Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - Embarkation Day
Stampin' Up! cruise 2010 - stamped samples part 1

Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - Day 2 at sea

ADSCN1898 copy Wow.. I've got over 50 photos I'd love to share from Day 2 of the cruise... so I will divide them up into 2 days... today will be the "people and food" photos and tomorrow will be all the stamping ideas! :) 


I truly think everyone should start the day like this ... being served breakfast in the dining room ! :) Oh.. and that empty chair... that would be because JASON WAS STILL SLEEPING!  lol 

ADSC02589 copy

Um yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... strawberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast.... oh ya!  and.. I don't really even like strawberries.. but this was DELISH!

ADSC02592 copy

Here I am with my dear friend Stella... we were roomates at Leadership earlier this year and will be roommates at Convention too!

ADSC02593 copy
Below.. Stella and her hubby Doug

ADSC02609 copy

Below.. Jason, Eric and I exploring the ship on our "at sea" day.
ADSC02607 copy

after the Stampin' Up! General Session meeting, taking tons of pix of stamping ideas in the Hospitality Lounge and exploring the ship, it was already time for lunch!  They have a Johnny Rockets restaurant on the ship... we have one near our house and it's a fun place to eat burgers and fries..

ADSC03239 copy

 they bring you fries, onion rings and HELLO...... RANCH DRESSING when you sit down.... now THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!

ADSC02610 copy

Eric and Jason

ADSC02612 copy 
yum.. needed a little dessert, too ...

ADSC02614 copy
On deck... enjoying the breeze and sun.

ADSC02617 copy
 Time for a little mini golf... I'll tell ya.. this ship has everything !

ADSC02682 copy

At the back of the ship there is mini golf, inline skating, a rock climbing wall and a sport cort!  Oh, and a golf simulator that Jason used later that week.


And yes... I'll admit it..... I plopped $20 into the $1 slot machine called Pink Panther... Eric and Jason thought it was rather a "sissy" machine >>>> UNTIL>>>> it paid out $110 !! :) :) :)

ADSCN1723 copy


You only have to be 18 to be able to go in the casino on the ship.. so Jason could go in with us.. he was pretty thrilled at the prospect..

That evening was formal night #1 ... here are several photos of us ...

ADSC02690 copy

ADSC02695 copy

ADSC02696 copy

ADSC02703 copy
 ADSC02706a copy

Doug and Jan Wakeland ordering.... and our adorable waiter Hazel.. she was the BEST waiter we've ever had on any cruise!  (yes, they call her a waiter, not waitress).

ADSC02700 copy
Stella and I toasting at the captain's reception.

ADSC02699 copy

Shrimp cocktail (before the sauce)

ADSC02710 copy

escargot... we dipped our bread in the left over buttery garlic sauce... oh hello... YUM!

ADSC02711 copy

The BEST mushroom thing I've ever had in my life.. can't remember what it was called but I think i could eat it every night!

ADSC02714 copy

Cheesecake dessert

ADSC02715 copy

Tune in TOMORROW for lots of stamping ideas shared on the cruise .. WAY too much to share in one post.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.. hope you are enjoying it!


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Alicia Christian

Great pics. You're making me hungry! I love that your men are wearing matching outfits. looks very sleek in the photo. :)


Okay, so now I'm hungry...thank you much! Looks like it was an amazing trip, can't wait to see more!

Wanda G

I'm hungry too! What time is breakfast and I'll be over!! Hahaha. GREAT pictures. I can't wait to see more.

Tanya H

I LOVE that you have all these wonderful opportunities and you share them with us!! :) Looks like loads of fun!

Sandi MacIver

Wow, what an amazing adventure, and girlfriend, you clean up real good!, Jason looked like he had a great time too. He looks so dashing in his suit!.


Your son must be sick and tired of going on all these trips with you, SO...I have volunteered myself to take his place!! My pleasure, really!!! Please try to give me advance notice so I can carefully pick the right bling and all for the trip...but I can also wing it and arrive at a moments notice. Thanks so much for your kindness in allowing me to be your guest!!
Love ya,

Tami Black

STOP WITH THE FOOD! I've gained 20 pounds reading your blog! Looks to absolutely die for!

Trish Hoffman

I am still in awe of the immense size of the ship. I just can't get over how much room there is on board. Food everywhere...looks wonderful, but I would have come home weighing at least 40lbs more than I did when I left, just from looking at all of the wonderful creations. Even on the computer monitor it all looks good enough to eat. Yum, yum, yum. Thanks for sharing your fun times with us.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

Grace Carmichael

Thank you for your generosity, sharing the fruit of your hard work with us hobby demonstrators. You so graciously share not only your trip, but also your articles and pictures through the year. What a marvelous inspiration you are to the rest of us. Thank you again.

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