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It really cool here in Indiana.
Our tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini are not doing well at all because they like hotter weather.

It's been between Low 70's and rarely high 80's the past month here.

I hope it cools down for you all.

Kathy Berger

Officially 104 here in Livermore yesterday... today is much more reasonable!

The rest of the week should be fairly pleasant. Hope it is the same for you!

Wanda Johnson

Your roses do look hot! It's 65 degrees here in the Chicago suburbs today with a predicted low of 40 degrees tonight! August 30???? But, I much prefer this to the HOT weather...hope your roses get cooler weather soon, Patty.

Melanie Hopes

that is sad to see your roses looking just like mine do all summer. I only get the really pretty ones for about a week or two in the spring and then a week or two in the fall.

Hope it cools down soon for all of us.

Here is to a long and beautiful fall season!!!!

Kay Sha

I'm so sorry to hear about your roses. I do really hoe we have a cooler fall!


So sorry about your roses - here in the midwest we could use some warm weather to finish our crops. Rain and warm weather that is. Our summer has been wonderful for people but our crop needs some more warmth to finish it before it freezes. I know, you don't know what freeze is - right? LOL! That is ok. I check your website daily! Take Care!

Michelle VanWiggeren

Hoping the cooler weather today will help your beautiful roses perk up again. This weekend was definitely TOOO HOT . . . we took our boys to Gilroy Gardens on Saturday, not realizing it'd get up to 106 while we were there! Yikes!

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