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My "Million Dollar" Stampin' Up! Set - Ribbon of Courage


I am so excited to be able to finally share this wonderful new stamp set with you!!  Today I am sharing the Ribbon of Courage set that I designed with designer Kathy Pitt when I visited Stampin' Up! in Dec. 2015 for my Million Dollar Achiever trip!! (see more about that trip HERE).  If you are a demonstrator, you have access to the catalog already and can find it on page 96 of the upcoming 2017-2018 Annual Catalog with the million dollar achiever symbol, and my name below the set.


Patty Bennett Ribbon of Courage Stampin' Up! stamp set - in honor of all cancer survivors - and for encouragement cards, fundraisers, and more! Available after 6/1/17.


This stamp set has a story, and I will be sharing it with you in more detail soon in a video.  I was honored to be asked to present the set and my samples at the Stampin' UP! San Diego OnStage event last weekend, but only had 8 minutes to share... and I truly wanted to share so much more with the audience, so I will redo my presentation with all the samples and share the extra backstory and more in my video.  Watch for it here soon on my blog!

For all of you expecting that I would have designed a flower set... the explanation of why it's not flowers will also be in my video. This set is dedicated to my mom and grandma who both fought the battle against breast cancer.  They are both angels in Heaven now, and I know they are smiling down on me and so happy and amazed at how my business has grown over the nearly 22 years I've been a demonstrator!


Patty Bennett Ribbon of Courage Stampin' Up! stamp set - in honor of all cancer survivors - and for encouragement cards, fundraisers, and more! Available after 6/1/17.


I wanted to share a few photos with you from our time at the Stampin' UP! OnStage event in San Diego! I hope you enjoy these!

Above:  my display board and the samples I presented during my demonstration. 

Below: me on stage during rehearsal .. I don't have any photos of me during the presentation.


San Diego Stampin Up Onstage presentation by Patty Bennett featuring  the Ribbon of Courage stamp set


Watch my video presentation HERE!


Below: this is a portion of the room in San Diego at the Convention Center where the OnStage event was held.

Stampin' UP! San Diego OnStage convention April 2017


Below: Cindee, Lisa and I all won the same stamp set for Prize Patrol!!

Prize Patrol Stampin' Up! OnStage local convention San Diego April 2017


Below: Kim won this beautiful stamp set for Prize Patrol!

Prize Patrol Stampin' Up! OnStage local convention San Diego April 2017

If you would like to see more of these new stamp sets, I'd love to send you a new 2017-2018 Stampin' UP! catalog in May!  Please leave me a comment or click the contact me button in the left column if you do not have a demonstrator already and need a new catalog!

If you'd like to see this set and the entire new catalog early, Join My Team! You will have access to the entire catalog online immediately!


Below: some of us went to San Diego a few days early to visit, network, and basically solve all the problems of the universe (well, not really, but we tried)... L to R:  me, Ruth, Cindee, Stella and Lisa.


San Diego lunch with friends Ruth, Cindee, Stella and Lisa


Below: THIS was an amazing experience.. at the end of the OnStage event, Stampin' Up! announced they were giving away the Ribbon of Courage stamp set to ALL ATTENDEES!!!!!  Oh my gosh.. everyone seemed SO excited!  Immediately a long line formed at our table and everyone asked me to sign their set!!  Never in a million years did I expect that.. it was thrilling and crazy all at the same time! I was honored, humbled and feel so blessed over the amazing reaction to my Ribbon of Courage set!!  So many demonstrators shared their cancer survivor stories with me that day.  I know this set will be a huge encouragement to so many people!!


Stampin Up! OnStage local convention - Patty signing the Ribbon of Courage stamp sets


Below:  I totally invited myself to be part of Lisa and Rich's photo.. .sorry Lisa! :)  (Rich is the president of Stampin' Up!)


Stampin' Up! OnStage local convention San Diego, Rich, Patty & Lisa


Below: I started my trip at the Oakland airport with my new Brighton Poppy rolling bag and new Brighton heart purse.. doesn't it look just like my heart logo!?  whohoo! So much fun right from the very first moment of the trip!

San diego stampin up onstage patty brighton rolling bag purse


And last but not least, I must share this special photo with you... My sister-in-law Tami (on the right) drove down to San Diego from Orange County just to see my presentation!  My brother was tied up with a tax appointment.. I missed him, but it was GREAT to have Tami there!   This photo of my upline, Sandy, with Tami and I is very special, because it was Tami who attended a Stampin' UP! party hosted by Sandy about 25 years ago, then mailed me the Stampin' Up! catalog and said, "you might be interested in this!"  :)   OH MY>>> that was the start of a 25 year relationship with Sandy and Stampin' Up!  I was a customer for about 3 years before joining as a demonstrator in 1995!!  Thank goodness Sandy had her contact info on the back of the catalog!!!


Stampin' UP! San Diego OnStage local convention. Sandy, Patty & Tami


Hope you enjoyed that little (ok long) story with the sneak peek of the Ribbon of Courage set!!  I promise to share all the samples and a video very soon!!!


patty bennett stampin up demonstrator pattystamps




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Deepa M.

What a gorgeous stamp set Patty! I think that it is going to be a huge seller, because so many different causes use the ribbon as a symbol of hope. And it looks like there are still some florals incorporated through the doodles within the ribbon and heart image - so you got both :) So excited for you - what an amazing accomplishment!! It will be so fun for you to see all the projects people design using your stamp set over the coming year :)

Phyllis Werner

Patty, what an amazing stamp set. Such an exciting time for you. Looking forward to the new catalog.

Letha Kay

Could you email a copy of the info sheet that shows all the ribbons and what they represent? Thanks.

Love the stamp and story! Congratulations on being a celebrity :)

Letha Kay


What a beautiful stamp set ! I love all the different ways that it can be used. Great tribute to your Mom and anyone that has cancer or lost their battle with cancer. You are amazing !


It's a beautiful stamp set Patty, and knowing the reason behind it makes it even more special. I have a very close friend who just commenced breast cancer treatment, so I will be buying this for sure. Your Mum and Grandmother would be proud for sure of your amazing achievements. Congratulations again!

Tonya Denton

Your stamp set is definitely on my wish list!! I love it! My beautiful mom died from Ovarian Cancer Christmas Eve 2014. It's so sad that so many have been affected by cancer. Thank you for designing such an awesome stamp set that can be used for fund raisers!! God Bless Patty!

Judy in Maricopa

How AWESOME that you could help design that stamp set "Ribbon of Courage"... and the lives that have been touched! THANK YOU and congratulations on your MILLION DOLLAR Achievement! YOU deserve it because you work so hard and share so freely too! Thank you!

Leonie Schroder

Patty I love this set and will no doubt be used to cheer those enduring this horrid disease or sent by some going through it. I would like you to thank Tami for me too cos if you hadnt joined I wouldnt have been blessed with an amazing friendship of yours! You rock and I know your Mom and Grandmother would be so proud of you - not only for this set but all you've achieved. Love you big time x

Pat Hauge

I LOVE this set!!! Being a Breast Cancer survivor, it is the one thing I have to have from the new catalog. Thanks for designing something that will mean so much to so many.

Chris R. from Iowa

Congratulations, enough said!

Patricia Turner

Congratulations, Patty! What an honor to create a stamp that affects thousands in our communities, and what a kind tribute to your mother and grandmother! I enjoy all you contribute to the Stamping Up World, God Bless You!

Lori Manicho

Congratulations Patty! Thank you for designing this set, I am currently fighting endromential Uterine cancer. And now a hernia from the hysterectomy, which postponed my radiation. I cannot wait to order your set!
Thank you & God Bless🙏.

Best Wishes,

Lori Manicho

Connie g

Congratulations to you!! Must be so exciting ! It is one of the sets that caught my eye going through the catalog. Beautiful!

Teresa Harper

Patty, I love this stamp set! Thanks so much for inspiring us with it. It is definitely one of the first ones for my list. My mom has fought breast cancer. Fortunately, she is in remission and for that I am truly thankful. I lost my brother and sister-in-law to cancer, so I know a little of the heartbreak that brings. I can't imagine how it must feel to lose my mom. Thanks again!

Mary Beth Krakowski

Congratulations Patty! I love you blog posts and think you do a wonderful job. The set is lovely and is on my wish list.

Donna Kish

Patty - Congratulations on being able to design your own stamp set. Your Mother and Grandmother would be so very proud of you and for what you created!

Can't wait to get my set and then keep it forever since it was designed by someone I've actually met! Wooo hooo!

Keep inspiring us!

Lisa Cockerham

Patty, congratulations on your $1,000,000 achievement! I love your stamp set and everyone that attended OnStage in Savannah won it! I can't wait to play with it. I look forward to your upcoming video.

Wendy Pantzer

Yes I would love a catalog, thank you for the time to send me one. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Have a blessed Easter.
Wendy Pantzer

Kathy Beck

Thank you for designing this beautiful set of stamps! I was lucky to have won it at Onstage. It will be well used!

Mary Anderson

Thank you so much for designing this wonderful set.
Such a gift for so many.

Mary Anderson

Thank you so much for designing this wonderful set.
Such a gift for so many.

Mary Ann Ely

Good afternoon Patty,,,, I LOVE this set.... It will be on my very first order.....What a wonderful tribute to your mom and grandmother and everyone else that has this horrible disease. I have a good friend with stage 4 cancer right now and I know it's going to take her home and I had a wonderful friend, that her husband died of cancer when my mom died. I'm SO VERY PROUD OF YOU..... You are an ANGEL honey. Have a HAPPY EASTER and a great weekend.

Jan Hoyt


Thank you for sharing the heartwarming story of your special ribbon stamp set....I know it will be an extremely popular set for many years because of the message it send. I was in the audience in San Diego and we were all touched by your story....you did a great job sharing, not sure how you managed to avoid crying while telling it! We were getting a little teary eyed out in the audience just listening to it.

I live in central FL but because my UL lives in North County San Diego and I had FF miles to cash in with SWA, I was able to make the trip to my old stomping grounds in San Diego and it's as beautiful as ever...but has a lot more freeway lanes and commuter traffic than I remember! Guess that is true everywhere.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story online as well as the many other beautiful and inspiring things you share on your blog year round! You are more than an inspiration to all of us.


Congrats Patty! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. How wonderful that your stamp set can touch the lives of so many!

Maria Willis

Congratulations Patty! I was lucky enough to get to see you present Ribbon of Courage in San Diego but enjoyed getting to hear about it again. Congrats on your $1.2+ million in sales and recent promotion. I'm so lucky to have a signed copy of your amazing stamp set already and I can't wait to get creating with it!

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