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Your Choice... select #1 Chandelier Halloween Bundle, or #2 Pumpkin Halloween Bundle in your comment below on this blog post to be entered to win!  Winners will receive the items shown in the photos below.  1 prize per person, but enter for both if you wish.

Halloween Blog Candy Offer from Patty Bennett at  EXPIRES 10-9-18


Halloween Blog Candy Offer from Patty Bennett at  EXPIRES 10-9-18


Enter to win blog candy pattystamps

It's so easy to be entered to win!!

Just leave a comment below on this blog post and tell which bundle you'd like to win, and tell me a favorite Halloween costume you wore or one your child or grandchild wore, or a favorite memory of Halloween!  Be sure to leave at least your 1st name and state so I can verify the winners.

I will draw 2 random winners on Monday Night, 10-8-18 and announce the winners here on 10-9-18!! You will have 48 hours to respond and give me your mailing address so that I can get your prize in the mail to you!

 Prizes mailed in the US only.

Want to know my favorite Halloween memory? 

My mom made a beautiful wedding dress for me, complete with a veil, and she would pick a huge bouquet of chrysanthemum's for my bridal bouquet!!  I can still close my eyes and smell the smell of the satin fabric and the flowers!!

Childhood Halloween memory of my bridal dress costume handmade by my mom. 1965.


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Laurie from Minnesota

Pumpkin Halloween Bundle----My favorite memory was when I was in middle school and our band director wanted us to dress up for the Halloween/fall concert. My friend and I decided to be twin pumpkins. We were not just small pretty pumpkins. No, not us! We were big humongous fabric pumpkins with the handle on the top of our heads and colored tights to match. We thought those were fun costumes, and they had taken a long time for us to create. It was a great costume for trick-or-treating, but not so much for us to sit in a chair to play flute in a middle school band concert. Somehow we managed to get our flute section realigned to fit us both, the parents and grandparents were in the audience with their big smiles, hands ready for clapping, (and probably hidden earplugs!), and the concert was a success. We won first prize (which was probably something very significant like a candy bar!), since no one else would've been as stupid to come with big homemade costumes like that to a band concert.
----Laurie from Minnesota

Dawn MacKay

My favorite Halloween costume was one we made with our son when he was 5 years old. It was a train made out of a box, and the treats went down the smokestack! Fun memories. : ) Happy Halloween!

Amy Peacock

#2 Pumpkin Halloween Bundle...My Mom always made our costumes too. I was the youngest of six so those costumes got a lot of mileage! My favorite was a Litlle Bo Peep costume complete with a curly wig and shepherds staff:)

Robin Phillips

#2 pumpkin Halloween bundle
My favorite Halloween costume for my daughter was the one where she wanted to be a tree. Yes, a tree! I wasn' sure how I was going to accomplish that, but after sewing many various autumnal leaves onto a brown felt nighty I made especially for this, it was starting to come together. We added a crown made from a fall garland, and she was thrilled!

Phyllis Werner

Hi Patty, (bundle #1 chandelier)
My favorite memory is of my daughter and I dressing as Pink Ladies from Grease. Fun times! I loved reading about your memory of your bride costume and sharing your pictures.

Mary C.

My favorite costume for my daughter was a M & M that we made, she loved so much she wore every day for a week before Halloween.


Hi Patty - (bundle #2, pumpkin bundle) - When in kindergarten, our second son wanted to be Neil Diamond! Sparkly vest, black shirt & pants plus a plywood guitar = bingo! Sweet Caroline!!

Barbara Ramsey

I love Halloween! When my children were young we used to make so many plans about their costumes and going out to trick or treat in the neighborhood. Life was very different in those days, before all the fear and dangers that now affect all that we do. Then it was the homes that handed out goodies that were handmade - popcorn balls, caramel apples, cookies, fudge, etc. - that were the homes that every child wanted to go to for the treats. They would come home and spread out their goodies on the floor and say ''Look what I got!" and "I got one too!" if a coveted treat was in the bag. :<) I also loved and looked forward to the giving out of treats to the children and seeing their costumes or if not costumed, seeing their smiling faces when I offered them the bowl of treats (I made popcorn balls, wrapped in wax paper). I miss that so much now that I am retired and living in a security locked apartment where the only children I see on Halloween are friend's grandchildren. But I can still make and give away Halloween cards and that is great fun!

Kathy Rosenheck

Hi Patty.
My husband's birthday was Halloween so it was a BIG celebration in our house. I think he was 10 before he realized that the holiday wasn't just for him. (although I am not sure he ever got over that completely). My favorite Halloween costume was the year our family dressed as crayons - my husband was a red one, my son was a blue one and I was yellow. I made them and copied the design from the popular brand of crayons. We even had pointy hats for the sharpened end.


My favorite Halloween costume as an adult was an M&M. Yep, I made two large round brown pillows and put on the white M on the front. I was sandwiched between the front and back. I even forced my husband to wear one. I’d love number one. Cheryl from CA


Bundle#2--love the pumpkin faces! My favorite Halloween times are when our grandchildren visit us at the door all dressed up ready to trick or treat! They come a little early and have homemade soup and rolls. I love their costumes. We get 3-4 hundred trick or treaters each year since we live in a safe neighborhood. Thank you for a chance to win!

Sandra K. Rowland

Hi Patty, I have two favorite occasions to comment on-my two tiny nephews dressed in black and yellow striped shirts, little bee antlers on their heads, black tights and short pants, a little stinger on their bottoms!!! They were so cute!!! The second one was the year that my sister dressed as a nun to hand out the candy!!!!!! Talk about shock-only it was the trick or treaters' that were shocked! I like the pumpkin set. Thanks.

Randee S

The costume that comes to mind is Sat. night bath. I wore a bathrobe, shower cap and had different bath items tied to my belt. I like the Halloween Pumpkin bundle.

Randee S from Michigan

Jan Smarinsky

My favorite Halloween costume was Big Bird for my oldest daughter who was about 5 at the time and Cookie Monster for my younger daughter who was about 3. I handmade the costumes myself and they turned out so well and the kids were adorable. Best costumes I ever made!!

Melanie Ramsey

One of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time was an amazing ET costume I made that was SO realistic! My husband figured out how to make his fingertip and "heart light" light up with batteries and little lights that I could control with wires on my other hand! I wore it to the Denver Airport on Halloween to pick up a friend and it caused quite a stir! I especially loved the little children that came up to me and touched the lite finger <3 !! Another story with that costume is that years later my mother mistakenly sold it in a garage sale. I was so very sad to lose it so we posted an ad in the local paper and it said something like.."ET, phone home...." and it worked and I got it back! :-) It later got ruined in a storage unit :-(
It was really one for the ages!!

Nancy C.

I love the Pumpkin Halloween Bundle. I made a witches costume for my oldest daughter when she was in 1 st and she loved it. It won first prize at school and she got to go on the school's float for the Halloween parade.

Nancy C. Pa.

Patti Moffett

Bundle #2 would be my choice. My favorite costume was my grandchildren's last year...3 year old Granddaughter as an old black engine out of cardboard complete with wheels and a coal car, accompanied by her 1 1/2 year old brother as the engineer. He wore overalls, an engineer hat(which his father wore as a kid) and blew a train whistle.
patti moffett

Emiley gaskill

I would love to win either set!!!!My favorite thing about Halloween is watching my grandkids dress up and see the excitement in their eyes!

Bridget K  MI

Bundle #2.
My favorite Halloween costume was one my mother in law made my daughter. It was Raggedy Ann and it was adorable.

Charlene Kinelski

Hi Patty,
My favorite memory was when my husband and I dressed up like Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween. We won the prize that year and had such fun dancing.
I would like to win Bundle #2, Pumpkin Halloween Bundle.


Jewel Allen

I would just love the pumpkin bundle :) We always had great fun carving pumpkins with our kiddos! My favorite Halloween costumes were when my dad dressed up as the Pink Panther in a costume that my mom made for him ! I LOVED IT!

Tina hengen

I would dearly love to win the pumpkin bundle! I love pumpkins!

Tina hengen

Oh and favorite Halloween costume, was my little girls beautiful witch costume, it was green and black, and she managed to scare a cow out of our back yard that no one else could get to leave, haha! I was able to catch it on camera and it's hilarious!

christie brickel

I would love the Pumpkin Halloween Bundle! I have many fond memories of Halloween and Trick or Treating with my sister and friends all over our neighborhood. We never had fancy costumes (I went as a ghost more than once since it only required a white sheet & some holes).


My favorite Halloween memory is the one my dad took me trick or treating. He worked nights so, this was a rare occasion. I was dressed as a hobo. It was a rainy night. When we got home we found out there was a hole in my bag. Sad I know...but he took me out again with a different bag and we went too as many houses as we could before pour porch lights were turned out.

Bundle # 1. Happy Halloween 🎃

Liz Jones

Bundle #2
Hi Party, My fav Halloween costume for myself was making a full body unicorn costume with a giant head and all and my children always had Hallelujah night alternative so I always made them Bible costumes.. my son won 1sr prize for the burnin bush ..he had the idea to put tissue paper in a straw hat with a fan so it looked like the fire was actually burning and my daughter I made a costume one year half lion and half lamb for the lion and the lamb ! Liz Jones CA

Mary Hines

Hi, Patti. I would love to win bundle #2. I just recently realized that I don't own any pumpkin stamp sets. How did that happen? As a child it seems that every Halloween I was a ghost. We didn't have the luxury of going to the store and buying a ready made costume. We had to be creative and make something out of what we could find around the house. Being the youngest of 3, I got last choice. So, ghost it was. Made from an old bed sheet with eye holes cut out. Maybe not very creative, but it served the purpose.

Beth Mills

My favorite is the Pumpkin Halloween Bundle! I made most of my daughters’ costumes for Halloween and my oldest even asked Santa for a costume! One of my favorites was a last minute Scottish girl with kilt, sash across a ruffed blouse and a homemade bagpipe out of old wooden thread spindles and a handbag!!

Jane Elliott

Hi Patty, I love bundle # 2
One of my favorite costumes that I did for my kids is when I made them a pair of dice, they were a big hit in the neighborhood!
Jane Elliott


I love bundle Two. My favorite costume was a little Dutch girl outfit my grandma made for my mom when she was little. I wore it 3 or 4 Halloween’s in a row and was terribly sad when it didn’t fit anymore. Now my 10 year old daughter wears it for dress up. She loves it too!

Angel pham

#1 my favorite Halloween memory is my youngest daughter’s first time trick or treating. She absolutely hated the idea of knocking on people’s doors and after the first door and she got candy, she was all excited! She would go to other houses and ask for more candy and because she was like 3 and adorable, most people gave her more. I guess they might’ve taken pity on her too because I carried most of her candy so it wouldn’t get heavy for her and people thought she had so little. I am Angel


Hi Patty, my favorite is the Pumpkin Halloween bundle! I was a waitress like “Alice” in Mel’s Diner! I was low on cash so I borrowed a friends uniform it was so much fun!

J Michael

Choice 2! Thanks for this opportunity and for all the great ideas, Patty! 👍🏽

Karen Halterman

Bundle #2 is my choice. Thank you for offering it!!
My most memorable Halloween was the year I was sick on Oct 31 and could not go trick or treating with my sisters. They took my pillow case and told the people around our block I was sick and got treats for me😊. Back then we only went around our block and across the street both ways to get candy. I got to see the little preschoolers costume parade around our block though!


My favorite is the pumpkin bundle! I really loved when my daughter dressed up like a nurse for Halloween when she was 8! I am a nurse and she was so cute as a little nurse!

Lynn Hunt-Fones

#2 Pumpkin 🎃Halloween! That’s for the chance to win. I love your cards, projects and all that you share with us. Thank you!!

Lois Keller

Hi Patty, (bundle #2) My favorite memory of Halloween is making costumes for our daughters with my Mother. She always was t here to help me with whatever I needed her for. Aren't Mothers special? I enjoy your blog and always look forward to what you put on each day. Lois from Iowa.

Jeanie Blake

Bundle #2 Pumpkin. My granddaughter was afraid of witches so she was dressed as the Faerie Queen with a wand and tiara. Oh, and ballerina tutu. She still wears the tutu around the house!

Becky Hanson

I love seeing all of the kids in their costumes every year !!
I would love Bundle #2

Becky Hanson

Elaine H.

Love bundle #2. Fall is my favorite season. I love pumpkins! Elaine in Pensacola, FL

Collette Fearneyhough

Bundle #1
Halloween is my all time favorite holiday🙂Last year I made a super cute Starbucks Frappuccino costume for my daughter. We stopped at the local Starbucks to take a picture and they even gave her a free drink to compliment the costume 🥤

Elaine H.

I’m entering for bundle #1 also. That chandelier is gorgeous and the sentiments are great for multiple uses. Elaine in Pensacola, FL

Jodi Douglas

Jodi in Nevada....I like bundle #2
Growing up in Australia we never really celebrated Halloween so I never dressed up as a kid and went out trick or treating. Some favorites of my daughters though is the year my almost two year old at the time was a kangaroo. So cute. Over the years being Disney fans we have had Squirt the turtle, Jessie from Toy Story, Rapuzel and Merida and Rei from Star Wars. This year the girls are going to be Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and a X-Wing fighter from Star Wars...I can’t wait!!

Libby Bennett

Love Bundle #2
My favorite Halloween memories were while I was teaching Kdg. and 1st grade. Back then the kiddos were allowed to wear their costumes to school and we would start the parade of costumes through all the classrooms adding on each class as we passed through.
So much fun to see that many kids in costumes all together and the creativity of their outfits!
We don’t get many Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood now and I really miss that.
Halloween was also my dad’s favorite holiday!
Libby from Oklahoma

Gay Ferland


My favorite memories of Halloween are the costumes I made for my kids. My favorite, my son was Sylvester and my daughter was Tweet Bird. I have always enjoyed sewing since I was 14!


Hi! My favorite Halloween memory is of homemade popcorn balls from a neighbor! Another was a group of 10 couples dressed as pumpkins who went out on Halloween! Fun times! (Bundle 1)

Mary Polte

Happy early Halloween and thanks for the contest. LOVE the Chandelier Halloween Bundle.
Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas with us!

Micheline Lueken

Bundle 1. I loved making my sons’ halloween costumes. One year my oldest was a dinosaur and my youngest was a little devil.
Micheline from Florida.


My favorite memory is that we made our costumes from scratch. It was fun to be a Mars candy bar out of a large box!

I would love the pumpkin set!!

Sue Derossett

My favorite Halloween is from 3 years ago. Four of us dressed up in whatever and trick or treated in our retirement community. We fulfilled a bucket list item for one of the four of us! I would love to win #2

Lynnette Hallbick

I love that Chandelier set. I don’t have a favorite costume because we didn’t really trick or treat much as children. But we always got to pas out candy and that was fun.
Lynnette CA

Lynnette Hallbick

The pumpkin set is great cause it’s more fall than just for Halloween. I remember one year my sister’s and I got to help put together a Halloween party for a local girls home for girls with special needs. The girls had a blast and it showed how it’s better to give than to receive. I was fun to see the girls so excited and enjoying themselves.
Lynnette CA


Hi Patty! Bundle #1 is my favorite of the two.
The costume I remember most was my daughters at about 7 years old. My mom made it. She was an Indian with a papoose on her back. The baby was her cabbage patch doll!

Pamela K.

#2. My fav costume memory was when I was a bunch of grapes. I wore black tights with a purple one piece to which we pinned purple balloons by the ends. It turned out really cute!


Bundle # 2 Please. Thank you for the offer. Favorite costume was of my sister dressed as a Vampire Ghoul. Scared all the wee little ones who came into her work place. Took weeks to put together. It was over the top! Kathryn S /Idaho

Janet Skiff

My favorite Halloween costume was the year I dressed up as Little Red Ridinghood. We had a neighbor who had an extraordinary gift of sewing. She and her husband didn't have any children so she always liked creating things for the neighborhood children. She made a red cotton "hood", red and white gingham skirt, and a beautiful red satin cape lined in white for me. All I needed was a white blouse and basket. I thought I was in heaven that year when I went trick or treating! I still have the hood and cape and our daughter was Little Red Ridinghood one year for Halloween too. Thank you Patty! (Halloween bundle #2)
~ Janet from PA

Maureen Weinmann

Bundle #2 - Pumpkin Halloween Bundle
A favorite Halloween costume was my daughter dressing up as Stephanie from Lazy Town. My daughter and my mom picked out pink fabric together and then my mom sewed her dress. That was about 12 years ago and I'm pretty sure we still have the costume stashed away somewhere.

Marnie W.      NY

Bundle #1
I loved when my son dressed up like cookie monster when he was in high school. He had a big one piece outfit that I think was supposed to be women's pajamas. He looked so funny, but had the self confidence to pull it off at school.

Marnie W. NY

Cathy Lay

#1 love Halloween probably because my birthday is two days before it!!! Just finished putting up decorations inside and outside my home!! Happy Halloween!!

Cheryl Casey


I was one of 8 kids and my mother left things at the last day every year. While we were at school she feverishly put together our costumes. We never knew what we were going to be. Mom decided. One memorable year she made the three youngest a telephone, clock and stove out of old boxes. They were the most uncomfortable costumes but we got so many compliments. ❤️ Cheryl Casey Ohio

Katie Henson

Chandelier bundle! So pretty! Last year I dressed up as Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” in his bunny pajamas aunt Clara made him! It got plenty of laughs!!

Lynn Martin(uk)

Hi Patty,
Pumpkin bundle #2
My most memorable Halloween was when I was 35, I was booked to go for major spine surgery( which unfortunately failed) that year in December, so my hubby decorated our whole 4 bedroomed house in Halloween theme, we had spider webs and spiders crawling down the walls, pumpkins, candles, ghouls and witches, we were a step family so had several children between us-it was magic the children loved it, but I think I loved it more, we had a party and it was awesome, obviously I was the black witch we dressed my walking stick like a crutch ha ha it was a great memorable occasion Thank you xx


I would love to win either bundle! Halloween was a favorite time of year for me when I was a child, and it's still fun when I share it with my two granddaughters. My mother always made all of our costumes from scratch and I have a lot of memories of Halloween costumes that I loved. One favorite was a butterfly costume, which consisted of wings that were formed from wire coat hangers and colored tissue paper. It all attached with a harness and she also made me antennae on a headband. My favorite granddaughter's costume was a unicorn my daughter made for the two year old. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!


Whoops, forgot to say that I am in California

Debbie Wicklund

When I was growing up, my mom bought really good candy. After I got my bag of candy through the neighborhood, we dumped it in the bowl to give away & I got the candy mom had bought. We also had a neighbor who gave away homemade cookies. That was when life was safe for kids.

Betsy (NE)

Hi Patty, putting my hat into the ring for Choice #2: Pumpkin Halloween Bundle.

One of my most memorable Halloweens was when was raining heavily that night but my children insisted on going Trick or Treating anyway. They had to wear raincoats to stay dry, but then no one could easily see their costumes!

Thanks for the opportunity to win such great items.

Gail Slagle

Either bundle would be awesome! My favorite Halloween memory was 27 years ago and we had a horrible blizzard on Halloween here in Nebraska! Everything was cancelled! My husband and I had a Halloween party for our kids that night. They dressed up, we played games and they won candy and prizes that I gathered. They still say that was their most favorite Halloween 💜


My favorite costume was when I made all my kids M&M costume and I was the bag they came out of. Its sad that that was their favorite as well. We still have them, hoping one day that of of them will have children so they can wear it like they did.


Thank you, Patty! My favorite costume growing up was, i was a little lamb. With one of those lovely plastic masks! That was about 50 years ago! Yikes:/

Marty IL

Pumpkin Halloween bundle- My favorite Halloween memory is just how great trick-or-treating used to be when I was a kid. Everybody out on the streets together in our subdivision, dressed up and squealing with delight at each other's costumes! We had neighbors who made homemade caramel apples and popcorn balls that were SO good.

Cindi Hanley

I really love the pumpkin bundle, wish I purchased it but didn’t. I remember one Halloween that my Mom within a day made me a scarecrow by sewing crocheted squares on my pants as patches, gave me my Dads old flannel shirt and stuffed it with straw and painted my face, and put my hair in pig tails. My Mom always was the best!

Adrienne West

How fun this is to share with others! My favorite costume I made for my Son last year was his idea....a Garbage Can :). Not like Oscar the Grouch but an actual garbage can created out of fabric and lined with garbage at the top and a hat I made from fabric and cardboard that looked like the lid! It was a hoot and he got so many laughs when people saw him coming!! It was really fun to make his idea into a reality.

I think both your blog candy selections are really awesome and I would be thrilled with either so if you pick me, I’d be happy with anything ;).

Happy Fall to you Miss Patty and thank you for a chance to win!

Sheila Lane

I think my favorite thing about Halloween when I was small we could go anywhere and our parents never had to worry that someone might harm us.
#2 the pumpkin bundle

Cheryl Gramlich

LOVE #2 with the pumpkins. Pumpkins are my favorite Fall Item... they last for the entire season and they bring a smile to my face. As a child, my mom and I made a Rubix Cube costume out of a box and construction paper. This was back around 1980 or so... when it was a big new item. It was very original.

Cheryl Gramlich

Pack #1 caught my attention with the cat paper... I am the Cat Lady! <3 However, looking again at the stamp set i see that the chandelier can be used for many occasions.. how versatile that it is not just for Halloween. That would be a great set to have on hand to make some very unique cards! Another favorite costume I made with my mom was a Tube of Toothpaste lol. We took a long box for the tube and a white flower pot on my head for the hat. Back then I was AIM toothpaste... is that even around anymore? What memories of my Angel Mom.

Shannon Miller

Bundle #2 is my favorite. When I was teaching all the teachers would wear costumes. We would go out in our costumes after work. It was kind of funny the year I wore a huge pumpkin costume! We got quite a few strange looks in the restaurant.

Mary Ann Ely

Good evening Patty,
My favorite is #2...... My favorite costumes is ones I made my girls when they were young. I made a Raccoon and a Panda Bear out of fur...They were from a cartoon but i cant remember the name of the cartoon. I do remember the raccoons name was Ricky..... I made all their costumes back then. Mary Ann Ely, Pa


My favorite (because it was my Dad’s) was dressing up as a hobo. Because he loved putting charcoal (from a briquette) on my face. We used to use pillowcases for a treat bag. It was almost better than Christmas. My mom used to hand out to well over 100 kids back then. I love both bundles, but Bundle #2 edges out just a bit more than #1. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Linda Patti

Bundle #2. My crazy Halloween memory is from when I was a second grade teacher and dressed up as the mean coach from the book Miss Nelson is missing....I greeted my students acting in character in my disguise an pulled it off for awhile before all the students caught on! Linda Patti Ohio

Jane Harrah

Love them both but 1 has great sayings!


Wow...tough choice but I think #1. As far as Halloween costumes go I was never really into it. Evidently one of my cousins scared me pretty badly when I was young with his costume. My best memory is staying home and handing out our treats. That was before everything had to be factory sealed. We popped popcorn and put in in baggies with a small candy bar. I remember that the kids really appreciated it.

Jane Harrah

Forgot to tell you my favorite costume was always the gypsy. It was easy to make with stuff from around the hosue I guess as we were not exactly middle class, LOL

Barb E

My favorite set , although I like them both, is #2. My favorite costume for my granddaughter is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz at age 5. Oh! Those ruby red slippers, little Toto in the basket and those precious braids! It just doesn’t get much cuter! Thank you for this chance to win! I love your blog! Barb E~ OHIO

Denise S

Halloween Bundle two! My favorite Halloween memory is when I made my son's dragon costume. I made the tail just a little too long. When we went trick or treating, he walked holding his tail so it wouldn't get dirty. He loved the costume so much and worried that the tail would be ruined. So he held his tail with one hand and my hand in the other while I held his treat bag. It was so much fun and he was so cute. I may not have pictures of us walking along, but it is one of my favorite memories.

MaryBeth Johnson

Bundle #2 My favorite Halloween memory is when my mother made me a gypsy costume--a full skirt with yards and yards of different color rick rack and a black velvet vest over a sheer loose sleeve blouse-- and I got to wear all her costume jewelry!

Susan Burcham of Burlington, KY

My favorite bundle is Choice # 1. I see that one person commented that her favorite costume was Little Bo Peep. How funny because mine was also. My Mother always made our costumes. I don't know how she did it because we hung our clothes on a clothesline, didn't have a microwave, and she ironed every piece of clothing! I loved that little outfit and many years ago it was still wearable so I passed it along to my oldest daughter and her girls have since worn it. We had to make a few repairs but it was still cute. Weren't we blessed to have mothers who took such an interest in us!


My favorite Halloween memory is going to the neighbor across the road to get a homemade Carmel apple
My favorite bundle set is #2

Barb Youngs

Hi, Patty; My favorite Halloween memory was when my family had just moved to a new town and my first day at school we had to wear costumes. No one knew who I was....and of course I didn't know who any one was either. We were to guess the names of each student. The teacher didn't think it was fair that I win since I was new. I guess she had a good laugh on her students.

I would like to win bundle #2. Thank you for the opportunity.

Barb Y. from Kansas

Barbara Levitz

Being a Charlston dancer was my favorite childhood costume. I wore a blonde wig, a fringed dress, pearls and heels. I got to hold a long cigarette holder. I thought I was the cat's meow! My mom even showed me how to do the Charlston (dance ). It was a long time ago, but I remember it well.

My favorite bundle is #2 The Pumpkin Stamps.

Loralee Parish

Being a scarecrow as a child one year was tons of fun. Love your videos as I always seem to learn something new each time.
Would love the Chandelier bundle. . . . . . so pretty

San Jose, CA

Karen Andrews

Bundle 2 please.
My favorite memory is when my son wanted to be a pirate and all he could say was arrrrrrh......omg I did get tired of asking what do pirate"s say. LOL
Karen from Ohio

Connie G

My favorite bundle is #2 - Favorite Halloween memories are the church Halloween parties we had. Such a blast!

Peggy Hendricks

I love the #2 set the Halloween Pumpkins Set!
I enjoyed your Halloween bridal story so much!
FUNNY STORY: My daughter-in-law wanted to make a costume for my granddaughter for Halloween. My granddaughter and her friend decided to go as Pooh Bear and Piglet. My granddaughter is tiny so she needed a Piglet costume and her tall friend was going as Pooh Bear. My daughter-in-law finished the Piglet costume and my granddaughter tried it on. (She and her friend were in middle school at the time.) She came out of her room wailing, "I look fat in this costume!" My daughter-in-law calmly said, "Well, you're a PIG!"

Jennifer H

Chandelier Bundle-when I lived in England we had a big Halloween celebration complete with art contests, costume contests and of course, trick or treating! My mom made me a costume of a clown (a nice one!) named Perot (pronounced P-yer-o). She wears all white, with a black cap, and her face is white with a heart on one cheek and a tear on the other. I loved that costume, and I won my age level for the costume contest! Jennifer H from MD.

Mary Grunder

Bundle #2: Pumpkin Halloween Bundle
When my siblings and I were young, my mom sewed four Halloween costumes: a witch, a clown, a bunny and a scarecrow. Every year at Halloween, we would pull out the box and choose a costume! When we came home from trick or treat, my dad would have us pour out all our candy so he could "inspect" it - i.e. take what candy he wanted!!

Joanne P Limoges

Joanne, pumpkin stamp set. My favorite was my twin grandson's; they were R2D2 and CP3O. Dad was Darth Vader and Mom Patma. I'm in California

Bev Mortimer

Season to Sparkle, I missed ordering this set. Please enter me in your Blog Candy prize.

Jane Cummiskey

Bundle #2: Pumpkin Halloween Bundle

My favorite Halloween costume was one I made for my son when he was in kindergarten. He was enamored at the time with anything about space travel so I made him an astronaut costume complete with helmet, oxygen, silver boots. He wanted to wear it everywhere! It was a sad day when he could no longer wear it.
Jane in Tennessee

Ann L.

#2 Pumpkin Halloween bundle

Favorite memories of Halloween have been being part of a “group costume “ . We have all been friends for years & have added our spouses to the fun times. We have gone as the solar system, survivors of the Titanic, cast members of SNL, minions, Star Wars, wizard of oz, toy story, and this year we will dress as emojis.

Ann L. from Michigan

Sheila B. , Plano, TX

I would love the Pumpkin Halloween bundle. My favorite Halloween memory was when my work had a costume contest. I made a witch's costume, complete with pointed hat. I had braided my hair in tiny braids the night before, so when I undid the braids, my hair looked really wild. I also painted my face green, with red rimmed eyes, black lipstick, and black nail polish. I was driving to work and came up behind a beer truck. The driver glanced in his outside mirror, and literally did a double take!

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