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Bakers Twine, meet my old spools of thread...

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I've had this jar of old spools of thread for years.. the spools belonged to my mom, my grandmothers and my great aunts and even my great grandma!!  I love them.. .but.. I finally decided that they would bring me much more pleasure if I was somehow able to see them each day and actually use them... so..

STAMPIN' UP! BAKERS TWINE enters the picture!

Spools for twine

I rolled the Stampin' Up! Baker's Twine around the old spools and now I can keep this little bowl at my stamp desk and actually SEE THEM and ENJOY them ....  I do appologize to anyone who is cringing and thinking.. "she USED THOSE old spools??? OH MY HEAVENS"... yes, I used them... I really want to enjoy things instead of having them all put away. 

Bakers twine bowl

Bakers twine spools


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Anne Granger

What a great idea!! I'm not much of a vintage person but for my studio it's growing on me. I would love to do this! Must starting looking for some....

Carol B. - A Rubber Queen

Bravo for you Patty!! I think if I look around, I probably have some of the wooden spools also. When my mother passed away in 1978, since my sister did not sew and I did, I inherited all of her sewing stuff, inclding many partially used spools of thread, and I do know some of them were wooden. :)


I totally agree w/ you. I kept my antiques put away for years and now I regret doing that. Everything is out to be enjoyed now...geesh we must be getting older ;D

Donna Bagwell

What a great idea! I have lots of old spools of thread, some that were my mom's, some from when I did a lot of sewing for my daughters when they were growing up. I think I will pull them out and try your idea. I also have some mini wood spools that I bought through a bulk buy group I belong to. Some Baker's Twine wrapped around these mini spools would make a great little door prize or surprise gift.


Love this and what a great way to keep memories near and dear.

Chellie B

Agreeing with all of these posters! Using the spools for our baker's twine is a very practical and pretty use for them. Having them close at hand probably encourages you to use them more often, AND I'm betting it's a bit easier to use the baker's twine off the spools than off the cards they came on. Wonderful idea!

Carol Carriveau

What a fabulous idea....loving that you are using some of your maternal history for a practical and lovely storage solution....I have old spools from my mom as well and will see how any I can use. Thanks for the inspiration!


Patty, what a fantastic idea! I have a lot of old wooden spools. Need to start using that kind of stuff. I am becoming a hoarder, need to break that habit, or you will be seeing me on TV!!

Shirley Kramer

That's a wonderful idea should also use your good silverware and good china. No sense have it sitting around. Use stuff, enjoy saving for later!!!
When is later?


I love the idea of using the spools! Every time you use your twine you will think about your family. I also use a lot of vintage things on my scrap desk. I also love the little bowl!


I'm sure those fine ladies would love the way you are now using those spools.

Shala Carter

It's called UpCycling and the spools with the baker's thread are gorgeous!

Susan G

That's exactly what I've been doing with my baker's twine ever since I started collecting it. I've saved wooden spools for years and have been sewing since I was in high school. I also still have some of my old seam binding and lace which is now coming in handy for crafting.

Mendy Crumpton

What a cute idea. I have some old wooden spools from my mom....hmmmmm? I sent you an email about a ribbon swap. Did you get it? It might have gone to junk mail. You should see my email from my comment I think. You can email me or go to my blog and email me from there. Thanks. :)

Kim Springer

I think that's a wonderful idea! I, too, have some of those wooden spools stored somewhere because I couldn't bear to part with them.

Kim Pebley

LOVE LOVE what you did! I agree to have them out and not stuck away!
Thanks for sharing.


What a great idea! I too have several old spools that belonged to my Grandma and had them displayed in a jar. I love your idea of the "change over". Thanks so much for sharing!

Diana Jackins

Wonderful to have those treasures and special memories, Patty. I think the Baker's Twine is great on the spools. Much easier to work with etc. You have some wonderful ideas and thanks for sharing with us. A very talented young lady!

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