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Oh Garden.. how I've missed you!

I've really missed being in my garden.. I didn't get out there much after my surgery in Oct., and then we've had a TON of rain... but I spent some time in my garden on the weekend with the gorgeous weather.. no jacket required! .. I finally got my roses pruned and took some photos of what was blooming...

Alstromeria 1

I LOVE my Alstromeria plants.. I have 2 of them that thrive all year.. they bloom 365 days a year! They seem like a tropical type plant and we've had temps in the low 30's over the past couple weeks (I KNOW!!! gasp!).. but they still keep on bloomin' !!

Alstromeria 2

I still had 1/2 a dozen roses stil blooming, even though I needed to prune them... don't they know it's JANUARY ?????

Roses jan 2011

My camellias are starting to bloom.. they usually bloom between New Years and Valentine's day..

Camellia 1

Isn't God's handiwork just amazing? I mean who else could design a flower like this!?

Camellia 2

Camellia 3

Yep.. Fall finally came... IN JANUARY!!

Fall leaves jan 2011
i LOVE Gardening in my SLOGGERS... thanks again Jan.. they rock and so do you!


Hope you enjoyed my Garden Journey.. January 2011...

back to stampin' stuff tomorrow...

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thanks for a "walk" through your garden...we are having snow and freezing rain in your ideas for cards etc.......good to here you are in good shape to work outside


Always love to see your garden pics - although there's NO WAY some of that would even grow in Colorado!!


Patty...Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers...I thoroughly enjoy them! Much like you, fall was over in Jan here in Phoenix...Linda

Wanda G

Hi Patty! Great post and pix! Our camellias started this week too. So lovely. Okay, now I'm off to find my ipod. I have this sudden urge to listen to Phil Collins! :-)

Mary Beth P.

Such a joy reading your blog tonight Patty! Since about an hour before I went out into the dirveway to stand the wipers up on my dh' van window trying not to go on my 'keester in the freezing rain we are/were getting in SW Ontario. Always a pleasure reading your blog' from one demo to another:) TFS.

Nana Jo

Oh how I would love to play in your garden . Beautiful. We lived in Florida for a couple years and I loved what bloomed there that doesn't bloom here in ND. I am jealous. Thank you for sharing the pics.

Dawn Stock

Patty -

You are SO right - who else could make these colors just pop? Your camellias are just BEAUTIFUL!

Kay Sha

Hi, Patty! Yes, I was wondering about your flowers during the cold weather. But hey, they survived and continue to spray you with beauty around. They are amazing! I love your sloggers..hihi. I don't garden but that would be nice for my mom :) She's the green thumb of the family.

Kris Turner

This was such a wonderful set of pix to see on a gray, icy, freezing cold day in NE Ohio. Thanks for the views of what comes after!
Kris, Wadsworth, OH

Maggie Patterson

These are absolutely stunning....and makes me want spring to arrive here in Eastern Canada that much sooner! Thank you for sharing these!


It's like looking at another world! :) When I was working for a florist, it was hard to remember alstromeria, so they called them, "I'll still marry ya" lillies. :)


thanks for sharing your pictures of all these beautiful flowers! here in my garden it is really winter time, no place for flowers until spring!
And thank you so much for your lovely card which I received today, it came very quickly overseas!

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