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Stampin' Up! cruise 2010 - Barbados - day 3

ADSC02742 copy

it's all about RUM on Barbados...

Mt gay rum collage-001 Mt gay rum collage-002

I made the 2 photo collages with My Digital Studio.. just pulled in some quick photos of our Mount Gay Rum Factory tour and voila... instant memories of the day :)   {{{ You can CLICK to make them LARGER }}}


Starting the day off right.... in the dinning room on the Stampin' Up! cruise of course...  nothing like an omelette and blueberry pancakes!  Honestly.... at home... my breakfast consists of a cup of coffee while reading emails.... so you can bet I gained a few pounds on the cruise... ugh!!  :)  (but I think it might have been worth it!)

ADSC02731 copy

We got off the ship (Adventure of the Seas) ... the ship is HUGE.. and the water is the MOST GORGEOUS color of blue EVER...

ADSC02739 copy 

So many wonderful photo opportunities ... it was fun playing around with the camera..

ADSC02744 copy

ADSC02746 copy
These seemed like fitting signs to greet Stampin' Up! demonstrators!!  :)

ADSC02752 copy
In search of a taxi ... no shortage of those!!!

ADSCN1762 copy ADSCN1764 copy

they fit as MANY in the taxi as possible ...  and it was HOT ... "turn on the A/C please!"

ADSC02753 copy

It was off to the Mount Gay Rum Factory for us ...

ADSC02784 copy

We were greeted by this lovely patio with some SHADE !!!!  and a nice gentleman serving Rum Punch...

  ADSC02758 copy

ADSCN1775 copy

LOVED this tree.. we were told on St. Lucia that it's called Fascination... not sure if that's really the name, but it's sure beautiful !

ADSCN1773 copy

 ADSC02786 copy

ADSC02755 copy

ADSC02768 copy

I think this trim looked a bit like a Stampin' Up! punch.....  :)

ADSC02773 copy
  Heading in to the building to learn about making rum..

ADSC02797 copy

 Sniffing the rum.. we learned about 1 year old rum, 5 year old rum, 10 year old rum and 30 year old rum..... it all smelled awefully STRONG to me .. but you can really tell the difference between them when you smell them all one after another .... 

ADSC02806 copy

Now TASTING... it all took my breath away... I'm sure most people appreciated it more... :)  I'm more of a fruity "umbrella drink girl" than a shot girl :)

ADSC02821 copy
Photos were not allowed in the actual factory area.. but it was much like touring a winery here in the Napa Valley area.

Heading back to the ship, Jason was interested in the signs on the cigarettes.. (smoking kills)

ADSCN1796 copy

aaaah.. the ship is in sight.... cool air conditioning... aaaaaaaah.... please... 

ADSC02736 copy
This was across the dock area from our ship ... we were told it has something to do with sugar cane... I thought they might make some really unique condos..

ADSC02741 copy

After cooling off, hanging out, eating lunch, visiting with friends... (ah the life).. dinner time rolled around...

ADSC02849 copy ADSC02855 copy

Jason's steaks...

ADSCN1810 copy

and as always .. beauteous desserts..

ADSC02859 copy 
Tune in tomorrow for Day 4 of the Stampin' Up! cruise!


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Alicia Christian

Those are some great shots! I love some of your pics of the rum bottles and the one of those red and yellow doors.

It looks like you and I have the same breakfast routine. :)


Hi Patty Thanks for sharing this great adventure. So much fun and so little time.

mary jo

I took a cruise about 23 years ago and Mount Gay rum has been my favorite since. Not that I drink much of it, it's more a memories thing. So, thanks for the smiles and memories. MJ


aaahhh...the post tourist syndrome..home for r&r, right!

Tami Black

I want to earn a cruise just for the darned desserts! Love your posts -- appreciate you sharing the good life with us so we can dream in real pictures!

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