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Tutorial: Altered Textured Impressions Folder!! You are going to love it!

Strap on your seatbelt and helmet... let's go for a ride.. you are GOING TO LOVE THIS!!

Read all the way to the end for a CUSTOMER INCENTIVE and BLOG CANDY!

Do you know how to get this lovely blank oval area using the Stampin' Up! Textured Impressions Embossing Folders???

Emb folder oval tree

Normally when you use one of the Impressions Folders you get an all over textured impression like this:


But I got a cool swap at Convention from Betty Kincannon who learned this technique from this blog here and here.  I wanted to try this with our Stampin' Up! Impressions folders, and I knew you'd want to see a tutorial, so I modified the instructions to use my Stampin' Up! products and I eliminated a few of her steps to suit my needs.... HERE YOU GO...

Step 1

Step 2

(wood template info at bottom of post)

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Then you get THIS!!

Emb folder after


Emb folder supplies

I used these frames from a national craft store chain.

Emb folder wood frame

UPDATE.... so I'm thinking this morning.... Why not make my own template/frame?!? I think we could use our Stampin' Up! Chipboard sheets, and any Big Shot die, and cut an opening in a rectangular piece of chipboard and make our own frame... need to give it a try when I get home this afternoon!!  Let me know if you try it!

This will work beautifully with the following Textured Impressions Embossing Folders:

  • Petals A Plenty, mini catalog pg 21, #116824, $7.95
  • Finial Press, catalog pg 195, #115963, $7.95


I will send a FREE WOOD FRAME TEMPLATE to the first 5 customers who place an ON LINE ORDER through my website (HERE) of $50 or more and include at least ONE Impressions Embossing Folder!


I will send a FREE wood frame template to 3 randomly drawn comments on this post, deadline: Friday, Sept. 11, 6pm CA time.   Comment must include full name and email address in your comment.

OK>> now back to my 125 Swaps using this technique for my upcoming Founders Circle Trip next week!!

Emb folder FC prep

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tonilea snead

Great idea. Would love to give it a try with your frame.
tonilea snead

Nanci Cavill

I am amazed with all the wonderful ideas I find out there in the "world wide web". Thanks so much for your continued inspiration!


What a wonderful idea!!! You sure are giving your Big Shot a workout with those beautiful swaps!!
Kristine Miles

Rosemary Olson

Once again Patty, you are fantastic! Not only thinking up these cool things but sharing them with all of us. Signed a truly devoted follower (don't tell JanTink ;) )


What a great technique - love the stamping area in the middle - will definatley try this one! Thanks

maureen vollaro

ok, it is 12:22 am on 9/11... so I might have missed the cut off... if not, put me in!!! Yeah! I love the tutorial! I will give it a try when I win! LOL
Maureen Vollaro

Diana Gibbs

Patty this is crazy brilliant!

Love it,

Jean Fitch

Thanks Patty for sharing this technique and doing it with pictures! I'd heard about this but never quite got it figured out and now you've done it for all of us. You rock!

Hugs and blessings - Jean Fitch
jlfstudio at (gotta confound those internet finks by not using the at symbol in a post right?)

Sue Davis

I love your work. You have given me so many ideas and new techniques to use. Thanks so much for sharing them, and good luck with your 125 swaps.

God bless,

Sue Davis
Fults, IL

Carol G

I absolutely love this! I would love to be able to do this at my home. Your blog is the greatest.
Carol Grove


WOW what a creative idea! There are so many projects you can do using this method! Thanks as always for sharing. You rock!!

Rene Watson

Wouldn't the wood sheets we sell work, too?? Just use the Big Shot to cut the shape you want, then use them for your template...of course, if the chipboard works, it's probably cheaper. Just a thought!! Thanks for getting my wheels turning!

Martha Ludeking

This is just way too cool!!! Thanks for sharing your tips and talents. This really gets the wheels spinning!

Jeanne Rau

Hi Patty,

This looks totally awesome. Thanks for sharing and your unending generosity. What an neat idea. Have a wonderful time at Founder's Circle.

Blessings and Hugs,

Jeanne Rau Demo #2015333 Phoenix AZ

Ruth Clark

I have wondered for a long time how to have the flat insert so it can be stamped on. Thanks for the info I can hardly wait to try this!

thank you for the freat tutorial. can't wait to try it...


What a neet idea, I never would have thought. Thanks for the inspiration. Linda

Wanda Williams

Patty, this is an incredible idea. I'm just sorry I'm at work right now and can't run to my stamp room and try this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Wanda Williams

Melissa Fenner

I love visiting your blog, so many inspiring projects! Thanks for the chance to win!
Melissa Fenner

Liz Caires

Patty, great idea, you are so clever. Thank you for the wonderful technique.
Angels Camp, CA

Judy Hartis

Patty, I never cease to be amazed by your ideas. This is a great trick and makes a beautiful card. You can adapt it to any occassion. Thanks for your creative ideas. They inspire us all!

Therese Keesling

Thanks for the new idea for my embossing folders!

Therese Keesling


VERY cool! I bet any negative piece from the SU chipboard sheet would work great! A large smooth flower shape in the center around the embossed little flowers would be darling!

Shirley Kramer

When I first saw this beautiful card, I just could NOT figure out how to do this.What a VERY clever person to figure this out! It looks SO professional, I could swear this was purchased in a card shop! No way could we do this....BUT then Patty always shows us how we can INDEED accomplish this, no matter how hard it looks! Hooray Patty!!!

Judi Sparks

Very cool idea. I will definitely have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Souza

Melissa Souza;


Thanks fir sharing this technique with us . It looks great and doesnt seem to difficult to achieve.

Janice Webb

Oh, I want to give this technique a try when I return from vacation!

Marla Greydanus

Tried this with chip board. It works okay but there is a very light impression in the center of the card front. Still was able to stamp over and it is not too noticeable. Great idea.

This will be gorgeous, Patty. TFS

LuAnn Reed

I was happy to find the frame at my local store. I was not able to get the sandwich to go through my big shot, however when I deleted the shim and opened it to tab 2 it worked like a charm! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Daphni Ames

I tired this technique tonight - VERY COOL!!! Even my husband was impressed and said this was cool(and most of the time he just nods when I show him stuff - LOL). This was just what I needed to get back some crafting mojo. Thanks for sharing Patty!

Debbie Lee

That is one slick idea and a great way to make a single layer card look extra special! :)

catherine black

Patty, Just to let you know the chipboard works. I could not find the wood frames and have made my own out of our chipboard. Thanks so much for this.

Catherine Black

Monika Thiessen

Wow. what a great idea...I will have to try it out also! Keep up the great work..and thanks for a chance of winning a template..

Laurie Gibson

Hi Patty,

I made a template using our chipboard long boards and the coluzzle oval. It worked absolutely wonderful. The sandwich that worked best was the multi-purpose platform with both tabs, then the chipboard template, the embossing folder with cardstock inside, and then a standard cutting pad. It turned out beautiful with the large stamp from Gifts of Christmas stamped in the oval. Thanks so much for sharing the technique!!!

Laurie Gibson

Mo Moss

this is awesome. A shopping I will go, I shopping I will go


I don't have a big shot but I would like one. I know somewhere down the road I'd like to purchase one, but seeing this technique makes me want to purchase one NOW. Your cards look so pretty.

Jill Nolan

How cool is that... I wonder if I can make my own template in a circle so it will look like an ornament...


Patty, just had to tell you .... I just tried this and LOVE the results!!! Definitely going to demo it at my next workshop. Thank you for all of your inspiration.

Theresa Smallwood

Patty, you mentioned a SHIM. WHAT is that? Can't WAIT to get home and try this!


I love your info. I have got to try this! Thanks for the candy opportunity.

Lenoria Kelly -

nancy littrell

Hi Patty, I have never seen these wood frames. We live in a small community, but do have a Joanne's. I will have to check there. I was looking at my SU Wood Sheets, but they are probably too thin. If you came up with something besides Chipboard, which I do not have I would be very interested in knowing. I do love the idea of a blank center. TFS Nancy

Roberta Smith

Great idea! I have to go me some templates to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Roberta Smith

Bev Dahl

What an awesome Idea! I can't wait to try this! I want a frame!
Patty, your ideas and tutorials are so inspirational! Love your site!

Thank you so much for this great tutorial Patty. I can't wait to try it out.

Donna Amos

This idea is so cool! These cards are so pretty. Thanks you so much for sharing your talent!

Cheryl Stinson

Love it SUCH a great share and the possibilities are endless with this
one thanks for giving us the idea to
create, explore new ideas, and spread
the joy of art. Cheryl Stinson

Diane DeBellevue

Patty, great idea. Looks awesome. But I think I saw someplace where you could do the same thing but just using an oval or square etc. by putting your c/s inside the emboss folder and than putting the oval etc. shape on top of the c/s. Close the emboss folder and run thru the Big Shot. This will act like the same as the wooden frame. I have not tried this, but I know I saw this on someone's blog while blog hopping.
Think I will check it out.


Das ist ja wirklich wunderbar. und danke für dein Candy.

Liebe Grüße Gisela!

June Knaack

See videos of set of 7 plastic templates that make the unembossed areas
On any embossing folder and works with any machine

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