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Tutorial: Altered Textured Impressions Folder!! You are going to love it!

Strap on your seatbelt and helmet... let's go for a ride.. you are GOING TO LOVE THIS!!

Read all the way to the end for a CUSTOMER INCENTIVE and BLOG CANDY!

Do you know how to get this lovely blank oval area using the Stampin' Up! Textured Impressions Embossing Folders???

Emb folder oval tree

Normally when you use one of the Impressions Folders you get an all over textured impression like this:


But I got a cool swap at Convention from Betty Kincannon who learned this technique from this blog here and here.  I wanted to try this with our Stampin' Up! Impressions folders, and I knew you'd want to see a tutorial, so I modified the instructions to use my Stampin' Up! products and I eliminated a few of her steps to suit my needs.... HERE YOU GO...

Step 1

Step 2

(wood template info at bottom of post)

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Then you get THIS!!

Emb folder after


Emb folder supplies

I used these frames from a national craft store chain.

Emb folder wood frame

UPDATE.... so I'm thinking this morning.... Why not make my own template/frame?!? I think we could use our Stampin' Up! Chipboard sheets, and any Big Shot die, and cut an opening in a rectangular piece of chipboard and make our own frame... need to give it a try when I get home this afternoon!!  Let me know if you try it!

This will work beautifully with the following Textured Impressions Embossing Folders:

  • Petals A Plenty, mini catalog pg 21, #116824, $7.95
  • Finial Press, catalog pg 195, #115963, $7.95


I will send a FREE WOOD FRAME TEMPLATE to the first 5 customers who place an ON LINE ORDER through my website (HERE) of $50 or more and include at least ONE Impressions Embossing Folder!


I will send a FREE wood frame template to 3 randomly drawn comments on this post, deadline: Friday, Sept. 11, 6pm CA time.   Comment must include full name and email address in your comment.

OK>> now back to my 125 Swaps using this technique for my upcoming Founders Circle Trip next week!!

Emb folder FC prep

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Rebecca W

That is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

Monica Massanyi

this is really a neat idea - can't wait to try it

This is a great idea! I can't wait to try it!!!
Theresa Grdina

Sherri Wilson

That is really cool!! Thanks for sharing.
Sherri Wilson

cheryl miller

Patty, what an engenious idea. I can't wait to try this, I will have to see if I can find those frame in my local craft stores, I don't remember ever seeing them, but I will look again. I love your site and all your great ideas you show us, I visit your site every single say. Thanks for sharing and caring. Cheryl

Kadie Labadie

Patty: It took me two times to read the instructions-but how "Easy Peasy"! Thanks for the blog candy opportunity. LOVE your blog - and all your fabulous ideas! Kadie

Katy Z.

Patty, what a fantastic idea! I love your card and I will be trying this at home. Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck on making all those swaps and congratulations on Founder's Circle. Have a great trip.

Cathy Hone

I just love that look! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try it. I have always liked the cards with an area in the middle sponged , then an image stamped over it and this seems to mimic that idea.

Patti Corriere

I love using the embossing folders. This just adds another element to my card making. Thanks for all the great ideas on your blog.


Thanks for sharing what is the most interesting & creative idea presented in some time. 125 people will be thrilled with your card design & asking how you did it. Now onto the blog candy....

Jolene Vitorino

I don't think i have ever seen these at my local craft store, but i will definitely be on the look out now! I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!


Another awesome idea Patty. Thanks for sharing.

Neppie Hay

Hi Patty, What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your talent with everyone.
Neppie Hay

Deb wood

What a great idea! I can already think of lots of ways to use this technique. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Menser

Hi Patty,
This is absolutely devine. I cannot wait to try this technique and it opens up so many possibilities doesn't it? Thankyou so much for the opportunity to win a template to try this technique.


Now this is one creative idea. I just love the look of this too. Thanks for a chance.
stampincmeyers at yahoo dot com


What a great idea! Why didnt I think of that?lol Thanks for sharing

ana shirkey

WOW, this is great!
Thanks for sharing.

Kathy T

Well, isn't that brilliant! Can't wait to try it.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda Miller

Thanks again UDI Sis! You come up with the most awqsome tips for creating and making use of our products. Hugs, Linda :)

Kath Ricks

Wow that is so cool!


A really innovative idea on creating embossed frames on cards without much work.


What a super idea! Thanks for sharing how it is done. Now to find the wooden frames! jmniffer

jmniffer at comcast dot net

Nan Goerlitz

Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this. It makes perfect sense when I see it in action. Now I need that new embossing folder in the Holiday Mini Catalog!

Debi Pippin

Very cool Technique. Wow you have been busy with the 125 swaps. That is amazing and I bet you get some really great ones back. Oh how I love seeing all the ideas I brought back from convention. So inspiring. I bet they will all be happy to get yours.
Debi Pippin

Melissa Brown

Patty, thank you for sharing this fabulous tutorial! I cannot wait to try this technique!!

Melissa Brown

Dawn Griffith

Oh my gosh I love it!! and YAHOO I will get one of your swaps .I Can't wait to see younext week girlie :)
Your swaps are Fabulous!!
Dawn Griffith

Melanie Hopes

Very cool! I wondered how you all got that blank space.

Have fun at founders circle!


Sharon Roeder

Patty - what a great idea! I just got that embossing folder, too! I will definitely be experimenting with this technique for my next stamp club meeting!

debbie essay

Thanks so much for sharing this great idea....Now I need to go to a craft store and find these wood templates !!!
Debbie Essay

Patti Pennock

I LOVE this technique. I wish you could tell where you got the frames. I know you cannot witht he new rules, but Stampin Up does not sell any of those frames. So why can't you tell where you got it. But I understand the rules. Thanks for your website. I go to it almost every day. Thanks again.

Eileen McClean

Way to go Patti,will have to head out shopping to look for those frames.Thanks for sharing.Enjoy your trip,I am sure it is going to be fantastic.


What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing.
Deborah Mercer

Roberta Layton

Wow, I read your blog daily and always get great ideas, but this one takes the cake. Can't wait to try it and I have a class tonight, so I HAVE to wait!!! Thanks for all you share with us.

Mickey Tait

This is so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Christi Ambrosius

I love this - thanks so much for sharing. Looks like I'm off to go shopping! Love all your great ideas!

Nancy Powell

This technique is way too cool! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a safe trip. Nancy

carol marbach (udi)

this is just gorgeous. wow!!! xoxo

cheers ~ carol marbach (udi)
(email on the diva site)


Oh, my gosh Patty! This is this neatest idea! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Jennie Fetz

WOW... that is soooo cool. Can't wait to try it when I finally get all the tools. Have the BigKick already and will be ordering with Suzanne in October! YEAH...can't wait to play. Thanks for sharing this technique with us!

Darlene L

Thanks for sharing the idea. I can't wait to see your finished card. Your instructions are always so easy to understand.

Darlene LeMar
djstamper2003 at yahoo dot com


That is amazing! Thanks for sharing. This would be great to see in person. How thick are those frame templates?

Michelle T.

Ooooh! VERY COOL IDEA! I love this and the next time I'm in town I'll be getting a wood frame to try it! SO cool!

Have a great trip, too! I know that everyone getting a swap from you will!


Your card is beautiful. That makes the embossing look awesome. Thank you for the instructions-can't wait to try it.

Traci Howard-In

Erin Mileur

Wow! Cool!!! I find MORE everyday that can be done with the bigshot. Thanks!!
Erin M

Charlene Godsave

That is way to cool. Will have to definately give this one a try. Now to find those frames! Thanks Patty for the great ideas.

Heather Arsenault

Patty, thanks for sharing this fantastic idea and showing us how to do it.
gilles dot arsenault2 at sympatico dot ca

Cindy Jellison

Love the idea...seems easy enough to try and demonstrate. just need that template :)


what a fabulous idea! I know what I'll be trying for my next set of swaps!

Thank you!

Michelle Hanway

Chris Kolly

Patty, you are always such an inspiration! I will definitely be showing my customers this awesome idea. THANK YOU!
Chris Kolly


Oh Patty - This is divine! I really want one of those oval wood frames and I hope we have the same 'national brand store' here in Canada. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea!!
Carol Matthews

Tammy Howell

Well that is impressive! I love this tip. If I don't win, I will need to go get some of these. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.


Very cool and easy to follow tutorial! That's a lot of fun looking swaps you've started. :)

Aimee Gandara

Lauren Y.

Wow! Patty, this is SO clever! And create such an unique look!!
125 is A LOT to make, but I am sure you will have fun meeting those founder circle members. Can't wait to see what you brought back to share with us. Thank you!

Lauren Yang

Juli Smith

Love this Patty! Thanks for making it SU! for us and sharing the tutorial.

Juli Smith

Debbie Bartak

Awesome, please include me in the drawing. Love it.....

Debbie Bartak

Kelli Waters

Patty, this is just wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I'm going to have to find some time to get myself some of those wood templates ASAP!

Nancy Wong

Patti, that is a great idea. Never would have thought you could fit a wooden frame through the BigShot. Now, do you use a stamp-a-majig or eye-ball it to stamp the image in the center?
Nance in Reno

Pam B.

What a great idea! I can't wait to get the Big Shot and try some new techniques! Thanks for sharing all your great tips!

Pamela Braaksma

carolyn s

OMGosh! Patty, this is absolutely awesome! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing this technique with us. And thanks for all the inspiration you give. You are a wealth of inspiration for me.

Lillian Sockwell

wow! Patty, you always come up with the coolest stuff!
Lillian Sockwell

Cheryl Letner

That is like so way cool! Patty, you always share the most awesome ideas! Thank you so much! Have fun on the Founders Circle trip!

Jenifer Phillips

What a great technique! Thanks for sharing!
Jenifer Phillips

Jenn Diercks

Patty, This is fabulous! What a cool technique to try out with the Big Shot. I love these folders and have all 3 of them from the catalog and this makes them even more versatile. Now I need the Holiday mini one too!

Nancy Cloud

This is really neat; I want to try it.
Thank you

Nancy Cloud

Chris Austin

I love them, Patty. You have opened up a new world for us all. They are so elegant!! I have the embossing folder, but I don't have the wood frame. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. Love new ideas!!

Tana Conley

Wow, Patty, this is awesome! Thanks for doing this! I'm going to have to try this one out!
Tana Conley

Suzi Ferguson

That is so AWESOME!!! I love it!! I'll have to stop & find a frame

Renee Carpenter

i wish i had your creativity just for one day. beautiful!!!

Sue Kempter-Miller


As always you share the coolest techniques. What would we do without you? Can't wait to try this!
Sue Kempter-Miller

dianne shiozaki

it is just utterly amazing and awesome at the ideas that are shared!!! this is fantastic

Kimberly Johnson

That is definitely a WOW. I can't wait to try it. You are always such a great inspiration....thank you!

Wanda G

That is so cool!! Thanks Patty!! What a neat idea!

Greetings from LA this week. Hope all is well with you.


Charlotte Hollingsworth

This is awesome. I was wondering how this was done. Thanks for inspiring us everyday.

Debbie Flattum

These embossing folders never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing this technique, Patty. Another reason to go to a craft store. Yikes!

Monika Davis

Thanks Patty for showing us how to do this. And I think I may even have one of those wood frames in my stash - I'll have to look and give it a try.
Monika Davis
my blog:
my email:


great tip....can't wait to try it out!

Jen Stewart

WOW! That sounds so easy! I can't believe it! Thanks so much for the idea! AND the Tutorial!

Debi Engle

Love this!!!...I don't have that folder yet but it will be on my next to find a craft store with a wood template..I live in the boonies!

thanks so much for sharing all that you do!!

Debi Engle
Eufaula, OK


wow - very cool - thank you for sharing this technique!

Jan Farring

WOW - as usual you have shared something that is just beautiful. Thanks, Patty. You are my inspiration

Jan Farring

Ro Donner

What a great idea! Can't wait to try it!


This is a definite WOW. I use embossing folders all the time and I'm so excited that SU is finally selling them AND they are the size of an A2 card. Thanks for the great tutorial! :)


Patty, you rock! Thanks for sharing that....Nicole, NC

Tammy Smith

Patty you are sooo creative! thanks for always sharing with us!

Jane Mykleby

Nice..thanks for sharing. You are enabling more SU shopping-love it! Thanks. Jane

Diane Gibson

Patty, I just LOVE the way you always think outside my box. I love all your tutorials and tips. They always inspire me to find new ways to use SU products and stretching me as a demo. Keep doing what you do, you're a blessing to all of us!
Diane Gibson

Lori Franklin

How fun is this! Would love to win one and give it a "shot" myself!



Rhonda Prater

That's a great idea Patti. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for all the inspirition you give us.

Wow, this is a very cool technique. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Good luck with your swap!

Vanessa Terrell

Jackie VanSickle

I got this swap also but was clueless how to duplicate it. Thanks for sharing this.

Stamp Out of It! It's an attitude

Georgann Ganas

Your ideas are always a "WOW"! Love your projects and your upbeat attitude. Thanks for sharing!
Georgann Ganas

Georgann Ganas

Your ideas are always a "WOW"! Love your projects and your upbeat attitude. Thanks for sharing!
Georgann Ganas

Connie usual this is AWESOME! I also got one of Betty's swaps, but never thought to ask her HOW she did it! Thanks for the Stamp Club will be doing this if I can find a template! (or maybe I'll win one! lol!) Wow...that's a lot of swaps, too! Busy girl!

Connie Babbert

Lianne Carper

Very cool idea Patty - thanks for showing us.'re making 125 of the same card? You're gonna have Big Shot elbow!

Have fun!

Lianne Carper
lianne at cardscraps dot com

Cindy Major

The Big Shot Queen still rules! Patty, you always share the best Big Shot tricks! I could never have figured this one out on my own...


Cindy Major

Amy Fink

Thank you for sharing Patty!! I am going to try this technique for my holiday card class I'm doing next month. Perhaps for some baby shower invites, too. Your swaps will turn out great.

Amy Fink
Duluth, MN

judi szyndrowski

This is sic! Thanks for sharing. I must run straight out and get a template.
Judi Szyndrowski

Cindy Cook

What a cool idea. I will have to try this with all my embossing folders!!

Mary Jo Price-Williams

Man this is a DUH moment. Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

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