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My new 12x12 Paper Storage


I recently made some updates to my Stampin' Up! 12x12 Designer Series Paper storage in my stamp loft.  I learned about these great Storage Studio plastic sleeves from my friend Cindee, and several of you commented on them in my Holiday Catalog Sneak Peek video (see it here).

As promised, here is the info and update on how well these "Storage Studio" Paper Files work in my Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holders!  I replaced the old 12x12 holders I had with the Stamp-n-Storage paper holders to match my 8-1/2 x 11 holders, and I'm so happy with my paper wall of happiness!


12x12 Stampin' Up! paper storage solution update from Patty Bennett at pattystamps.com


 To see the Stamp-n-Storage 12x12 paper holders - CLICK HERE

Watch the VIDEO BELOW to see how I updated my 12x12 Designer Paper Storage!




If you are reading this in an email, CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube

Stamp-n-Storage 12x12 paper holders - CLICK HERE

Storage Studios Paper Files on Amazon - CLICK HERE

Storage Studios Paper Files at Office Supply - CLICK HERE

I also found them on Walmart.com and a couple other sites so you might search around before buying!


12x12 paper holder storage studios envelopes

To purchase Storage Studios Paper Files on Amazon - CLICK HERE


12x12 paper files from storage studios - Patty's Stamping Loft


These paper files are terrific, and I'm so glad Cindee told me about them!!

Nice and sturdy and they perfectly hold 2 packs of Designer Paper plus your scraps!!


12x12 Stampin' Up! paper storage solution update from Patty Bennett at pattystamps.com

12x12 Stampin' Up! paper storage solution update from Patty Bennett at pattystamps.com


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Susan Horr

I discovered these about 2 months ago and they really are awesome! They are a perfect solution for keeping all the little pieces together. This is another vote for them! They only cost a couple of dollars apiece and are very study. I love them!

Becky Bakley

Thank You for Sharing Patty. It is amazing the topics and ideas that you and Cindee come up with. Organizational tools are helpful for all of us and when it is recommended by You, it is just awesome. Will add to my Amazon purchase list.


These are great, BUT if you have the Stampin Storage for the IKEA they won't fit. However, I used my paper cutter and cut about a 1/2 inch the top and than they fit really well. I love them and I use them for scraps. So, I have them organized by Regal, Subtles, Brights, White, Vanilla, Neutrals, Glitter/Foil and some other categories. I plan to get more for the DSP as well, it really is nice to have scraps in there, I use my scraps more!


I should clarify that these are too wide for the IKEA paper Stampin Storage and so when you cut the top you still can't fit them in the way shown in the video, they go in from the side. But I can still use my label maker to make a label for the them and I can still see the paper just fine, but essentially they go in on the side and not from the front, But I am okay with that, works great for what I need, but figured I should clarify that. There really isn't anyway to cut them down the side as they will split open, the only way to cut is on the top opening.

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