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Welcome to our International Memory Keeping with Project Life Design Team Blogshare!


I hope you will visit ALL of my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator friends listed at the bottom of this blog post to see their Project Life page shares today - we are all featuring Project Life kits on the Stampin' UP! retiring list.

I started on my Stampin' UP! Caribbean Cruise 2005 Project Life album, and I elected to feature the Happy Times kit - it's on sale for only $8.00 for 100 cards!! CLICK HERE to see it!  While it's frustrating that I'm so many years behind, it is delightfully fun to go back and remember our fun trips with Stampin' Up!


  Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU

Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU


These are some of the 2 page spreads I created with the Happy Times Project Life kit and our Stampin' Up! cruise memories.  Keep scrolling down to see some Project Life Tips!


Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU


I often get asked.. what is the best way to GET STARTED with Project Life!?  Well, there is no one correct answer (well actually there is - whatever works for you!) but for me this is how I start:

How I get started with my Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU

I work well with this system... organize my photos, grab my pocket pages, then go through the Project Life cards.   If you want to learn more about this system for starting your Project Life album, CLICK HERE to watch a video I created with Sara Douglass, Stampin' UP! CEO, as she explains 3 easy steps to starting your Project Life album.

Click here for more info on how I organize my Project Life cards for easy access at my Project Life station.

If I am wondering which Project Life Card Collection I want to use, I click on the Project Life card collections in the ONLINE STORE HERE, then I click on a card collection and click the MORE button then the + sign and I scroll through all of the card designs in that pack to give me a feel for whether or not I want to use that kit in my current album.  See the tips below for seeing all the cards in a pack.

Did you know there is a pretty easy way to see a quick view of all the cards in each Project Life Card Collection?  Follow the steps below after going to my Stampin' UP! online store here.


Quick way to view all of the Stampin Up project life cards in the online store #PLXSU


Patty's Project Life Pages and Tips:


Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU


TIP: Above and Below:  Don't be afraid to cut some photos in 1/2.  I learned this tip when I was creating my album with Sara Douglass... sometimes it just works out really well for your page!!

Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU

Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU

TIP: Above and Below:  Use postcards, professional photos, and trip itinerary memorabilia in your pages to round out telling the story.   Sometimes we just don't have all the photos we need for a layout or album and need to include other items. 


Caribbean Cruise 2005 with Stampin' Up! - Memory Keeping with Project Life Happy Times kit by Patty Bennett #PLXSU

TIP: Embellishment tip:  Use Washi Tape and your stapler to attach photos, embellishments or memorabilia to your Project Life cards for added interest and dimension.


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If you need more tips and ideas for your Project Life albums and projects, CLICK HERE.


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Cruise to Bermuda - NYC Sail Away

The day we left NYC was a gorgeous day.. chilly but beautiful and sunny.  We love sitting in the Crow's Nest to relax, snack, drink, take photos, socialize, etc., and this "sail away" was no exception. 

View from the Crow's Nest windows:

Here are some photos of the NYC skyline as we set sail to Bermuda...


Empire State Building:


Behind the domed top buildings is the "Ground Zero" area where they are building new structures.



Here is the tip of Manhattan where we caught the ferry to the Statue of LIberty:


Going under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.. "out to sea":


Taking part in the manditory Muster Drill as we set out to sea:




Cruise - NYC

Well, no, we didn't cruise TO NYC, but we flew there before our Stampin' Up! cruise to Bermuda.  The Cruise ship left out of NYC, so we spent a day and a half+ in NYC before the Cruise. It was awesome and made it like 2 vacations in one!

Here are some sights from our "pre cruise" days in NYC:

Times Square:


and the M&M store at Times Square.. what a hoot! 





View from our Hotel room:


We took a carriage ride in Central Park:



I LOVED the architectural detail on this building:


More from NY next time....


Bermuda Cruise - dinners, food, fun, friends

The title says it all... dinners, food, fun, friends.... the best parts of the annual Stampin' Up! Cruise!  This year we had a great time dining each night with the McClurgs and Wakelands (Janice & Paul... we MISSED YOU!).

Here are a few photos of our wonderful dinner experiences.


Yummmmmmm the best shrimp cocktail around!


Surf & Turf night:



Dining in the Pinnacle Grill one night:


"OK, wait.. are you serious... no McNuggets on the menu??"

LOL - Just kidding!


Janice.. I had to have an "umbrella drink" for you...


and Eric had a "non" umbrella drink for you..


and just for laughs.. we got a kick out of this "Charlie Brown Tree" sticking out of Jim's potato! What's up with that?


and to leave you on a "yummy note"....



When you put your mind to it...

OK... so I've been swamped getting ready for our Luv 2 Stamp Group (downline) meeting this coming Saturday... but also heavy on my mind was getting my 1,400 digital photos (Bermuda and NYC) uploaded and printed so I could get going on our Bermuda Cruise scrapbook... so........ yesterday I uploaded about 1,000 of my photos to and then placed an order (to be picked up in an hour) for about 700 photos... then came home and put about 150 or so of the photos on my 6x6 pages that I got in the 6x6 swap on the cruise!!  yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I need to make a ton more pages to scrap photos of the caves, the dockyard, the commissioners house, misc. stuff on the ship, plus our time in NYC before the cruise.. but at least this is a start and I have a scrapbook and a half to take to my DL meeting on Saturday!

amazing what one can do in less than 24 hours when you put your mind to it ...  :)




Bermuda Cruise - Fantasy Caves

While in Bermuda in 2002, we visited the Crystal Caves, which were wonderful! So this time, we decided to visit the neighboring Fantasy Caves.  They are really so very interesting, and beautiful inside.  They are 88 steps down to sea level under this piece of property.  (of course, that means 88 steps back up!) 

Here we are before entering the caves:


Here are some of the steep steps descending down to sea level:








Oh ya, did I mention we had to climb the 88 steps back UP?  LOL


Hope you've enjoyed your travelog for today!


Bermuda Cruise - swap samples

Here are just a few of my favorite swaps samples from the Stampin' Up! Bermuda Cruise... I've still got sooooooo many photos to share with you... it is going to take me weeks! :)

If you see your card here, drop me a comment.. I'd love to give you credit!

all images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008

Card on right, below by Danelle Henry


Cards below:

Left by Rebekah Ellis , right by:  Tracy Komito

3_dsc00221 3_dsc00226 3_dsc00237 3_dsc00242 3_dsc00243 3_dsc00244

Card below by Angie Brailsford:



Bermuda Cruise - calendar gift - new papers

One of the gifts we received on the Stampin' Up! Bermuda cruise was this cute CD holder Calendar.  It goes from April 2008 to April 2009 - (from cruise to the Hawaii Incentive trip). 

What I loved about it was the designs on the calendar pages and all the fun (NEW!?) designer papers on the back!!  Some prints look familiar but are in alternate color schemes from what we have now.. enjoy this sneak peek!


all images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008

Dsc00388_2 Dsc00390


Bermuda Cruise - Super Fun Jewelry Ideas!

A SUPER BIG round of applause to my friend and dinner partner on the cruise, Jan Wakeland and her FABULOUS jewelry ideas... CHECK THESE OUT.......


Jan used washers from the hardware store and beads and discs from the jewelry aisle in the craft store, and decorated them with Felt Fusion Flowers and our Rub-Ons!! HOW FUN!!  LOVE IT! I feel a class coming on! 

2_dsc00230 2_dsc00360 2_dsc00361

You look maaaaaaaaavelous, Jan!  Thanks for an awesome week!


more info on Jan's Blog here!


Bermuda Cruise - Stampin' Relay Race

On the last day of the Stampin' Up! cruise, we had an "at sea day" travelling from Bermuda to NYC across the Atlantic Ocean... the boat was "a rockin' " at times... but not nearly as bad as in 2002 when we did the same cruise with Stampin' Up!.  Anyway.. Stampin' Up! organized a "Relay Race" next to the pool on the Lido deck... we weren't sure what it would be, but my friend Deann and I decided to go check it out... FIRST.. we were watching the kids in the pool.. this video (I know.. can you believe I finally uploaded a video? thanks to DAWN!) shows how much the water in the pool was moving... it's NOT a wave pool.. the ship was rockin' and rollin', and the pool was movin'...  now.. keep in mind the ship was moving this much, and then you'll have more appreciation for my "Relay Race" photos below...

They closed the pool shortly after that so the kids wouldn't get tossed against the side of the pool and get hurt!  Now that you've seen what the ship was doing, you'll appreciate how much we were rockin' when we were trying to stamp this card.  Stampin' Up! paired us with another demonstrator and TIED 2 of our hands together...  we had to copy/stamp a card using our 2 tied hands.. and get this ... NO SNAIL.. only Sticky Strip.. that was MEAN!  So here we are in our efforts to stamp a card.. pretty funny!






We each won a Pretties Kit for our stamping efforts.. thanks Stampin' Up!



Bermuda Cruise - Samples from Display Boards

Cruise Achievers brought samples to display on boards in the Hospitality Room and of course I took lots of photos.  Here are just a few of my favorites.. more to come in the following days.

If you see your card here, leave me a comment.. I'll be happy to add your name and give you credit!

All images copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008.

Card below by Amy Celona:


Card below by Ruth Bingle (watch for Ruth on stage this year at Convention.. in a BIG way!) :)


Desk Calendar project above by: Kelly Acheson

Card below by Ruth Bingle:

3_dsc00078 3_dsc00270 3_dsc00298



Bermuda Cruise - New Owl Set & "Wheel" Portraits

Dsc00129_2  The new Owl set we got for Make & Takes on the Stampin' Up! cruise is sure to be a HUGE hit!  Everyone is very excited about this set!

It's called "Owl Together Now" and it has some pretty clever sayings in it!  It was die cut, so we are all hoping this is a sign of good things to come in the Aug. 2008 catalog!  :)  yahoo!

Here are some samples that were on display in the Hospitality Room on the cruise. 

All artwork copyright Stampin' Up! 1990-2008

4_dsc00271 4_dsc00272 4_dsc00273 4_dsc00274 4_dsc00275

Do you like my new "wheel portrait"?  Stampin' Up! brought the huge wheel on the ship again and we got to have our photos taken with it.. here are a couple more fun ones with my family:

Pb_wheel_1 Pb_wheel_2 Wheel_us_3

Tune in tomorrow for more fun stuff from the cruise!  I've got weeks of photos to share!


Bermuda Cruise - Fabulous Colors! and some Samples

Shouldn't every morning begin like this??  Coffee and danish delivered to your Verandah??  I think so!! 


I wanted to share some fun SAMPLES with you from the display boards on the cruise, but also wanted to share the gorgeous COLORS of BERMUDA...  and no.. I did not retouch these with photoshop.. the sky really IS this blue!

Dsc00446 Dsc09718 Dsc09746



And now for some fun samples from the cruise:

Dsc00113 Dsc00114 Dsc00115 Dsc00116 Dsc00140_2

more tomorrow... stay tuned.. or keep checking back I guess I should say!


Bermuda Cruise - Husband Swap

Remember the card my husband made to swap on the Stampin' Up! cruise? (view HERE)  Well, with Ann Clemmer at the helm, the Husband Swap went very smoothly and they all swapped their creations in an orderly manner!

That's my husband in the stripes.. check out that one-handed swapping action!


2_dsc00378 2_dsc00381

Thanks ANN for hosting this swap! She made sure everyone lined up properly for an orderly swap!

2_dsc00382 2_dsc00385

Pick a card - any card... oh.. they are all the same.. well, pick one anyway! :)


The Husband Swap group and their cards!


FABULOUS JOB men!!!  We are proud of you!

The cards:


My husband's favorite one:


Survival Guide book by John Poehnelt.  Boxes from Oriental Trading Company.  VERY clever John!