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I {heart} Hearts Clear Mount Stamps

DSC00898 copyOK>  I'll be honest... I saw the I {heart} Hearts set on page 14 of the Stampin' Up! Occasions Mini Catalog and thought, "I LOVE hearts... but I have soooooooo many heart stamps.. I don't need another one"... ok.. that lasted a week... THEN I BOUGHT IT ...  :)  

So... can you guess why I did this with some of the stamps from my CLEAR MOUNT I {heart} Hearts set  and my I block ?  (that's the letter i , not the number one).

DSC00899 copy

When you mount several of the clear mount stamps onto one block, you can create a SUPER QUICK BACKGROUND !!

DSC00895 copy

Here is a card we did in my Heart Treat Cups class yesterday using this technique:

DSC00906 copy

For ORDERING info on the card above, check out THIS FLYER for our fun Heart Treat Cups and the Sweetheart stamp set!

and here are 2 more examples made with the heart "background" stamp:

DSC00904 copy
DSC00901 copy
I'm tellin' ya.. what a QUICK CARD this is using that technique!!  whooohoooo!!  I'm LOVIN' my new Clear Mount Stamps!!

I {heart} Heart set: Clear mount - #118571 ONLY $18.95 !!  Wood mount - #117010, $26.95 - see page 14 of the Occasions Mini catalog.

If you are on my customer list and do not have your Occasions Mini catalog yet, please  drop me a line and let me know so I can get one to you.

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Super Cute!


Diane Hover

This is a really neat idea...I have all the blocks, but never even thought of using them for this.....I also have to add that these are the BEST clear blocks I have ever seen or owned..well worth the purchase price of the entire bundle...I love them!!

Nita Ferguson

I just LOVE this card! You did a wonderful job.

Tauna Egan

Wow, I just ran into your site and fell in love. I'm a brand new demo (like 2 weeks) Had my first workshop yesterday. You have beautiful work!




yes, isn't this great; I've done this & was really surprised with the variations that I created; thanks for sharing!

Nola Burkhard

I love subscribing to your blog--here's another GREAT idea!!!


Oh My! No wonder you are so successful...I would have never thought of that! Thanks so much for sharing the idea.

Janet Higerd

Patty - that is a wonderful idea - we will try that Wednesday - we are going to make Valentine cards - faster than getting out the wheels - and the cards are cute!

Shirley Kramer

I too did not think I needed those hearts, but now I'm not so sure!!
Loved it!

Monica Weaver

I love the idea of how you placed them on the block. This just opens up so many possibilities.

Thanks for sharing

Monica Weaver

Carey Rogers

I thought the same thing when I saw the stamp set. I don't need another heart at all. I have enough for every one of your readers. But then I saw what all the wonderful people on LNStampers created. You guessed it. It is on my next order. Thanks (I think) for the wonderful inspiration and helping me make the decision.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy



Are you unmounting and organizing your old wood-block sets? Do you have a system?

Also, I have new sets to be mounted on wood, but I'd like to make them work with the new clear blocks. Any ideas?

I sure would like to switch over to clear, but have seen too many ideas of how to make it work - Aleens Tack it Over & Over, Tack 'n Peel, etc.

Would love to hear your advice!


Great idea! A friend recently did that with a bunch of clear flourishes stamps to create the background she wanted.
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