Printing My Digital Studio cards at 1/2 price!
Happy Halloween


Brenda Cook

Your site is definitely one of my favorites and I learn lots of creative ideas. I follow it faithfully. Keep up the great work.

Linda Budzik

Congratulations on approaching your milestone. I absolutely love your stamping style--I want to make everything you show us!


Congratulations Patty. That is so exciting and I am not surprised. You are one of two blogs that I go to every single day! I have so little time to visit all of the wonderful places out there. I am never disappointed when I come to your blog and your site is so helpful and inspiring. Thank you for all of your time and great ideas.



You shouldn't be surprised, your projects and tutorials are fantastic.

You love what you do and it shows.

Cheryl Sims

Wow!!! I understand why you are so popular. Your tutorials are fantastic and I am really loving the MDS tutorials. I think the time you devote to us readers is all the "candy" we need!!! Thank you so much.
Cheryl Sims

3 million is a lot of hits, but I'm not surprised. Your site is awesome! I'm sure I'm resonsible for a lot of those hits :) Thank you so much for your great site.

Jeannie Barron



Wow! That is so great! Thank you for freely sharing so much!!!

Dianne Kozil

Patti, how utterly fantastic. You site is something I check on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing! Dianne

Sharon B

There is a reason you have been are the advisory board, you are in founder's circle, you are in the top 20 demos of the year, you have won so many trips, etc, etc, etc......
You really give to us all. I love your tutorials and all of the samples and instruction you give to everyone (for free!!! Some would charge for this stuff...thank you :) )
I check your blog every day....I am thinking about giving up being a demo, but will NEVER stop coming and checking you out!
Thank for all you do! WOW!!!! 3,000,000 hits!!!! THAT is alot!!!!!!!!!!!
(You will come up with something great to offer as blog candy....that I am sure of :) ).

Anita Holden

Congratulations! That is an Awesome count!You do a wonderful job! I visit you every day. Just wish you were closer so I could come to your classes or join under you!! Let's see, you could give away your most popular set of instructions (or you could do a basket with the most popular 3 - 1 for each million) or something like that. Or you could give away some of the things you have made (if you have any left!!). How to pick... hmmmm... Maybe throw out a trivia question or two that is on your blog somewhere (so they have to search) and then pick random from the correct answers or to the first correct answer. Or have everyone tell something encouraging that came from one of your posts.
Thanks, Anita (


Way to go Patty!! I visit your site almost every day , you always have the best projects and great tips!! Keep it up.


Awesome Patty!! I am a stalker of your blog also -- never miss a day without checking out what you have created. Thank you so much for all you share.


How awesome! It's no wonder, your blog is great! I check in everyday to see what new things you are up to! I even put you on the sidebar of my blog to have everyone else see your amazing creations!
Congrats on a wonderful accomplishment!

Barbara Parker

This is GREAT....hummmm Blog candy difenite YES..Samples of ribbon, stamp set actually anything SU. Who....I wouldn't object. LOL
Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

Charlene Godsave

Congrats Patty,

The numbers reflect how great you are. :)

Thank you for taking the time to share with us. You are one of my daily stops. Never do I want to miss it since it completes my day! Here's to 3 million more!!



Oooh! Congratulations! How about giving away tutorial and/or class kit?


Hi Patty-
I stalk you daily! I would love for you to share some business nuggets of advice for those of us just starting our SU business. Maybe how to organize a gathering? Thanks for all the sharing you do.

Wanda G

WOW!!!!!! Fabulous-ness. Congrats and kudos to you for a blog well done.


I would love some of your great products as a surprise/blog candy

Wilda Cogar

Congratulations!!!! It doesn't surprise your biggest fans :) When you are so willing to share your wonderful ideas w/ everyone, it makes it easy to want to keep coming back & recommending your site to everyone else too :) I loved your digital notes today & would love to see you give away (anything digital) Thanks again for all you do :)

Katie Hale

Go on a vacation or at least a mini one with your understanding hubby! Then of course, a GIVEAWAY!!! :-) CONGRATS!! Thanks for sharing your talents!!


This is no surprise---you have to be theee most famous gal in blog land!

Mickey Roberts

Congratulations, Patty! 3M hits is a fitting tribute to the awesome work that you do! Woohoo! A good day for me always includes a visit to your blog. Always so upbeat and friendly with lots of great ideas and encouragement.

This momentous occasion definitely calls for blog candy, but how about blog candy for you? What would YOU like??? How about a boatload of [MDS] congratulations cards sent to you?

Lise B

All I can say is congratulations Patty. Your site is so interresting and full of great ideas no wonder you are such a big hit :)

Keep up the great work.
A faithful subscriber.

Amber B.

This couldn't be happening to a better crafter! I *adore* your blog and learn so much from it. Thank you for sharing your ideas and creations with us!


That is a great accomplishment!
We should be giving you presents for all that you do for us - your blog followers!
We appreciate you!


Great site, that's why. I visit every day to get my fill. Thanks

Crystal L.

Wow, I don't think I'll EVER get to that point! Congrats on soo many posts! You do great work, keep it up! :)

Susie Neves-Sousa

Congratulations Patty! 3,000,000 is not an easy feat! You do a wonderful job, and I am proud to say that I am one of your loyal supproters......I visit your blog every day without fail. Thanks for all you do for us paper crafters. You should celebrate the day by relaxing and letting US do something for you....maybe by sharing what we have learned with you. Perhaps we could take a technique we learned from you and apply it to one of our projects and share our results with you. The blog candy should go to the 3,000,000th hit! If that is possible to determine at all on your end. Keep up the great work!

Peggy Maier

Good grief - 3 Million!! That's amazing! Congratulations & thanks for all you do!

Susan Sandmeyer

Wow so thrilled for you!!!

Sonja Hanks


I love your blog! I can't wait to see what projects and ideas that you have posted. I wish I would be half as creative. Congrats on your blog numbers. Anything from Stampin' Up! would be appreciated by any of us. How about some speciality paper or ribbons, or shimmery paint. The list of possibitities is endless.

Now how to choose a winner? Number generator, I don't know.

Wendy Sebas

The first thing you should do is sit back and smile at your accomplishments. The second thing is to sit back and visualize 3,000,000 smiles coming back at you as each of us views your blog. That should make you happy. You are an inspiration to us.
Of course blog candy is wonderful, but you give us a gift every day.My best, Wendy

Gail S.

Congratulations Patty!! I think you should have your hubby take you out to eat this weekend to celebrate. You do a great job and I love to come and visit most every day!

Pat Miletich

I know I am one of them, I check your site out everyday. I love your cards.....congrats on the count. Patm

Debbie Henderson

Yeah Patti!! Great job. I agree with another post that said she felt like she 'stalked' you everyday! I am a fairly new demonstrator and love your ideas. You make me want to succeed and strive to do well. Keep up the great blog!!

Kathy Mc

Love your blog as you are SO generous to share your creativity, and it's quite obvious I'm not the only one. WOW ~ 3M hits is incredible. Blog candy is always enticing. How about a 30% discount toward Stampin' Up purchase? Believe that would also help you toward your next goal. We'll all be anxiously awaiting your momentous milestone!

Kristina seymour

Way to go. 3 million is fantastic just like your blog. Your a great inspiration.


patti moffett

Amazing, well maybe not so amazing. You have created some very special, out of the box cards and millions keep coming back to see and CASE your work. Your generous sharing of your time and talent has helped me personally develop my skills and be able to bless others. So often when I am complimented on a card it is one I have seen on your blog. SO GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG AND KISS FROM ME AND THE OTHER MILLIONS WHO VISIT...IMAGINE WE ARE ALL WEARING THE APPROPRIATELY SU COLORED LIPSTICK AND YOU ARE COVERED!!!!
I am sure whatever you decide on will be appreciated by whomever is blessed enough to win
thanks again and thank your family for sharing you with all of us
patti moffett

Susie Smith

I love your site....I appreciate all the creative sharing that you do for others. thank you for the chance to win your blog as well. What a treat for whomever may win !!!

Susan Hall

I read your blog daily. Congradulations. Wish I lived closer so I caould come to your stamp camps. Suan

Carol guerard

Patty, Congrat's - you share so much with us - here is a great big WOW !!!!I thank you for all your ideas - It will be fun to see what you decide for your candy, anything will be appreciated. What is your favorite candy. Happines, Carol G.

MIchelle Stamps

you have lots of great inspiration. thanks for all you do.


Wow, congratulations!!! It's no wonder though--you have a great blog. I look forward each day to receiving my E-mail update.

Bobbie Flatland

WOW! Great news about my favorite blog! I love your tutorials and kits.....since you are so generous in sharing your ideas with all of us, I think that instead of you awarding prizes etc., we should send you a gift! Sit back and enjoy the deserve it!



Connie in NM

Well.. you do the work, you get the hits.. it all pays off in the long run.!!

Pat Turner

Congratulations! You site is fantastic and you deserve to celebrate. I checkout your site everyday and I am always looking for your updates. Keep up the good work.

Mo Moss

you have such a wonderful site it is no wonder that you have had such a success. All of your correspondence has been full of wonderful ideas, helpful information. great offers, it goes on and on. One of my favorite things to do before I go to bed, is to look at your blog for the day. then it keeps me up way too late!!!!!shame!!!!!


Congradulations Patty! I am so excited for you - you have some wonderful samples and ideas that you share willingly and lovingly here on your blog. Thank you so very much for the inspiration you have given me.


Congratulations Patty. It is very understandable that you would have 3,000,000 hits. You have a great site and wonderful tutorials and you are such a help to the rest of us. Be sure to let us know who the 3,000,000th person is! :)

Jean Stayton

congrats, your blog is fabulous


Congrats, your blog is one of my most favorite ones. I think for a prize(blog candy) you could give away die cuts that you have made, I would like to have some of the daisys but haven't ordered the die yet or you could give a discount on the dies, me likey that idea. Now how to choose the winner OK make it some one from Cromwell, IN that would be a great way to choose(HA!HA!) there can't be to many of us so the picking would be easy.

Betsy Z

Congratulations! 3 million is a nice number, lol...not surprising in the least though! You put a lot of work into this, it's easy to see. Thanks for all that you share! Maybe one of your class tutorials as blog candy? That's a little more personal than just "stuff," kwim? After all, we come here because of you and your ideas, yes? Way to go, Patty! ~BetsyZ

Congratulations Patty! What a milestone! You are the best! Thanks for your constant generosity!

Valarie Florer

Wow!! Congratulations!!! Super blog!

Jackie Hardy

WOW! What a terrific accomplishment and a testament to your wonderful talents! I'm almost sure half of those hits are from me because you offer so many great ideas. Don't ever stop inspiring us out here! It is Halloween and candy is always nice not to mention that it getting real close to Christmas (hint, hint)... just keep up the great work! Thanks for always sharing with us.


being fairly new to the whole 'blogging thing', I must say I enjoy reading by subscription & find it amazing that you are counting into 3 million - congratulations!!! ;) I would be very HAPPY with FREE tutorials as blog candy - what a great way to share & thanks for sharing on your blog - love your projects & ideas ;) R


Congrats! No wonder, like everyone else, I visit daily looking for all the inspiration you are so willing to share. Love your style & creativity. Blog candy...oh, surprise us!

Mindy Andreyo

I think you should: Print all the comments, bind them in a book, take your family to dinner and then read each comment to them and reminisce about each project with them! Sounds like fun huh! Whatever you do, it is great and you do need to reward your self. This is an accomplishment!

Pattie Sykes

Love your blog. Just keep those ideas coming, that will help me celebrate your 3 mil mark!


Susan F.

I love your blog but I do miss seeing your beautiful flowers on your blog banner. I know that it is fall and flowers are going to sleep, but would it be possible to share some pictures of your flowers from your picture archive? Or possibly make a couple pages with the "studio" with flowers to share? Thanks!

Lauren Cole

Holy moly, 3 million hits! Nobody deserves it more Patty, you are a truly phenomenal artist!

Beth Adams

Love your work - congratulations!

Since your expected blog hit is in November, coments should relate to Thanksgiving and what thay are thankful for.

Select the winner using a random generator.

Eileen McClean

congratulations Patty. For your blog candy maybe one of your tutorialsas they would be a great candy.Love your ideas and thanks for all of the help with MDS


Wow this is quite a blog... awesome... love getting your emails of your projects... I wait anxiously for the next.

Patty Mukosey

Woo-Hoo, Congratulations to you Patty!!!
Your site is awesome and I find your blog very inspiring! I wish you lived closer to me but being able to visit your blog (all the time) is the next best thing. Keep up the wonderful work and you are truely blessed with your creativity.

Patty M.


I'm not surprised at the number of people who visit your blog. Your style and tutorials bring me back again and again. You need to celebrate for sure, but all I care is that you keep doin' whatcha been doin' !

Cindy Otto

Congratulations on your 3M. I read your blog every day and love the items you share. Thanks for the tutorials, especially.
I think you should spend a day stamping, just for YOU! I know I don't get much time to do that. Take time for YOU today and thanks so much for sharing.

Nancy Wong

Congratulations on your milestone. No ideas for blog candy or how to select winners, but just wanted to add my warm wishes. I enjoy going to your site every morning.
Nance in Reno

Melanie Hopes

This is so great! You have been such and inspiration to me and I just love seeing the country side around your home and especially your flowers!!!!

Maybe you should consider giving away some of your creations that you have done. It would be great to have one of your cards that you have made or a book or well anything. But be sure to sign it. That would make it even more special. I would love to win something like that.



Patty - I too am one of your faithful blog followers; you have so much to offer and give so much of yourself on your blog. I am so happy for your success as a demonstrator; and I congrats on your 3 million blog hits.


Darlene L

Wowza--such an accomplishment. I would keep it simple--no requirements == just a post and select the winner with random org. This should be a fun time for you and your readers. I am such a happy subscriber.

Marcia Hutton

My day is not complete without checking your site. You already give so much, so I say just keep doing what you do for us. Thank you so much

melissa cooper

wow!! conrat's your projects are wonderful love them thanks for sharing.

Heather W

Congratulations Patty! I read your blog faithfully and love, love, love your work! This may make it harder to pick a winner, but I think that you should have everyone send YOU a card on this day. You pick your favorite card out of all the entries and that is the person that gets the blog candy (I just don't know how you feel about all of us having your address)!

Carey Rogers

WOW! I follow you every day and have been since I found you a few years ago. How about a few of your tutorials for presents or a personal card you have made. It would be so cool to own a Patty Bennett original. How about everyone telling something they have gained from your site? You could just use one of the random pickers that are online.


Barbara V

Wow!! 3 M hits! I think you should come to Las Vegas to celebrate and stamp with all of us here. Really...congratulations!


"Attaboy" Patty!!! Your blog is fabulous with all that you give us! Please know that so many of us love what you do and hope and pray that you continue! Have a big celebration with your closest stamping friends and family and post some pictures so we can celebrate with you!
Many blessings, Sandy


Love your blog and all your cards and tutorials. You've done a fantastic job! My most memorable is the watercolor rose. It's awesome!


I enjoy checking your blog everyday. Blessings to you for your willingness to share so freely. Thanks.

Melanie H.

Congratulations! I really enjoy visiting your site. I try to check daily to see what ideas you have to offer. Great job!


Congratulations on your upcoming 3,000,000. I can understand why and I've done my part to add to the total. You do some really cool stuff.

Maybe just a random shuffle of comments.


Congratulations Patty. I love your blog & visit daily. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas. I am sure whatever you choose to celebrate with will be great.

Sylvia De Jong-Simpson

Congratulations! I'm thinking that it hasn't been that long ago when you hit 1 million and because of word of mouth everyone is "stalking" your blog. I check it everyday that I am on the computer. You give so much and answer questions almost immediately, so when do you have time to do all the wonderful projects and videos that are on your blog? Thank you so much for being so generous with the rest of us. Anything that you offer for blog candy would be appreciated!

Jayne S.

Congratulations on reaching (soon!) another milestone. I'm not surprised though... I have so many stampers who say that they just LOVE your blog and always get so many great ideas. Plus you're always so willing to share what you've learned with the rest of us. Thanks for all YOU do!

Diane M


That's incredible! I've been a regular here for a while now. You have been a great teacher and inspiration. Thank you for always being available to answer questions.

Bring on the Candy! SU credit, stamps, paper, embellies... whatever you'd like. I think random selecting winners is always fair. I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

Diane M
aka detour3

Mary Jo Baird

Thank you for all your ideas and information! Love your site!

Congratulations on reaching THREE MILLION!!!


Well congratulations Patty, I just love getting on and looking at your ideas. I am getting the digital studio. Cant wait. I will be ordering something from you when I get back home. We are in NY visiting kids. Thanks Roxanne


Congratulations. Your blog is one of the three I visit everyday. You have some wonderful cards. Thanks for all the ideas. Maybe a stamp set or blog candy or a tutorial or class kit. Keep up the great work. Malinda


Patty- You're a fabulous inspiration. Thanks for always posting so many great projects!


Kathy Brown

Patti, Congrats on all the hits. Blog candy is such fun but the truth is, every time I visit your blog it's like getting blog candy. Your blog rocks!! It has so many great ideas. I don't know what you need to give away but what ever it is and however you pick the winner but me in the hopper!!


mary jo

You're so sweet and you do such fantastic work! Thanks for all you do. Mary Jo

Tammy Tavares

Congratulations! That is awesome. I totally believe. Your site has been an inspiration and brings much enjoyment to all who look at it. It is so refreshing to have someone so willing to help to bring out anyones creativity and inspire. I look forward to many more. Keep up the awesome job.


Linda H.

Holy Moly, 3 million, that is absolutely fabulous! I know I visit weekly. Your so creative and I love coming back each week to see what you have next. Keep up the good work! Your a true inspiration to others.


Congrats on your great blog. I sure do enjoy your tutorials. Head to make some brayed rose cards now.

diane mcvey

That is just plain incredible!!! WOW!
Congrats to you, I don't know of ANYONE on the planet with that many blog hits! You have achieved QUITE an accomplishment!!!
I have no idea about what to do, but of course we would love blog candy! Use the random number generator, and be sure to number the comment posts so you won't have to count later!! :D

Karen Andrews

Outstaning - congratulations - Your blog has provided tons of inspiration to me and I especially liked your embossing - leave oval - tip - I have used it several times - thanks for sharing.


WOW Patty! That is an awesome milestone - 3,000,000 hits. Dont' know if I've heard of this amount. Congratulations! I love your blog, and you are so sweet to contact us back when we have questions. I think all those trips you get to take are almost 'THANKS ENOUGH". lol bUT for sharing on your blog, maybe ask a few questions that you'd like to know of each of us. I hope you come up with something. I must get to my yahoo account more often for a while, so I won't miss your update on this. Your blog is awesome! Thanks for always sharing with us who do not live nearby you.

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