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Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - Day 2 at sea

Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - Embarkation Day

ADSCN2281 copy I have so many fun photos to share with you from our Stampin' Up! Cruise to the Caribbean last week.  We were on the Royal Caribbean line ship: Adventure of the Seas.  It was a WONDERFUL week and we are so grateful to Stampin' Up! for the opportunity to earn such an amazing trip each year!!


We flew from San Francisco (via Houston) to San Juan, Puerto Rico and stayed one night prior to going to the ship at the Pan American dock.  It was soooo fun to see other demonstrators in the hotel and at the dock!!  And I even got to see Puerto Rican demonstrator Magdamari before we got on the ship!  :)

We waited in a couple lines prior to boarding the ship, and a strap on my husband's backpack got stuck in the xray machine.. it held up the line for awhile and I finally said, "Just go ahead and cut off that end of the strap"... otherwise I think we still may have been standing there! I don't think Eric was too pleased, but there was no way that strap was coming unstuck!

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My son enjoyed all of the signs en Espanol ... he's taken many years of Spanish in school.  He was able to practice speaking in spanish to a few cruise staff and island natives, too!

ADSC02512 copy ADSC02514 copy

This was our table in the 3 story dining room... as we walked around the ship that day we went to see where our table would be.  Our dining tablemates were Jan & Doug Wakeland and Stella & Doug MacKay.

ADSC02528 copy ADSC02531 copy
When we arrived at our cabin, we were greeted with this great magnet on the door!

ADSC02533 copy

and here is our little home away from home for that week:


Then of course we needed a little "sail away" toast to a fabulous week ahead:

ADSC02551 copy
  Here are views from the center of the Promenade looking both ways.. it's like a shopping mall on a ship, complete with several stores, Ben & Jerrys, sports bar, pub, bakery, etc. !!!!

ADSC02572 copy ADSC02573 copy

here is yours truly being really silly pretending to take a bite of the HUGE Johnny Rockets burger - I think my son was mortified when I asked him to take this photo :)

ADSC02575 copy

Prior to dinner, Stampin' Up! hosted a sail away party called THE BIG HELLO.. it was on the floor of the ice rink (which was covered with a wood floor).. more about the ice rink in a few days.

ADSC02576 copy

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At dinner, we had lovely custom menus exclusively for the Stampin' Up!  cruisers! :)

ADSC02579 copy

 I think Jason had a steak every single night....

ADSC02580 copy

This is one of the atriums and one of the 8 glass elevators on board.. everything is really beautiful:

ADSCN1702 copy

Jason took a photo of the SU! videographer, Brian, in the hospitality room:

ADSCN1707 copy

and I just love this photo that Jason took while we were in the Viking Lounge;

ADSCN1706 copy

So.. . there is a recap of day 1 as we boarded the ship and set sail.... tomorrow.. Day 2 - Sea Day.


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Wanda Williams

Patty, these are great photos. I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Tami Black

Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through you! And kids don't seem to think adults ever want to be just funny -- love the burger photo! However, I'm loving that three story dining room even more!


Thank you for your kindness with showing these pix...not all of us have been lucky enough to earn these trips, but it's so nice to see all the pix. & read about the great sail days!

Barbara Peck

Thank you for sharing you pictures and experiences with us. What an amazing ship! I can't wait to see what happened on day 2 :0)


When I started seeing your pictures, I didn't connect the dots to my life! Four years ago my husband and I went on a stamping cruise ON ONE OF THE SHIPS OF RC. Some of the pictures are bringing back some great memories. It looks like you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to see the pictures of the cards, etc. you all made. Thanks for the memory! :)


Wow, these are great pic's. Missed you while you were gone :)


WOW! I would love to go.. That purse is amazing! Where can I get mine! hehehe Thanks for sharing all the photos of your trip!


kay sha

Great pictures, Patty! Your son really knows what subjects to take. Makes it really feel like we were in the cruise! TFS!

Trish Hoffman

Fabulous photo's Patty. Thanks for sharing them with us. I really am having a hard time believing just how immense that Cruise Ship is in size. It is like a self contained small city. You and the Burger, too funny. lol. Does your Son do photography as a hobby? He really does seem to have an eye for the perfect shot. Thanks also for sharing some of the details about the Cruise with us, it almost makes one feel as if they were right there with you.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

Queen Mary

Great pictures Patty! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic experience with us!

Chelsea Malouf

Patty, I am awarding you with the Sunshine Award. I love visiting your blog to see your beautiful creations you so generously share with all of us. You can see the award at

Chelsea Malouf

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