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Patty's Stamping Loft / Craft Room Tour Video


Patty's Stamp Loft / Craft Room Tour Video


I love seeing how other crafters organize their creative spaces and store their crafting supplies, so I thought you might like to take a tour of my space!  I have a video for you and photos below with storage solution and organization ideas for your craft room.  Join me on a video tour!


This is my tiny space... it's about 8' x 8'.  I would love a big space like many crafters have, but I also know it's more space than some people have... it fits me just right.

Watch the video below to take a tour of my little stamping loft creative space!


if you are viewing this in an email, please CLICK HERE to visit my blog to watch the video



Above: my stamping desk with Stampin' UP! ink pads, markers, Blendabilities, Washi Tape, Dimensionals, pearls, rhinestones, scissors, bone folders and adhesive at my fingertips.  The ink pad holders were purchased about 15 years ago from a company no longer in business.  You can find a similar ink pad holder at Stamp-n-Storage HERE, then use the drop down menu to click on "30" and click on "24-4x6" to find the long, low sleek holder similar to this design.


12" Revolving Four Tray Bin from Harbor Freight Tools


Above: 2 drawers filled with my Stampin' UP! punches


Above: Stampin' Up! ink refills sorted by color families

and Stampin' UP! ribbon and trim in my Elfa drawers from the Container Store


Above: Patty's Paper drawer of happiness.. see THIS POST for more info


8-1/2" x 11" paper storage / paper organization holders from Stamp-n-Storage

holds my 12x12 Stampin' UP! Designer Paper and 8-1/2"x11" cardstock



Above: tins with Patty's most used stamps... they don't get put away.. they stay within arm's reach!


Above: Stampin' UP! embossing folders, dies, clear plates, magnetic platform. The old drawers were from Hobby Lobby


Above: all of my Big Shot framelits and thinlits in clear mount cases


Above: 1 wall of my craft space with cutter, Simply Scored, Big Shot, and stamps

SEE THIS POST for info about how my countertop is raised


Above: my Project Life counter, with cards, albums, pocket pages and a handy Stampin' Trimmer

SEE UPDATED Project Life Counter all organized HERE!


Above: the area where I shoot my project videos and take photos of samples for my blog



 Crafting Essentials Suggestions for your Craft Room:


In addition to the above:

click to view: Stamipin' Up! Ink Pads

click to view: Stampin' UP! ink refills

click to view: Stampin' Up! cardstock

click to view: Stampin' Up! Designer Paper

click to view: Stampin' Up! punches

click to view: Stampin' Up! ribbon and trim

click to view: Stampin' Up! Big Shot, embossing folders and dies

click to view: Stampin' Up! Project Life Supplies



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So much crafty happiness! Thank you for sharing.


Wow ! Now that is a great way to fit LOTS of stamping items in a small area. It gives me a few organizing ideas for my room. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa J

It's nice to see how it is possible to fit a lot into a limited space. I already store a lot of my stuff like you do. You gave a few ideas for some others. My biggest problem is the fact that I'm not a demo so I'm not limited to using only current products! Stampin Up is to blame for getting me into this but I do buy other products and I DON'T GET RID OF ANYTHING! I'm on a mission this year to do just that. I really have to weed out stuff I'm not using and you have sparked some inspiration in doing just that. My craft space is a room but it's small, 8X12 plus I took the doors off a walk-in closet which gives me 4 more feet added to the 12. So, we'll see how I do with the weeding out process.

Another post I'd be interested in would be on how & what you use to video & take pics. I have never done any video and very few pics.

Donna Kish

LOVE the tour of your Craft Loft! I too love to see how others organize their areas. You have that all organized so well and it really works perfectly! I see a trip to the Container Store in my future. I love their products, but seeing how nicely those drawers open, convinces me they would be a great addition. I craft in my dining room at my dining table and desk so organization needs to be key - especially when we want to actually EAT at that table! LOL

Thank you again for sharing!

Barbara Ramsey


I love, love, love the tour of your work area! My space is about the same and I love that so many of the things you have done fit my space and my style! Thank you for sharing - it made my day to see this colorful and wonderful space! :<) Wishing you a happy one!


Barbara Diane

Kathy Follmer

Wow, how awesome is your crafting space! I especially love your paper drawer of happiness. I definitely am going to borrow some of your ideas :)


Love your space! Thank you so much for sharing. I need to make a drawer of paper happiness. Thanks especially for that tip. Love your blog!!!

Tracy Bradley

Patty, I too love seeing how others organize their craft room and supplies. You certainly didn't disappoint with your tour! You have a great area!! I'm constantly trying to reorganize my room and I picked up many tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing!


Susan from Colorado

What fun!! Patty I loved seeing where all your creative juices come together!! You have done amazing things with the space you have - it's great to see you can have all the fun "toys" in a small area and not have a giant room to house it all. Most of us are like you with a limited area. LOVE your organization ideas!!! Thanks so much for letting us into your creative space.

Mary Davidson

Love your crafting space, Patty. I do have a larger space, and I have to tell you, yours is so much more efficient and appealing to me. Thanks for sharing it with us. I do have a question, though. I am trying to set up a photo and video area. I just can't seem to get the lighting correct. What types of bulbs do you use on your lamps? Thanks in advance...Mary


All I can say is WOW..... now that's a craft room.... Can I come live with you for a while.... lol. Thank you for sharing your wonderful room

Edna B.

Great ideas. You have done so much with the small space you have. I have a 25 x 12 size with so much stuff. Shelves, 2 cabinets and more shelves and 2 tables but still run out of room and have taken over the top of the pool table. Guess I need to organize. Thanks for the ideas. Edna

Myrle Chisholm

Love your space. Watching your video inspires me! Can't wait to get started organizing my space.

Nicole Steele

This was a blast to watch! My space is even smaller than yours, but I love it. I think having a smaller space is actually great because it forces one to stay neat and organized and not accumulate what one doesn't use. You have done a fabulous job at organizing! It was so fun seeing where all that creative genius originates :)


Loved the tour. So organized, maybe mine will look like that one day. Some ideas I will be putting to use. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

Shirley Stachowiak

You sure pack a lot of fun in a small space ! Sometimes a small space forces you to keep it well organized and clean. Great ideas for making it work! Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely amazing organization - thanks for sharing!

Judy Ford

I will never have the set-up you have, but you have given me some great storage ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


Amazing how everything you need is in arms length, good for you. Just a ? about your cutter, wanted to know the brand. I'm looking for a great cutter that will cut more than one page of cardstock, thanks


Hi Patty, Great craft space! I like having my stuff close at hand too. My "office" is not much bigger than yours and I love it. Question for you--how do you arrange your stamps? Alpha order, groupings (sentiments, florals, etc.) I could use some help in that area. Thanks so much for all your inspiration!!

Sara Amuso

Awesome tour Patty! I think its easier to cook in a smaller kitchen than a huge one, same goes for stamping! I am rearranging my space this week so that I have everything I need regularly close by -- within arms length! You are an inspiration and I enjoy your blog and tips!


jane harrah

thanks Patty for the tour. I will look to implement some of the great tips you shared. I appreciate it.


Patty, thanks for sharing your stamping space. You may have what you call a small space but a lot of crafting love comes out of there. I love how you have it all organized and hope to use some of your storage ideas in my space.
Thanks again for letting us in to take a peek.
Annette Stewart

Mary Ann Ely

Thanks for sharing Patty, I'm working on mine also. I have a huge piece of furniture that I cleared for stamping. The one piece is 5 ft.which runs along one wall and the other is 6 1/2 ft. on the other wall. They fit together. Then on them is my laptop and printer. I have from stamp and storage 4 items. Two that hold my punces and one to hold my dies and one for holding scissors, tape runners and whatever I need. It's really looking nice and I have lots of room to make cards.My furniture has drawers in it for storage. I have on my wall 2 stamp and storage shelves for my stamp sets( which are full now)lol. Now I'm cleaning the rest of the room up so I can move around. I'm getting there. But I need a bigger Have an awesome day. I keep SU and Stanp and Storage in I now am going to order the piece that holds the markers and blendabilities from Stamp And Storage.

Lois Folla

Hi Patty,

have I told you lately how awesome you are? Well you are! Love your new organizational tips! You did a fab job in 8' x 8'.

Short stuff, is hardly 5' 8", I'm 5' 3.5" what would they call me a midget? lol xoxox

You are more hot stuff stamper! tee hee

Diana Jackins

Hi Patty, better late than never! What a great video on your stamping area. You do wonderful work and I am amazed that you do it in a small area. You are SOoooooooo organized and that helps a great deal. You have some great tips and I so enjoy your beautiful cards and ideas. Thanks, Patty for sharing. HUGS

Jeanette Barber

Patty, you have so many goodie. Every thing in it's place. I just love your room. You do beautiful work.

Sue Morgan

Thank you for sharing! I will be using several of your ideas!!! You are so organized - awesome!!!

Barbara Ramsey


Love, love, love your studio area - so organized and beautiful!

Wishing you a great day!


Barbara Diane

Sharon French

Thank you, I'm new and enjoyed the tour of your craftroom very much. I could do this I think. My Stamp in Up has to share with yarn, beads, sewing and books. This makes it pretty close. I also have many years of photos to put into albums. I want to start on for each of my Grand Children or Great Grand Children. Pictures of their Parents and grandparents. Wow Won't that be something. I'll be seeing you again. I'm working on a card table at the moment with my Big Shot in the Living Room. Thank you again for sharing. I'm first off going to Harbor Freight for that great storage unit.

 Jean  Jecmen

I'm a hobby demonstrator who is trying to reorganize my stamping spot small room lots of window and very little wall space. Saw your video and noticed the 2 or3 drawer chest filled with your punches..
lt would work in my present space. So if you please where did you purchase this chest.

Jean Jecmen
SU demonstrator

patricia posk

Hi Patty
I think your work area is fantastic and so practical. I like having things handy too but we have almost no room in our home for that. I work on the dining room table and have a lot of storage in that area. You could almost say our dining room is taken over with my STUFF. I just leave a place for us to eat.
ha ha ha ha ha ha....Thank God my husband is understanding and doesn't complain.

I feel like you in that if I don't see it I forget about it. So having things handy is really important. My table always looks like a mess and is one of the things you see when you come into our house. Oh well it's the way it goes. Thank you so much for sharing your space with all of us. Just think of all the great things that have come from your space... Loved the video and thanks for all the tips.

Luz C Berenguer

Hi Patty, enjoyed your video on your craft space, I too have a small space, trying to organize my space. thank you for sharing. Looking forward to watching some more of your videos, very true what you said having all of ones tools within reach is very convenient, like Patricia mentioned if you do not see it you forget where it is. Again Patty thanks for all of your tips.


Betty Stewart

Patty, I’m just recently getting back into scrapbooking, esp card making. Your area is about as big as mine so I was able to get some ideas. I am wondering how I could find and buy the cute party panda etc stamps. So many of the cards show them but I have not seen them in any catalogue etc. could you direct me to if you sell them or what I need to do. Thanks I’m from mid Ohio.

christine perry

Stamp n Storage is fantastic - wish I had more.
I really like the
Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards
Stamp-n-Storage medium wood die storage boxes
Paper organization Holders

christine perry

Patty - can you share the lamp brand that I see on your desk?
There never seems to be enough good light in my working space.

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