It was a fun CUPCAKE kind of day!
Fun Flowers Birthday Card!


laura huffman

i'm the first. wheee!!! awesome number to hit, wow. love coming here for inspirational ideas. thanks so much for making the stamp journey fun.
what to give away? i've seen your giveaways before and why not spread it out over 5 days, for each million. don't think you can give away a million prizes so keep it easy. any give away is fun to receive. thanks and can't wait.


Wow, that is a lot of hits!! Can't even imagine what to give away. I would say a set of SU Markers (because I have been wanting those for a


In celebration, and with spring pending, how about a collection of your fabric flower pins. Congratulations to you, Patty!

Elin K.

Wow! So many hits. :) I think handcrafted prizes and stamp sets are best...but that's just me. :)


Woo hoo! How about one of your mini books?

Mary Jo Jones

How about a free tutorial that everyone can benefit from? Love your blog and thanks for all you share!

Nancy Kuhfuss

Wow, that's incredible. Congratulations. I think the tutorial is a great idea. We all learn from you and teaching us through your blog. The blog is so inspiring! Thank you for all your hard work!

Julie Leblanc

I have a little award for you… tfs!

Kathy Steplyk

Congratulations Patty!

I think one of your fold-out album tutorial kits would be a great blog candy.

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely creations with us every day. I faithfully view your site each day and so enjoy your postings.

~ Kathy


Congrats! Your blog is awesome & you're cusomer service amazing. A give about a SU hostess set! Actually, we should be giving you a gift for what you give us!

Carol B

5 million -- WOW. You have done such great things with My Digital Studio. Why not give away a copy? I know I would love to have one. My second suggestion would be a level 3 hostess set. It is going to be fun to read the suggestions and then see what you decide.

Sandi Dailey

Oh my Patty, I can't even fathom having 5 million blog hits -- but I can see why you do. I probably have put at least 1,000 on by myself checking out your blog. Congrats, you deserve to have a party just for yourself. As far as blog candy, how about a gift certificate for something in the catalog? That way it counts toward your totals. Or if not that, one of your gorgeous rag purses (yes,I think big!!). That would be totally awesome to receive something that you made. NOW I'M GETTING EXCITED!!! Only thing that could top that would be if I was the receiver -- woo hoo!!
Sandi Dailey
[email protected]

De Williamson

COngratulations. I agree with Sandi I know I'm responsible for at least once a day for the last 2 years. A free tutorial on line would be great (like Mary Jo suggested ) so everyone can win. Or...a month's worth of samples. Whatever you make to show on your blog for a period of time.

Rosemarie Dehl

Wow, Patty! Congrats to you!! That's so awesome. How about the rag purse idea!! That would be soo fun! But ultimately, ANY prize from you would be FAB!!! :)

Gail S.

Wow! Congratulations (early!) I think a set of handmade (by you) cards would be a wonderful candy!!


Congrats Patty--first treat yourself to something you love. Do agree one of your tutorials would be great. Best wishes to another millions filled with good health-fun and love. Keep up the good work. Raquel


How aboutsome designer paper, a stamp set and some bling to make lots of cards? congrats on your blog hits.

Tina Olney

Congratulations Patty! I love to check out your blog, you have such awesome ideas on here! Anything created by you would be fun to win.

Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

WOW! Five million hits?! That's incredible! Congratulations! You deserve a spa treatment or a massage or something!

Now I think I'm thinking even bigger than most of your readers because when you said what's the best blog candy you can imagine I immediately thought "I want the Big Shot Alphabet Dies SO BAD - that would be SO awesome to win!!!" but I have to agree with everyone else and say that really there is nothing you could offer that would be "bad" ;0)

Congrats again on an incredible achievement!!!

Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

Alison McAulay

Amazing job Patti!! Your blog is one I never miss and there are few that I can say that about.
I would love to get all tutorials that you sell for free!! I love the ideas that you and your team come up with.
Of course, barring that I would always love a Big Shot alphabet die too! :)
Congratulations again!

Liz Vidourek

Why not give away a certain amout of tutorials. Say 6 months of free tutorials. That would be awesome! Love your blog and your flowers...just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Lemay

Wow, that's a lot of hits. Congratulations. I am sure whatever you offer will be wonderful! This is a wonderful site for inspiration. Here's to 500,000.00 more.


Wow so many hits. Congratulations. I love your blog you have so many great ideas. Anything you gave away would be great.

Heather McC

A one hour "over the phone" MDS lesson!!

laura j

Wow...congrats on all of your blog hits! I think one of your handmade projects (autographed of course!) would be an awesome prize. In fact, I don't know why more bloggers don't do this! At least you would know that your creation would be in the hands of someone who would truly appreciate and treasure it!


Fantastic! Congratulations Patty! I love your blog and it is one of three that I check everyday.


You rock and 5 million others think you rock too. Love, love, love your blog. I think your give away should be something you have made. That would be great. Thanks so much for all the ideas you share with us every day.

Wanda G (stampcat)

OMG ROCK STAR!!!! Girl, I don't even know what to say!!!! Five million - absolutely staggering. I have no idea how to celebrate that! Whatever you come up with will be awesome I'm sure.

Kay Drenth

That is stinkin' amazing!! I think a tutorial would be great!


Oh, I sent you an email, but then thought I really need to comment on your blog. Here's what I said:

Omigosh, Patty. You’re a star! That is an amazing feat. Congratulations! I have no idea, but maybe something using the number 5. $50 in product? Five free tutorials or kits?, Five yards of five different ribbons? A basket of a number of 5 each of 5 items?
I know I must add a bit to your hits. I love your blog. :)


Wow 5,000,000 hits!! Amazing!!! A tutorial would be great!

Missy Smith

AWESOME!!! I can see why though! Your blog is absolutely awesome! As far as the best blog candy I could imagine for me would be the Big Shot or the alphabet dies would be awesome! But then again, ANYTHING from you would be awesome! Congrats on your 5 million hits!

Patti Rogers

Oh my gosh! You just never cease to amaze me lady! I am so thrilled to have met you. Ladies this is one dedicated leader you have and she is one of a kind. Geez, YOU ARE THE CANDY TREAT! to all of us! for sure....But if I had to pic a real candy I go SNICKERS! And then a treat I say the new sewing one. My fav saying is "if I can't glue it I don't do it" so sewing has to be stamped! You are a doll and I love you girl and I will make it to Ca to stamp with you and totally surprise you one day! Hugs..


I love the idea of spreading it out over 5 days so there would be more than one winner.... A tutorial would be a great prize. Maybe a stamp set one day, a ribbon assortment one day, some buttons, etc. It's all fun stuff!

Kathy Mc

Patty, congrats on almost 5M hits ~ you'll be there in no time with your popularity and inspiring creations. Looks like several good ideas for blog candy. Anything is more than generous but feel a hostess gift chosen from any level by the recipient would be a great prize. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the chance to earn those. Food for thought…will stay tuned as always!

Cindy H.

What an amazing achievement. Your site is so full of inspiration. I think a hostess set from any level as well as a free tutorial or two. Keep up the good work.

Linda Henry

Congrats, I know Why so many people view this's awesome! As far as Your giveaway? What about some of the awesome cards and 3-d items You have so generously shared with us over time! That's what we come for...inspiration!!!

Marisol Gutierrez

felicidades! You know I am such a Big Fan of your artwork...So its NO WONDER why you would have so many blog hits...I agree how about a choice of 3 of your tutorials sounds like an AWESOME prize..Greedy, he he! Hostess Level 3 is also AWESOME as I never reach that GOAL. Maybe an assortment of Glimmer Brads for a GLAMOUROUS you! I personally think something hand made from you is your bracelets or a set of greeting cards...It's personal and intimate...
Marisol Gutierrez
atouchof_sol at yahoo dot com


Ooo, well, I absolutely LOVE the number 5 idea - happen to like 5s myself - BD 5/25/55.
How about 5 winners a day for five days? YOU choose the candy!

Congrats - I love your blog!

Susan G

Wow, that's a big number! I think someone else's idea of spreading prizes out over 5 days was a great idea. Gives more of us a chance! I know I'd love to have something you've made and posted. Your projects are amazing and who wouldn't want to own one? The free tutorial idea was a good one, too.

Melissa C.

Congratulations! I love your work and wish I lived near you so I could attend your awesome events. As for what to give away, someone mentioned spreading out your prizes over 5 days. I was thinking DVD's of all of your tutorials would make great gifts. Each day's DVD could feature different themes, like MDS, scrapbooking, fabric, and the big shot. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. That is the best prize of all.


Wow, Patty! 5 Million hits! That is amazing, and congratulations! I think the rag purses are so darn cute and to win one that you made would mean a lot to so many of us. There are so many neat things that you could give away so have fun making the decision. I agree with one of the comments about you treating yourself to a day spa.

Thanks for inspiring so many millions of us! :) Also, I love it when you email photos of your gorgeous flowers (the ones in your flower garden) that you love so much.

Have a great week!

Pam Horton

Ohhhh congrats!!! I love your website! Yes, treat yourself to a spa day!!! You deserve it!

Michelle O

Congrats Patty, l love your blog:)
What to give away? l think any thing that you want lol because it wil be given with a generous spirit and that's the most important gift.

Michell O


5,000,000 WOW is that exciting and to think I am just one - one of them. I think a blog candy would be wonderful - soemthing that all 5,000,000 can use. A special pattern or technique, or something like that. Blessings.....


Can you remember number 1? And now 5,ooo,ooo - Woo Hoo. A Big Congratulation to you. Ummm Candy time...An on line tutorial for all of us to celebrate with you and the blog winner would receive a DVD's and supplies to make a few of your favorite things. Ooops don't forget the rag purse. Yes, it is a time to celebrate. A big Thank You and Many Blessings headed your way.


First of all many congrats on your upcoming milestone! Somehow it really doesn't surprise me. One of your terrific tutorials or kits would be wonderful blog candy. Something you just can't get anywhere else.

Kathleen Beichler

CONGRATULATIONS! We should be giving to you. You give daily to us with your fabulous creations and ideas on your blog. One of your kits would be wonderful blog candy.


CONGRATULATIONS... how about a "Botanical Gazette Book Kit & Tutorial"... I have so wanted one of these with all the stamps and papers and do-das to go with it!!!!! :O) Happy dance for you Patty!!!!


Congrats on your upcoming 5 million blog hits.
Since it is so huge maybe you could spread the wins with 5 people. You are so creative I am sure you will have no problem coming up with nice blog candie.

Mary Jo

That is QUITE a milestone!! I think we should award YOU a prize for all your hard work! Thank you for sharing with us! I don't know how you find the time!!

Cathy Stech

I think we all should celebrate YOU!!! For All the wonderful projects and ideas you share with us!

Debbie Wibberley

G'day Patty, well done on your 5 million blog hits coming up. Congratulations. I am suggesting a hostess stamp set.

Linda Romer

As a fairly new demo I'm in awe! Thanks for all of your amazing shares and the classes you offer in person and by mail. I think you should give away a gift certificate and let the winner choose her own prize.


I must say that the idea of a choice of one of your tutorials and a something made especially by you, since of course, that is why we all stop see YOUR creative artwork (I suggest one of your rag purses personally!!)!!

Sandy Elliott

The ideas you freely share are gift enough! You've helped me so much, especially with MDS and blogging. You're a kind and generous person and I wish I lived closer so I could attend your events! I feel I should give YOU something! Blogging is hard work!

Carolyn Kropp

Oh a collection of your paper crafting kits/downloads or samples would be so wonderful as a give-away.

Pat Vilbaum

Wow so many blog Hits and so many comments. I didn't have time to read them all but my suggestion for a giveaway to celebrate the 5mil would be a years worth of tutorials (all the tutorials you do for 2011!). This is a big thing but you could give them all to one person or give each tutorial to a different person.

Linda Ressetar

congrats on your HIT parade. I would love to win sample cards fronts so I could study your techniques and ideas. Thanks for always sharing your talent.

Debbie Hughes

How about something that you made or a tutorial. But let it last for a few days.
Love your blog, thanks for sharing!


I agree with some others, for a limited time, let everyone has access to one of your most popular tutorials! Mary


For an occasion THIS BIG!! (Congratulations!!)
I think you should give away a copy of MDS!!
That would be AWESOME!!!!

Susan Swanson

Patty, anything you select to give as "Blog Candy" to celebrate your 5,000,000th hit will be special. Sort of like getting an autograph from a celebrity; because, for us you are a celebrity in the stampin' world. Congratulations and God Bless you as you continue to move forward with your next 5,000,000 hits.


Wow, Congratulations!!!! Well, since your new favorite die is the Fun Flowers Bigz L Die, how about that?? I'm sure it will fast become everyone's favorit and I'm sure not many have it yet (including me haha). Actually anything you do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the chance to give our feedback and to win. Karen

Viola S.

Wow, thats incredible. I know I check in daily to see your amazing work. I think one of your fold-out album tutorial kits would be great blog candy.Of course one of your beautiful rag purses would be fabulous(autographed of course)!

Darlene L

I would like to win some of your fabulous cupcake holders. What an amazing accomplishment. I am happy to say I have contributed a few of those remarks, although not often enough. Your work is fabulous!


Congrats!! You deserve every blog hit! Love your cards and inspiration on all projects.
I would love the chance to get your 'tips and ideas' on MDS in a document of some kind. There are so many different things to do with MDS and I'm no pro. Yet! :)


Amazing! But not are so gifted and share your expertise so well. I would love to have a special tutorial(s?) as blog candy . I can hardly find the time to stamp, much less have such a successful blog and business.


Wow! That is great! Congrats to you.
What to give away....I like the idea of tutorials online for all to enjoy & then maybe give away your fav. stamp kit & 4 things to make your fav. card?? I will be anxious to hear what you decide! Beth

Deb B (Debadoo)

Wow congrats!! That's amazing. I love being subbed to your blog. You are so generous with your time and talent, and now you want to give us stuff AND let us pick it. Whatever you choose, can you throw in a set of those wooden frames that you use to make smooth shapes in the middle of the embossing folder panel. None of the stores in my area carry them! Oh, and some real chocolate of course. lol


I love your blogs, you are an inspiration to us all. Your projects, demos, pictures of you roses are all enjoyed.
So,did you really get snow out in SF the other night? I wish I lived closer but someone has to live in MI.
Any thing that can be shared with all of us!!


What an over-the-top accomplishment! I like checking in with you daily because your enthusiasm for this craft and Stampin' Up! is just infectious. You also have a very genuine smile!

Hmmm--- blog candy for 5 million? How about a Big Shot?!

Marilyn Peasley

5 Million blog hits, I can't even imagine that, but then you are a fantastic stamper, very creative. For blog candy, I would like some or all of your tutorials for the MDS. I would love to learn all your tricks for sizing and just be able to attempt some of your creative activities. Thanks for all the cards, tips and tricks you share.


Congrats! For blog candy - I love the idea of giving your tutorials.

(Just noticed the icon for your dad's artwork - so beautiful and colorful.)

Elsa L

For those that live somewhat close to you..(3 hours for me) how about get to spend a day with you in your craft room, teaching us all you know. hehehe
If not then how about some free tutorials.

Ruth Bingle

Wow Patty... 5 MILLION!!! That is amazing! I wonder how many of those i am responsible for??
It would be fun, whatever you give, that it be given to all on the blog, since so many got you to 5 MILLION! Or, you could just send it to me... since i am responsible for so many of them!!! just kidding!!! :>)
Be sure to do something special for YOU, who have worked so hard and shared so much!

The President of your Fan Club....

Susan Swanson

Are you as anxious as we all are for you in waiting to see who number 5,000,000 will be and to know exactly when it happens?

Jenny Schlagel

Congrats on approaching the five million mark! Anything would be appreciated, but what about a "Patty's Favorite Finds" (kind of like Oprah)? A little of this and that? Or maybe a favorite thing or two you have made?

Barb Smith

Patty, How can we, your readers, ever thank you for sharing all of your fabulous skill and ideas! Ideally, the bestest best prize would be to have you fly out and do a workshop for the winner! Realistically, the downloadable tutorial would be awesome for all of us. Congratulations to you!

Kelli D

I think it should be something like a $50 SU! shopping spree (you know, something with '50' in it to correlate with the 5,000,000 hits your blog is quickly approaching), or SU!'s large table-top trimmer, or $50 credit towards a SU! big shot or maybe a SU! gift box with 50 items in it (not that any of these items are on my wish list, but with a milestone this BIG, why not make the celebration a big one with a big give-away to boot?). Who knows, if you have 50 various seasonal or themed tutorials or kits for sale, those could be given away to a lucky winner, or a free MDS give-away, the possibilities are endless. Congratulations on your milestone achievement. I'm always inspired by the many milestones your SU! career has blessed you with, not to mention your creative stamping talent. TFS!


Because this is about your blog, I think you should give away something that is special to you because the moment your blog reaches 5,000,000 will be extra special to you. And I think you should explain to the person who wins why it is so special to you, ei: first project. Have a great day and thank you so much for all your inspiration.

Michelle VanWiggeren

Congrats, Patty! 5,000,000 hits is a wonderful milestone! Your blog is wonderful and inspiring -- thanks for all the neat ideas you share!!!

Patti Rogers

AMAZING are you!!!! So no need to ask if there are naps and rest and all that stuff happening. Being good to yourself, yada yada yada! Well you ARE having an awesome time with creating!@ I wanna come play with you! Never know I just may show up! Praying for you and think of you every day. Things are even worse but still keeping the faith!
Talk with you soon. LOve you and keep on taking care of Patty good too! Hugs....

Diane Langhus

Congratulations on such an impressive achievement. Wow, 5,000,000 hits! That's just so awesome. I love your blog and never miss it. You and your blog have become a daily ritual for me. Thanks for bringing so much enthusiasm, inspiration and most of all love for this hobby. You ROCK!!!

Nancy L. Faltisko

Patty, so enjoy your posts and keeping us up to date on the latest and greatest su products techniques. I am from NY state and attent a regular SU meeting once a month. Keep up the good work and congrats on your 5,000,000 hits

Paula Richards

Congratulations Patty! I love your blog, and being a part of your group. I am so inspired by
you. Thanks for all you do.

Lisa Allington

Hi Patty. I sure love all the womderful information you share with me and so many others Thank You Lisa from Wasilla Alaska

Kim V.

You are such an amazing inspiration. Thank you for your incredible dedication to create a site that stirs motivation in all of us!

Becky Retzer

I would love to win Day's 2 prize and am thankful for your inspiration and heart.
Blessings from Akron, Ohio

Linda Hicks

I just love your site and check it everyday.
Congrats on all the hits.
Have a great day !!
Linda H Texas


I would love to win this prize -- or anything else you make! You're so good!


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