Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - St. Lucia - Day 4
Happy 3 Year "Blog-o-Versary" to me, and BLOG CANDY WINNERS!

Stampin' Up! Cruise 2010 - St. Lucia day 4, pt 2

As promised .. here are more photos from our 4th day on the Stampin' Up! cruise.  

DAY 4 - ST. LUCIA - part 2

Our taxi tour took us to "Diamond Falls".... we really had to laugh when we got there... it looked as if someone had turned on a garden hose at the top.... oh well....  at least it was a break from the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride through the windy roads :)

ADSC03018 copy

But the GREAT THING about Diamond Falls was the tropical gardens surrounding it... Jason and I had a field day with our cameras...  (since many of you have asked, I thought i'd add the info here... Jason has a Nikon Coolpix P90 and I use a Sony Cybershot point n shoot).

ADSC03019 copy

The photo below is one of my most favorite photos from that day...   DO YOU SEE WHAT IS ON TOP OF THE FLOWER!!?? :) :)

ADSC03034 copy
 That plant was really interesting.. here are 2 more shots of the same plant. Anyone know what this plant is??   UPDATE: THANK YOU to 2 of my readers (Donna & Janet) who let me know this is a TORCH GINGER.. I am going to see if I can get it here and grow them ... I just fell in love with it!

ADSC03024 copy ADSC03026 copy

The photo below is my favorite photo that Jason took:

ADSCN1869 copy

and one more outstanding photo by Jason:

ADSCN1870 copy

and 2 more of my favorite photos..,.

ADSCN1878 copy

ADSCN1898 copy
   If it weren't so daaaaaaaaaang hot and humid there, I could have stayed for hours taking pix... but... the A/C in the van was calling me ...

When we got back to the ship, it was time for a late lunch:

ADSC03103 copy

and just before dinner we got to visit with dear sweet Dawn and her daughter Jessie:

  Every night at dinner, our assistant waiter would bring numerous cokes to Jason :)

ADSCN1962 copy

That evening for dinner we had huge shrimp that were still in the shell, so the head waiter took them out of the shell for Jason and I !  What service!

ADSC03123 copy
There was a joke at our table... since we were seated with Jan and DOUG Wakeland and Stella and DOUG MacKay... Eric decided to change his nametag to DOUG, too!ADSC03111 

CLICK TO VIEW LARGER.... Doug 1, Doug 2 and Doug 3 .. LOL :)

A dougs
We got wonderful gifts each night when we returned to our cabin from dinner... if you want to SEE THE GIFTS, CLICK HERE. :)

So.. I'll leave you with that .. and stay tuned tomorrow for the BLOG CANDY WINNERS!!!!


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Wow, did he really eat 3 cheeseburgers? The capacity of the teenage male's stomach never ceases to amaze me.

Roberta Smith

I absolutely love all of your pictures from the cruise. Hopefully I can earn the cruise one day. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy Z.

Geez, those flowers are amazing! As are their embellishments of course, lol! That one you were wondering about almost looked like a type of bromeliad, I thought. Whatever, these are absolutely GORGEOUS pics! I can only imagine what this year's PB calendars will look like, lol! Thanks for sharing...~BetsyZ.

Wanda G

Hi! Those pictures are really cool! I love the lizard pictures - very nice. You're making me hungry again. Thanks for posting -it's fun to see all about your trip. Have a great weekend.


LOL patti...the photos of the plate with three hamburgers on it cracked me up and brought back memories of when my two were about aged 15-19...where the heck do they put that amount of food anyway? It was never ending...

Beautiful photos...the first one of the flower and lizard is amazing!!

jolie n

Hi Patty! The flower in your photo with the lizard looks like a Bromeliad. I love them...they are so beautiful!!!

Carey Rogers

How the heck does that young man stay so small when he eats like that? Heaven knows we girls can't do that. I can feel my thighs expanding just thinking about all that stuff. Both of your pictures are absolutely outstanding and make me feel like I am there minus the heat and humidity. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the pics of the Dougs.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy


The flowers are amazing Patty! I bet you have a beautiful scrapbook of just your flower pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Gail S.

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us :)


Love Mr. Lizard. Hope he makes it into your scrapbook! Maybe he should be added to your blog header as well! LOL! Isn't the service fun?! I got creme brulee and hot tea every night after my meal since I commented on how it was my favorite when it was offered the first night of the cruise. The staff just goes right with that! Good thing I eat a ton of fruits and veg, which fortunately are abundant on the cruises, because I think I gained 5# just from creme brulee!

Joni H

Your photos of the trip are absolutely beautiful. If you don't mind me asking, but, what kind of camera do you use? How do you take such wonderful close up shots? Thank you for always sharing!

Trish Hoffman

Your pictures of the different kinds of flowers are just amazing. I love the little Lizard! just don't want to get near it. Do you really think that you can grow that flower here in the States? It would be wonderful if you could. I doubt that it would survive up by me in the cold Midwest. Were your ears ringing...I was telling my DH, who does most of our gardening, what beautiful roses you have. We lost 3 this Winter, so sad. We shall replace them and see what happens. Please keep sharing pictures of your garden, I just love seeing your flowers in full bloom. I love seeing your Cards and other creations too. lol.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

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