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Tutorial: Altered Textured Impressions Folder!! You are going to love it!

Strap on your seatbelt and helmet... let's go for a ride.. you are GOING TO LOVE THIS!!

Read all the way to the end for a CUSTOMER INCENTIVE and BLOG CANDY!

Do you know how to get this lovely blank oval area using the Stampin' Up! Textured Impressions Embossing Folders???

Emb folder oval tree

Normally when you use one of the Impressions Folders you get an all over textured impression like this:


But I got a cool swap at Convention from Betty Kincannon who learned this technique from this blog here and here.  I wanted to try this with our Stampin' Up! Impressions folders, and I knew you'd want to see a tutorial, so I modified the instructions to use my Stampin' Up! products and I eliminated a few of her steps to suit my needs.... HERE YOU GO...

Step 1

Step 2

(wood template info at bottom of post)

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Then you get THIS!!

Emb folder after


Emb folder supplies

I used these frames from a national craft store chain.

Emb folder wood frame

UPDATE.... so I'm thinking this morning.... Why not make my own template/frame?!? I think we could use our Stampin' Up! Chipboard sheets, and any Big Shot die, and cut an opening in a rectangular piece of chipboard and make our own frame... need to give it a try when I get home this afternoon!!  Let me know if you try it!

This will work beautifully with the following Textured Impressions Embossing Folders:

  • Petals A Plenty, mini catalog pg 21, #116824, $7.95
  • Finial Press, catalog pg 195, #115963, $7.95


I will send a FREE WOOD FRAME TEMPLATE to the first 5 customers who place an ON LINE ORDER through my website (HERE) of $50 or more and include at least ONE Impressions Embossing Folder!


I will send a FREE wood frame template to 3 randomly drawn comments on this post, deadline: Friday, Sept. 11, 6pm CA time.   Comment must include full name and email address in your comment.

OK>> now back to my 125 Swaps using this technique for my upcoming Founders Circle Trip next week!!

Emb folder FC prep

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Liz Miller


What a brilliant idea! Thanks for the clear step-by-step instructions too! I can't wait to play now.

Kelly Skidmore

I think I received the same swap at Convention and I never imagined that would be the way to do that! I was definitely stumped! Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Skidmore

Clara Sanchez

Patty this is a great technique! Thanks for the awesome tutorial - I think I'll go get some of those frames today so I can try it myself. Thanks so much. Clara

Teresa Hafso

Wow that is just super awesome. I am going to try that. Now I too need to go and find it at 'you know where, Mls'. Just another beautiful way to use our Stampin' Up' stuff. Yippeee!

Sue McNeill

Fabulous! I visit your site every day and ALWAYS learn something new. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!


Amanda Harbison

What a cool idea! I will be hunting for wood frames at my craft stores this week for sure! Thanks for sharing with us.

Amanda Harbison

Melanie Evans

Hi Patty - what a GREAT idea and such a pretty result!! Melanie Evans,

Traci Perrault

Love this idea Patty! I haven't tried the embossing folders yet, but now I'm inspired!

Traci Perrault

Lois Allen

Wow! What a great idea. The embossed image is so distinct! Love it. Can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for sharing. Love your ideas.


Patty, you always share the coolest things. No need to add me in the drawing....just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for sharing.
Hugs and smiles

Sherry Conrad

What a beautiful card! Did you do all 125 with one wood template. Guess I need to goto Micheal's and see if they have wood template. Can't wait to try it.

Sherry Conrad


LOVE ! LOVE ! this technique! Thanks Patti for sharing.
Susan Beranek

Sharon Caillier

Oh My, I love this technique. I'm going to try it as soon as I figure out how to do it without the wood thing. I've never seen it before.
Thanks for sharing

Elizabeth Vollmer

Wow...this is amazing! What a cool technique...can't wait to try it out. It is so elegant, yet you have a single layer card which is so easy to mail. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Elizabeth Vollmer
craftymom1985 at yahoo dot com

Lela Meinke in Rocklin CA

Patty, I am so grateful for you and your knowledge and your willingness to share! This is a great tip. LOVE IT! Gorgeous card. LOVE IT!

Lela Meinke in Rocklin CA

My e-mail address didn't publish in that last comment. Lela Meinke


What a fantastic option for the folders! Thanks so much for showing it to us, patty! And thanks for the chance to win!


Sharon Caillier

Thanks so much for the update!!


Wow, this is such a cool technique, thanks for taking the time to show and explain this. Now I have to go find myself a template to try.


Wow, that's amazing Patty. I will definitely have to try this! Wonder if I can make some in time for Cincinnati this weekend? hehe

Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie :)


Oops, here's my info IN the comment:

Bobbie Lawrence

Thx again! :)

Beth Tetzlaff

How wonderful!! What a great idea. I love this and am totally going to use it. Thank you for sharing. I check your blog nearly everyday and love it!!!

Wanda Clasen

Thanks so much for sharing! This technique has incredible possibilities!
Wanda Clasen

Cula Parker

That's is AMAZING!!!! I'm hitting the craft store tomorrow morning. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tory B

That's ingenous, Patty. I'm sure you're right about the chipboard. I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jill Kelley

This is soooooo cool - I can't wait to try it out - thanks so much for sharing you are AWESOME!

jill kelley
jillandmarkkelley at msn dot com


As always, I learn something amazing from your blog!! This is so cool! Can't wait to try it :)

Michelle Webster

That is awesome! I can't wait to share that with my customers. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Cari Stark

That is really cool. I'm gonna have to try this in my workshops!!!

Charlotte Brown

Wow, this is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Hunt

Thanks Patty.. This will be one of my techniques for tomorrow night!! Have a blast at Founders Circle!!

Jan Hoyt

Patty, as usual you are an inspiration! Or, in "stampin' terms", YOU ROCK! Thanks for sharing and yes, I agree the SU chipboard or balsa wood would do just fine for the frames. I was just at WallyWorld today and could have picked one up but better to teach a stamper how to fish than send her to a nat's chain store, right? lol! Thanks for sharing...I love this! Had been trying to figure out how to use the full embossing folders and not have to layer it to death. OOOH, can you just see this with the Top Note die??? Jan Hoyt

Leslie G.

I love this - thanks for sharing how to make it.


Patty, your card is beautiful! Thank you so mcuh for all of your amazing tutorials. I have tried many new things because of you. I always look forward to reading your blog every day.

Jessica Ford

Melissa F.

Wow - what a fabulous idea. Can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.
Melissa Flieg


Great technique! I was thinking of putting a solid piece of wood or plastic in the center where I did not want the impression, but I can see now why that would not work! Great new technique I have NEVER seem before - that is becoming rare! Thank you!

Kelly Acheson

Once again Patty - you stand out from the rest!!!!

Joyce Spear

Absolutely brilliant!! I've been trying to figure out how to do this for days, and here you have it all spelled out for me! Thank you!

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at aol dot com

BettyAnn Arrasmith

This is just too cool. I can't wait to try it and you are right about making our own templates! Love your blog. Thank you for the opportunity to win the blog candy.
BettyAnn Arrasmith


Patty, what a cool idea. I love it and will be trying it myself. It certainly gives more versatility to all our embossing folders. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing this great technique

Pam Stewart

Wow!! How cool is this?!! Thanks, as always, for sharing w/us! I have a return to make at a national craft chain so I'm going to look for these wood templates today!! Can't wait to try it out!!


Please pick me...this is totally awesome. I had a dream about this but I couldn't think about how to do it! Thank you for answering my dream! :) kt

Judy Lucas

This is a really great idea for a beautiful card. Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Glenda Mollet

You are always such a great source of inspiration and new techniques. Thanks so much for sharing so much with us!

Becky Jensen

Thanks for sharing Patty! I bet it's keeping you busy doing all those swaps! Wish I could go to Founders Circle to get one! :)

Becky Jensen

Sue Mac Donald

Patty--thank you for another inspirational technique----do you ever sleep? You totally amaze me!!

Robin Messenheimer

Definitely will try this out this week. I'm trying to think of all the other shapes I could use :)


Lori Lauterbach

What a super-neat technique. Imagine all the possibilities. I can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Dania Welch

Hi Patty,
I love this idea and look forward to receiving your card at Founders' Circle next week. I keep working on my blog and hope that it will be great like yours someday! I keep trying! See you soon.
Dania Welch

Kendra Koch

I love it! Very neat idea, can't wait to try it, thanks for sharing it with us!

Kendra Koch

Sabriena S.

Patty, I love this idea! And will defiantly be trying this at home. Thanks for sharing!
Sabriena Satchwell
Ps - Congratulations on achieving Founder's Circle. :-)
Have a great trip.

Shelley Papenfuss

I lov e all your creations! Keep'em coming!

Lisa Freeman

yippee! I am going to get one of these cards next week! I wonder if we could make our own templates from our wood sheets or chipboard using the big shot dies?? Then we wouldn't have to give any money to those craft stores. LOL!

Dawn Bullock

Super fabulous!! Thanks for sharing - I love this!

Trish Youmans

Love this... Pick me!
Trish Youmans

Laura Thorpe

This is such a great idea! I am going to have to try this.

Laura Thorpe


Patty, This technique is co sooooooool! I had not seen it before, I lovine using my big off to try it. I'll let you know how it all ends up!

Sherry Hostetter, Texas

Carole Baquet

I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing your and everyday!

Mary Robinette

Amazingly creative. I think I will try and cut a template from the Stampin Up woodsheets. This is a great idea that will influence some of my creativity. Thanks for the idea.


There you go again, making my jaw drop! Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!


I LOVE how much you think out-of-the-box and give us diehard SU'ers such great inspiration!

Liz Goldhawk

wowowowowow!!! LOVE this, and I'm so going to try it with a chipboard cutout (cut with another Big Shot die). Thanks so much for the tutorial!


Wow this is great! Love the way it turns out. Thanks and good luck with all your swaps.

Shila Ingram


You are my idol!!! Totally fab idea!

Kerry Schwenneker

GREAT idea Patty! I wonder if we can make our own frames with our wood sheets??? I'll have to play around with them and try it out! Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl Kincaid

I'm so excited to try this technique...thanks for sharing!

Sheryl Kincaid

Lisa Lin

Patty, You are absolutely brilliant. I love it and can't wait to try it.

Michelle DeShon

I LOVE THIS! I have just ordered my first embossing folder and can't wait to try this out! Thanks for sharing!

Robyn Correa

Fantastic idea Patty. It looks so elegant with the folder and stamp set you used as your sample! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing.

Robyn Correa

Karen T

Your card is so beautiful. I love all your work and appreciate your tutorials. I miss stamping with one of your downlines, Louise.
I will certainly try this card!
Karen Tenney

Melanie H.

How neat! I love it!


oh ... my... gosh. I would never have thought this was possible. Way to go, Patty. We're so fortunate to be able to get all this creativity right into out homes. Thank you so much for sharing, can't wait to see what you're up to at Founder's Circle!


there is a lot more information about this technique using the Big shot here She says the frames are available at Michaels.

Kerry Schwenneker

whoo hoo Patty it worked! So I took your suggestion and used the cardboard that comes in our catalog boxes (at the bottom/top) I ran a scrap piece of cardboard thru with my scallop oval die and use the oval cardstock as my guide. Traced it on the cardboard (cut to 51/2 x 4 1/4) and cut the centre oval out, leaving a oval 'hole' in the cardboard. I made 2 of them and glued them together. I followed all your directions and it worked perfectly! Now for those of us that can't find the wooden ones at the craft store we can make our own!
Thanks once again, Kerry


OMG Patty you made 125 of these....all those turns with the big shot !!!

Beautiful card....I hope I win one although I live in the UK so probably not.


Brandy Whisman

Patty you have such great and wonderful stuff, love to check each day and see what new and fun stuff you have to share. Thank you for being such a great inspiration.
Brandy Whisman

Janis Fox

So clever! I love it! You are always inspirational. Janis Fox
jnsyr at yahoo dot com.

Marcia Hutton

I love this. I couldn't wait to try it, so I made a template from balsa wood and I am having fun trying different embossing folders. Thank you so much for sharing. Cannot wait to show my stamp club,

Jean Stayton

Fabulous idea, thanks for the tutorial
can't wait to try this


Cynthia Ferenz

Wow! How cool is that! I love this! Thanks for a chance to win the wooden template.
Cynthia Ferenz

Beverly DeNovellis

Patty, Thanks for sharing this great idea. I love your blog. Beverly


HOW COOL IS THIS TECHNIQUE!! Thanks for sharing!!

Susan Beranek

Tamara Ruth

Thank you again for sharing an awesome idea.

virginia killmore

awesome ! can't wait to try it!

Venessa Barber

Love that idea! I also am loving your cute creations with the bears! So adorable!

Karen Broen

Thank-you so much for sharing this!!! It's such a GREAT technique.

Ad K.

How cool is that! Thanks for sharing the tip with us. We all love seeing a new way to use our supplies. Bet your trades will be in big demand and have a great time!

Alisha Linn

I LOVE seeing new ideas with our Big Shot! Thank you so much for the clear directions. I'm a visual person so I appreciate your explanation and photos, Patty.

Alisha Linn forgot my email address and name in my comment. :-)

Alisha Linn

Kelly Kirby

What a great idea! Thanks for inspiring us. :) Kelleast22 @

Nancy  C.

I just love this idea - I can hardly wait to try it! Thanks so much for all your great ideas! I always look forward to reading your blog!

Wanda J.

WOW! Gojus! Thanks for sharing...again!
Have fun at Founders Circle - that's a lot of rolling (125 cards!) through the Big Shot!

Wanda Johnson

Dianne Kozil

Hi Patty, thank you for sharing this great idea.
Dianne Kozil

Denise Thomas

WOW ...this is amazing. I can hardly wait to try this. Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration. Denise Thomas

Marian Jones

Patty - I'm always amazed at the wonderful things you show us. Hope to try this one soon.
:o) Marian Jones

Wilda Cogar

Wow, that's really cool!
I love how you're always willing to share your ideas. Thanks again for sharing that :)
Have fun at Founder's Circle!

Missi Roeber

I've been wondering what to do with those wood sheets, now I know! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial and a beautiful project!

Margaret B

Awesome. I will have to get this embossing folder and try it out! It will make everyone see why they "NEED" the Big Shot!!

Jamie Hintzen

What a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing. A picture is worth a thousand words and you've certainly done that with your great explanation and step by step pictures. Thanks for making it "fun" to learn new ideas. Jamie (

Becky K

Thank you for sharing your creative work! I can't wait to try this myself! Becky K

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