder's Circle.


I am glad you liked my hamburger card. I feel honored that it is on your blog. Also, thanks for the autograph. Annie came clean that she put you up to it. :)

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