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Bennett Family Elf on a Shelf adventures - 2014


Project Life by Stampin' Up! - Hello December / Elf on the Shelf

You still have time to make a Daily December Album!!

Do you remember Carlito from Christmas last year?  Yes, our Elf on the Shelf is back.. he is so much fun.. he gets into lots of silly trouble... and this year I am documenting his antics in our Hello December Project Life by Stampin' Up! album!!



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Here are the other days so far.. enjoy!!


Above: Day 3 - Carlito was THRILLED to see that I stocked up on the Stampin' Up! Fast Fuse Refills on the One Day Door Buster Online Extravaganza deal in November!

Above: Day 4 - Carlito found the TV remote and watched a show. :)


Above: Day 5 - Carlito thought he better bundle up for a walk!


Above: Day 6: Carlito found a new friend, Roxy the Penguin!


Above: Day 7 - Our Elf, Carlito found the Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch candies... oh my .. have you tried these?  You can find them at Target!


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Update on Carlito our Elf on a Shelf


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Elf on a Shelf update!

Elf-on-a-shelf-ideas-collageI was thrilled that so many of you enjoyed the Christmas adventures of our Elf on a Shelf, Carlito!

I thought you might want a quick update on what Carlito was up to between my last blog post about him and Christmas time!

It was so fun to watch my hubby and son find him each day! I'm so glad I started this fun Christmas tradition!

<< I previously shared these ideas in this blog post... and below are the new adventures of Carlito, the Elf on a Shelf.


Above: Carlito brought more candy for Jason!

Below: Carlito found my Stampin Up Washi Tape... oh my.. what a mess he got himself into!



Above: oh dear.. more mischief in the bathroom!

Below: Carlito brough Jason one more penguin for our collection!


Thanks for hanging out on our Elf on a Shelf adventures this year!  I've archived them all on my Elf on a Shelf Pinterest Board so I can remember fun ideas for next year!

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Christmas Fun with Elf on a Shelf

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How many of you are having fun with Elf on a Shelf?

Elf-on-a-shelf-kit-kat-funI kept seeing so many fun ideas on Pinterest for Elf on a Shelf, so I decided to bring home an elf for our family. 

Our son would have LOVED this when he was little.. but we didn't know about this tradition then.  Even though he's 22 now, each day when my husband and our son finds the elf somewhere in the house, they SMILE and that just warms my heart!

I love it when I can make my hubby and son smile, so bringing this elf home to our house this year certainly accomplished that!  :)

 I will be archiving our Elf on a Shelf antics on my Pinterest Board here.

The elf hides around the house each day, and waits to be found.. it's really fun to see what he is up to each day!

Here are some of the places our elf has been hanging out:


Some days our elf just hangs out and does fun things, and some days he brings little gifties!


Whohooo!! Elf brought another penguin for our Christmas Penguin collection! 

He was hiding in Jason's stocking!


By the way, our Elf's name is Carlito ... Jason named him :)


Below... uh oh... Carlito got into some mischief today!!!


Now remember.. our son is over 21... I am sure Carlito knows that! :)



And of course... what holiday would be complete without a little stamping.. such a silly elf!


 Leave me a comment below and tell me what your elf has been up to!

oh, and how is this for fun... I saw this idea on Pinterest as well.. cheerios as elf donuts!!


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