Luv 2 Stamp Group Christmas Gift Exchange - pt 1
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Luv 2 Stamp Group Christmas Gift Exchange - pt 2

Here are the details on more of the gifts we exchanged at our Luv 2 Stamp Group Christmas party on Saturday...   Elyse made some gorgeous tiles and a candle... they are so beautiful!  Ashley got those.

Elyse tiles candle

Here is Ashley with her 1 pound burger... we all GASPed!! :)

Ashley burger

Elyse made me some tiles as a gift.. they are just wonderful!

Elyse tile 1

Elyse tile 2 

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Gwen Mangelson

the tiles are wonderful- here in Missouri we cannot get the Bottaccini tiles and the ones sold at HD and Lowes have holes to big or are to smooth- very frustrating!
The burger looks amazing and reminds me of home ec class!


1 pound! there is noway anyone should be able to eat that - unless you are a teenager!!! LOL!



Cindy Loven

Patty where I live we have a burger joint called The Hop and they have a burger called The Hubcap, and it has 2 one pound patties on it, and cheese in between them, and it is on a 10 inch bun. In November 2008, my son (who passed away in January of this year) got one, it took him two days to eat it. My husband also got one and he ate his in one night...I have pictures of them both eating their burgers.

Abhishek Jain

Very interesting, thanks for posting the idea.take care friends.

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