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Accented Blooms cards colored with Stampin' Blends

How I organized my NEW Stampin' Up! ink pads!


This year I made a big change in my craft room and organized all of my Stampin' UP! cardstock, ink pads and reinkers in Rainbow Order!!  I have been thinking about it for years, and with the new color revamp this year, I decided rather than memorizing which colors were in which Stampin' UP! color families, I would just change to rainbow order!

Results: I LOVE IT!


Stampin' UP! ink pads in rainbow order. Patty's craft room organization tips.  Stamp-n-Storage wood storage units.

ABOVE: my ink pad storage units from Stamp-n-Storage, show 2 styles of ink pad holders.  The one on the bottom is for the new style Stampin' UP! ink pads only (it won't fit the old style). The one on top is the old style (see this post), and holds the old and new style pads.   They offer MANY different styles of ink pad holders, and from June 8 to 18, 2018 you'll find some of them on sale at 15% off!


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Stampin' UP! ink refills in rainbow order. Patty's craft room organization tips.

Above: I redid my reinkers into rainbow order as well!!  They are all in a drawer next to me as I craft, so I can easily grab them to reink my pads or use them for watercoloring techniques.  I used retired candy dots and glimmer dots, some colored with Stampin' Blends or Sharpie markers, to try to capture a color close to the ink color, then I wrote the name on the lid with a fine tip Sharpie.


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Like I mentioned above, I LOVE the rainbow order for my supplies!   The great news is.. if you try it and you don't like it, it's so easy to change ... but for me, this was a GREAT change!  I love just being able to "browse the greens", or "browse the reds" at a glance!! :) 


Stampin' UP! cardstock in rainbow order. Patty's craft room organization tips.  Stamp-n-Storage wood storage units.


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  • Click HERE for more info on my cardstock in Rainbow Order!
  • Click HERE to see paper storage options on Stamp-n-Storage website
  • Click HERE to purchase Stampin' UP! cardstock


Stampin' UP! Stampin' Blends alcohol markers  in rainbow order. Patty's craft room organization tips.  Stamp-n-Storage wood storage units.

Lastly, I wanted to share my Stampin' Blends marker holder.. I love it and am eagerly awaiting the new colors of Stampin' Blends to be come available later this month!!

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  • Click HERE to shop the Stamp-n-Storage Marker holder
  • Click HERE to shop Stampin' Blends
  • More info HERE about the 10 day sale from Stamp-n-Storage

(Note:  15% off offer from Stamp-n-Storage does NOT apply to Stampin' Up! products)



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Barbara Ramsey

Hi Patty!

I stayed with sorting by families, but just spent the past 2 days making new labels, new dividers, sorting/discarding, etc. to insert the new colors and family changes in my card stock (including 1/2 page supply I cut for the cards). I purchased new marker storage and changed the way I have them from upended in containers to lying flat - to eliminate the ink drying in one end of the markers. I can't wait to get my first order today from the new SU catalog so I can finish out the card stock and markers. A final day of sorting and cutting! Then when we can order the alcohol markers mid June, my studio area will be complete with all the new colors and so tidy and organized! :<) Today I make cards while waiting my SU delivery! :<)

Thanks to you and all of your help, I am a happy woman today! Wishing you a happy day. Hugs,

Barbara Diane

Mary Ann Ely

Good evening Patty,
I love how you sorted everything into rainbow order. I'm going to do the same. I think it will be easier to find the color that I want. I see you broke down and got the NEW stamp n storage for the new stampin pads... I'm going to use the old one. I like that I can keep the reinker with it.I love Stamp n Storage.My next purchase is going to be for my cardstock but I don't know yet if I want the single or the 3 tierd.... I'm thinking the 3 but we will see.Depends if I want it to stand on the floor or on my tables but I'm thinking the floor. Thanks for sharing Patty and have a great night.

Cheryl Hamilton

Hi Patty, Love all your storage tips! I have a question. Where did you get the plastic organizer for your doilies & pearls? Thanks!

Michelle Gray

I recently changed my cardstock file drawer and ink pads from alphabetized to the rainbow method after seeing your YT vid (subscriber). (You saw on our upline's FB page.) I LOVE how my paper and pads look now. And it's so much easier, as you say, to browse a specific color group, IE greens, blues, etc. Kept my reinkers alphabetized since their not in view. May change that too eventually.
And THANK YOU for letting us know Stamp N Storage is having a sale. I can finally get the 2 items I need, marker and punch storage. Woo Hoooo! You can bet I'll be sorting the markers by rainbow too.

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